Podcast ep.3 – My daughter has a little friend & demonic disguises

Paranormal entities can be sneaky and tricky by nature, so care is needed when interacting and finding out what they are up to. Children who are quite psychic can be susceptible to ‘invisible’ friends coming to visit.

This week we are exploring dark entities and how they trick us. So, let’s get the ball rolling with a real-life paranormal experience from back in 2016. This was an experience like no other!


Story: My daughter has a little friend


Late one Friday afternoon, I was doing a live feed on social media and a lady put in a comment that said, “My four-year-old daughter has a little friend.”  I instantly felt sick. My bodily warning signs immediately kicked in and told me that there was some paranormal connection to what the lady we shall call Lucy was talking about. I instantly felt sick in my mind and my head was spinning out of control. I said that I would contact Lucy later that night to discuss the situation and note down some details and how I could help her.



So when we spoke at must have been around 9pm on the phone, Lucy’s voice was trembling, and she had to speak very quietly as well because her partner doesn’t believe in the paranormal and she knew he would be very angry if she was talking to someone like me. So Lucy was almost whispering and I had to really strain my hearing to listen.

She told me about her little girl who didn’t leave her bedroom, other than to sit at the table and pick at her dinner. And normally, she’d be a really happy eater,  filling herself up on whatever was on the plate. But now her daughter would sit at the table and just kind of pick at her food and not look at people, no conversation, no smiling, no laughing. So eating a very small dinner or using the bathroom were the only two reasons why her daughter left her bedroom. She didn’t even go outside and play with his siblings or interact with the family in any way.

Lucy didn’t know what to do. How could she help her daughter? She’d taken her to see the family doctor, and was told that there was nothing wrong with her from a medical perspective. Lucy thought, What do I do next? She just happened to be on this social platform one night and up popped my face. I was talking about paranormal beings and she thought that this might be someone that could actually help my child.

So the next day, as soon as her partner had left for work, Lucy rang me. We agreed that she would send me some photos of her daughter’s bedroom and she also sent me her address because I like to look at a picture of the house while I’m tuning in to do an energetic clearing.

After we’d been on the phone for maybe five minutes, Lucy’s daughter came out of her bedroom and stood in the doorway and very casually said “He’s leaving now because Anna is here. But he will be back.” We were both gobsmacked! Lucy hadn’t told anyone in the family about me or my name, because the father would not have been very happy that we were talking.

As I mentioned before, paranormal beings can monitor our conversations, and the entity would have known who the mother had been talking to,  The being wouldn’t have been very happy that she’d actually been talking to an energy clearer.

Now Lucy was a woman of very strong character, that is one way to put it! And she wanted to be part of the energetic clearing of her home and to get rid of this invisible intruder that was affecting her daughter’s behaviour.  Lucy took ownership of this situation, and she had her own unique way to send the message of ‘Stay away’ to this dark energy that was hanging out in her daughter’s bedroom.

When the rest of the family was out, Lucy went around her home in a fury banging a pot with a wooden spoon. She yelled at the dark entity to stay out of my house and away from my family.  Lucy used swear words in a very loud, commanding voice as well, she really meant to get this message across. She wasn’t afraid.  Lucy wasn’t afraid of this dark being right from the start, but she just didn’t know what she could do about it She had no idea that she had the power to ask this malevolent being to leave the house.

This approach is how she took her power back ownership of the home, and protection of the family. Different people are going to approach these situations in their own way, which is perfect. It’s all about taking charge and standing your ground. This was part of the process, it is not going to wholly solely get this disruptive being to leave the house. You need to find out how they’re getting into the home, and why they are there.

So from my remote viewing perspective, I tuned into the daughter’s bedroom by looking at the photos and was instantly drawn to a particular corner of her bedroom. Behind the little child’s doll house that was in the corner, there was an interdimensional portal. Now, this portal was… how can I explain it… it wasn’t in a wall, and it wasn’t in the floor, it was kind of… in the space within the room.
Now if I had walked into that room in person, and walked over that space or near that space, I would have picked it up. I would have felt that energetic pull that comes with a portal. They affect our bodies in different ways… you can get the head spin, you can feel energy moving around you, or you can feel a breeze wafting past you sometimes because they are an energetic doorway. That portal may have been in the home before the family moved in 12 months ago and they just happen to choose that bedroom for the youngest child.

Now, this little girl was quite psychic. She talked about seeing angels Archangels, and seeing all sorts of bright lights in the house. And this could be the reason why this particular energy being was drawn to her because she was very psychically open. We don’t know what its intentions were with the child, but it had to go! We didn’t want that energy being coming back into the house. So Lucy had taken a stand in her home and she was going to continue with her process, while I looked at the energetic side of why this being was in the house and how we could actually stop it from coming back.

So what I did was to tune into Management as I called them, and I asked Archangel Raphael and his team to come and clean, heal and seal the portal in the child’s bedroom. That process is the first point of stopping this dark being from coming back into the house and once the portal was closed, I asked for an angelic presence to be in the home to protect the home and the family. What I saw in my mind was a tall, glistening, what I would call an angelic being standing in the corner of their lounge room.  I was told that the light being would be present in the home for one month to assist in rebalancing the energy of the home and just in case the paranormal entity tried to enter the home in any other way.

Now, this is the really wonderful part of this story. Lucy rang me about two weeks after the portal had been closed. She was so excited. Her daughter’s behaviour had improved immensely.  She sat at the table and happily ate everything that was put in front of her. She laughed and smiled and giggled and also played outside with her sisters. She even went to stay at her grandma’s house for a whole weekend!

The family was astounded at the turnaround in their child’s behaviour. It was like they had their little girl back again. I was excited and still am about this story. The dark energy intruder knew it had stepped over the boundaries, and it left before I even got there. Which is great because it knew that it had to move on.

This experience demonstrates the power of calling in a trusted paranormal energy worker, and also in taking back control of the energy of the home.


Demonic disguises and why they do it


Now we’re going to look at demonic disguises and why they do it. The old saying never invite a vampire into your home applies here.  I know we’re not talking about vampires but it’s the same intention. The verbal invitation is a binding contract, which these beings work by. Dark energy beings are shapeshifters and they can be very tricky to deal with. They use disguises to get close to us and into our homes, and people can be very easily convinced that what they are seeing with their eyes is real.

Sometimes in your third eye, if you’re psychically open, and you’re used to doing energy work and meditation is that you might see visions in your third eye, so, be aware of those as well, these energy beings are mischievous, and they will use any tactic they can to get into your home or to get into your own personal space. So I always say use all your senses, including your common sense, if you get bodily signs like a sudden stomach ache, or your vision starts to get really blurry, or you get a really sudden hacking, choking, cough and none of these are medical issues, it can be something energetic in the environment.

Now people are often tricked by something that looks sweet and innocent, you know, like a child or a relative or a pet that may have passed away, or even an innocent looking person and they think nothing more of it. Or they feel quite excited to be connecting with the spirit world until the energy of the home changes, and people’s sleep patterns change or their behaviours change and then you really know that there is something in your home that needs attention. And by then you’ve decided, well, actually, I don’t really want the energy in my home. But it’s too late, then you’ve made that contract by inviting it to stay. And now you’ve got to deal with it.


This is when you need the assistance of someone who understands these beings and to remove them completely from your home. It’s not as simple as wafting sage or incense around the house, that is not going to remove dark and demonic beings from your home. It just simply doesn’t. I know because I deal with them every day.

Be aware that paranormal investigators are different to paranormal energy clearers, and be really defined when you are questioning anyone that you want to come into your home to do the work and especially if you’re paying them. You need to know if they’re there just to investigate and record the occurrences, or if they’re actually coming into your home to clear the paranormal beings out for good. They are two very different defined areas of paranormal work.

So just as Lucy did, observe the energy of your home, and the family and your pets, and call in a trusted paranormal energy clear, if you need an assessment of the situation and then the removal of any disruptive entities. Dark and demonic beings use disguises to get close to us. It is as simple as that. They are energetic feeders. They want to be close to you they want to be in your home, so don’t invite them in.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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