# 29 Paranormal problems in his workplace: Dean’s interview

Dean openly tells of the disruptive energy in his workplace and how it disrupted work practices, he talks about demons, and spirits and emotional and mental upheaval in the workers and how it was all improved.

In this episode, Dean openly tells of the disruptive energy in his workplace and how it disrupted work practices, about demons, and spirits and emotional and mental upheaval in the workers. Also, how dangerously exposed electrical cables came to happen and was it an energetic cause?

All this and more, all contained within his workplace in the historic grounds of an 11th-century town in the UK and how this detrimental energy affected the current building and the office workers and anyone else who entered the building on a daily basis.


Ep 29 – Paranormal problems in his workplace: Dean’s interview


Dean tells all in the following transcript of his interview:


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

Hello, Dean. It is absolutely wonderful to be speaking with you again.


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

Nice to be here. It’s always a pleasure.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

Now, Dean is a wonderful friend of mine who lives in the UK. He recently asked me to do a property clearing for him, and he had such a profound before and after experience that I thought you would all be interested in hearing what Dean had to say.

Would you be able to give us a little bit of background history about the property where I did the clearing? Sure. Yeah, of course. Hannah. So as you know, I contacted you and asked you to do a clearing at this property cuz it’s a very, um, it’s an old building. I mean the town that this building’s in goes back to 1130.


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

So there is a lot of history. And, this particular building, it’s, it’s always been a building. It’s in the, the centre of this historic town. I’ve looked in the records and as far as I can tell, there’s always been a building on the site. It’s been all sorts of things. It’s been, it’s been a, an in the pub.


It’s been a commercial building. When I first got to know the building, I suppose, you know, I would be sort of early, early teens. The building was owned by the family and um, it was in a bit of a rundown state, to be honest. I think it had been a workshop of some type somewhere, sir. Somebody had repaired cars and, and it was a little bit of wasteland right in the centre of this town over the years, you know, we developed it.

We first started by redeveloping the ground floor section, which would then look like a workshop. So we put a new roof on. We used to rent that out, and then a little bit later on we decided that we would do more with it. So we put in for planning permission and we really went to town on it. We put a new double story building at the front, and then we put an extra story on the lower workshop part of the building completely revamped, and we turned it into retail units at the bottom and then offices up above.

So basically that’s it. But it’s been in this town, I’ve looked at really early photographs and, and it’s, it’s always been there. But one of the reasons that I called you in is because there was a, there was a story that was passed down to me, um, through my father that this building, um, had been a place where somebody had committed suicide at some point, some chap who used to repair cars there, or he used to have a workshop there, he’d hung himself in this building.

And you know, I always had that story in my mind, right from when we first, I first came across the building all the way through, you know, so that, that basically is the history of the building itself.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

So was there, other than what you’ve mentioned about the possible suicide and possible spirit that may be present on the property, was there anything else energetically that made you feel when you walked into the building when you were walking around the building, did you notice a difference in the way that you felt, the way that you thought, oh yeah.

Were you able to function properly in the building and get the work done to the level that you needed to?


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

I mean, that building itself, I mean, no, it’s, there were all sorts of things. The main entrance that we use, uh, to, to get to our, we, we have an office. There’s, there’s five offices, all suites above.


Now our main entrance is actually around the back. There’s a passage between what’s now a pub, one side and a pharmacy on the other side, and our passage is through there. And even walking through that passage, which actually goes onto this piece of land in front of this building, you know, I would open the back door and there’s just this heavy, heavy energy straight away. You notice it as soon as you walk in, And then on the ground floor, we’d got a little tea room and a toilet and everything. I’d make a drink in there and I always used to, I’d get a bit of a headache and like a draining feeling, and then I would go back up with that cup of tea on the coffee, back up the stairs to the, to the office.

But the general feel of it, the whole building was just draining. I couldn’t concentrate in there. I mean, literally, I exaggerate. I would, I would start a piece of work. I would sit in front of the computer, I’d start a piece of work. And this incredible tiredness had come over me and I would find myself, you know, me,  hand on my head sort of looking down, almost dying off, and I had to fight to get myself to get back in the swing of things, get back looking up the work I had to do.

And this has been going on for years. I mean, we’ve occupied this particular office in this building for, I don’t know, it must be 15 years, maybe more. And I can honestly say in different degrees. I’ve been affected by it and you know, we, there’s two of the people that work in the office. Our office lady, she’s worked for us since she left school, so she’s worked for us a lot of years in d different offices.

Our bookkeeping lady, she’s a real calm lady and she, she’s always on time to work and she’s one of these really lovely, reliable ladies, but I know that she was never, never seemed sort of settled. She never sort of seemed herself, but, but yeah, the buildings have affected me, but it’s only since I got to meet you and you’ve done this personal and house clearance for us. And I’ve got to understand the energetics of the well that we live in a bit more. And I started wondering whether there was a problem with the building. It was an interesting location to work on because I had to only focus on the second floor of a building on a historic site.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

From the early, 11 hundreds, I think you said 1130. I tuned in and just focus on that floor that belonged to you. Because when energy clearers open themselves up too much, you are going to pick up on all the paranormal beings, all the spirits from the whole vicinity of where you are working in a town.

So I think the building that we worked on for you, there were some aspects on the ground floor that needed to be cleared. And often when you start doing work like this, because I’m looking at the report now, there were 260 spirits.


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

Well, that’s what I was worried about. That’s what, when I first contacted you about this, knowing how you work and, and knowing how involved you get with the clearings and everything. And I was worried, I said to you at the time, I’ve got this job, it’s at this where I work at this office building, but I’m so worried that once you get and tune into that building, This history goes back so far that you’ll end up pulling in all of these spirits from, I mean, the buildings next door are hundreds and hundreds of years old.

Right next door, you know, there’s a tunnel opposite across the road. There’s a tunnel underneath the building that goes all the way to the church. And it was a, a place that the priest, and they, they would hide in this tunnel and they would go to the church through this tunnel. So it’s that much of a historic place I was worried about.

You would be flooded, basically. You would be overcome with all of these spirits. So when you said to me that there’d been over 200 spirits, I, I wasn’t really surprised. No, and that is just within that actual building is what I asked management to focus on because as you know, like I just mentioned, if you open yourself up too far, you’re going to get thousands and thousands and thousands.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

It is an old town with lots of traditional battles and all sorts of things that when go went on, diseases, and things that sweep through towns that take the lives of a lot of people. And then of course there were going to be spirits that will be present.

But what was interesting was that the area that you worked in (Area 4) didn’t have that much of a heavy energetic issue but you were saying there were five businesses that occupied that floor that you own.


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

Yeah, that’s right.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

One of those areas. Yeah. So area number five was rather interesting. There were a lot of emotions, like rage, hostility, unworthy. And Dean didn’t tell me what sort of businesses were occupying these other four areas. And I just knew by looking at the types of emotions, is that it would’ve been tax agents or an accountant.



Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

Yeah. That’s right.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

A human resource area is somewhere that’s dealing with people who are upset and not happy about the tax bill. What’s going on? Not happy about the tax bill.


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

Yeah, it was, there were accountants in that office next to us and so, yeah, I can just imagine it. In fact, I’ve seen people with huge boxes full of receipts and things. I can hear ’em coming down the passageway. I look through our office window, it’s like an internal corridor and I can see them coming and the buzz the door, and. You can tell by the way that they’re talking and the sound and you know the voice and they’re not happy about something. They’ve got a build to here and they don’t think we should pay it.

And, and so yeah, that, that, that didn’t surprise me that you got that type of emotion in that office. Sorry. I was just gonna say, going further down the corridor though, uh, the next door to us, we’ve, we’ve got solicitors and there it’s, it is mainly, uh, uh, well, I would say their sort of admin side of things.

So they’re dealing with all the day-to-day things of house conveying and wills and, and all the rest of it. And then quite often they’ll come out, these, these people will come out into the corridor. And they’ll carry on their conversations about the problem that they’ve got with this, that and the other.

And then right at the end, they, uh, one furthest away, number one. We’ve got a physio, we’ve got two physios, and they’re dealing with all sorts of people with injuries and back problems, mobility problems. And they’re coming and going all day long, seven days of the week, you know, it’s one appointment after another.

So there’s quite a lot of movement of people up there. So when you said that you’d found those types of energies in there, as I say, I worked, I wasn’t surprised at all.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

No. And the land that was under number five was rather interesting. There were quite a few of the very heavy demonic level energies. Now I know I was only employed to clear the second floor of this historic building, but when energy is presenting itself, to be clear, because quite often you don’t know what sort of path you are opening up when you open up these places.

Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

I just go in and I will work on what presents itself because we can’t control this. We simply cannot control this. As I’m working systematically through each of the five areas on that second floor, when I got to area five, within the land, under area five, there was large episodes of emotions such as distress and suffering, helplessness, blame, sadness, sorrow and what I saw in my mind was women in old clothing, like they looked, it looked like maybe a factory, or they were dressed as in someone who would be in a workhouse or possibly even a brothel, like in the early days.

Now, the imprints that I mentioned earlier, the distress and the suffering and helplessness and so on. I dated those back to approximately 350 years ago.  So that area could have been any of those things. It could have been a factory or a workhouse or approximately, could have been an orphanage, could have been, but there were lots of female spirits in that area. Calming forces showing themselves. And who knows, they’ve been there a long, long time just waiting for someone to acknowledge them and to give them the attention that they needed.

Now, the spirits that were present there, transitioned quite easily into the Afterlife, which is wonderful for them, but also wonderful for the building and the land. Because there isn’t that heavy burden of all those emotional imprints, all the trauma imprints that were present, and then the spirits that were still attached to them.

Because what is attracted to the spirits and the energetic buildup is of course the lower vibrational beings, the dark and the demon things. Yeah, sure. In numbers, like there’s never one of each of them. They’re always in groups. Let me have a look. How many? So there were five demonic beings who were present in the land under area five, where the accountants work and who knows whether the presence of those energy beings, the presence of the spirits, the presence of those emotional imprints, didn’t ramp up the behaviours and the actions and possibly, yeah, reactions.


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

I could see that. Yeah, I could see that. I mean, I’d love to know, obviously I, I wouldn’t want to involve anybody else, but I’d love to know whether it’s more harmonious in office 5 – Wendy works there in office five, whether it’s a calmer environment, the better environment to work, and whether they’re more productive, I’ll bet they are. I’ll bet everybody in that building, all those offices that I’ve described, I bet they’re all benefiting from that clearing you did.

Definitely. I don’t, I don’t doubt it. Yeah. I mean, that would explain, but something I, haven’t told you before is this retail unit down below number five, which, at the moment’s been refurbished. It’s now ready to relet. During its refurbishment, the people who actually occupied it before had employed a plumber and a joiner to put a new disabled toilet in there, in the corner, ground floor near to where I come into the building at the back and he was working in there and he mistakenly cut through a high voltage cable.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)



Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

He was confused and he cut through a high voltage cable and lived, he cut through it with his electric saw thinking it was a waste pipe, and it was, I’m talking about two phase electric supply. And it didn’t even, at that time, he didn’t need to go to hospital. He went hospital for a checkup later that day. And of course, the power to the whole building was cut off. So the utility people came with a special team and they said that they cannot believe that that chap is still alive. They said the times we go to similar incidents where somebody’s cut through a high voltage cable and they’re dead too numerous to mention.

He said it’s a miracle that man is alive. But he said, what made him cut through that pipe? I do not know. And he was working on the land. He had the floor exposed. And his feet were on the soil, on the land that you are talking about below number five.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

Yep. So whether that was something to do with it, whether the energy down there confused him, or he just simply made a mistake.


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

You know, I don’t, I don’t know, because nobody could understand why you cut into this pipe. It didn’t make any sense. So maybe that was something to do with it.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

Well, it could be because people are very psychically open, whether they want to announce it to the world or not. Most people’s bodies, their energy fields, and their minds will pick up on energetic changes around them. So, working in a space like that could have caused brain fog, distraction, and confusion.


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)



Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

Some people’s physical bodies, like sometimes my heart, I will get a pain in my heart that I don’t have any heart issues medically, and I’ll know, oh, there’s something going on here energetically or I feel off balance on my feet because I’m very energetically sensitive, so I’m the perfect person to use as a guinea pig to be able to go places and explain to people how the human body and our energy field can pick up on sensitivities, whether it be within homes, within sort of public places, within businesses.


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)



Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

But he may have very well picked up on the energy in the ground.  I spent a lot of time crying, which happens quite often when I release a lot of pain-type emotions, a lot of distress and despair and sorrow. It actually goes through the energy clearer as those spirits are transitioning off into the afterlife.

Quite often, they need someone to release that heavy emotion for them. I don’t know about all the emotions. I just know that when I do this sort of work, I will experience sadness or sorrow or despair and I just let it happen. I need to be that because energy workers are the channelling point. People don’t often realize that when you release the spirit off into the Afterlife, They don’t just go like, whoosh, they’ve gone from the environment. They have to go through someone. They have to go through what I call an energy point or a connection point, or a transition point. Yeah. I see. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So that’s why when I do house clearings, the demonic beings go from the house to me, and then they go from me, either on into the afterlife, to the space, didn’t realize that space, or they go back out in the environment. If they have to transition through something energy based.


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

Ah, I see. I didn’t realize that. I knew it would take a toll. It’s got to take some emotional toll on the person who’s doing the clearing, but I didn’t realize that’s how it worked.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

Oh yeah. Do you feel it? Yeah. Believe me, if I’m working on a property that’s got maybe 10, 20, 30 demonic level beings on it, every time I clear a group of them because they always travel in groups of either 3, 5, 7, or 8. That’s usually how I find them. They will come to me and I have to work out what they’re attached to within myself because they’re only energetic feeders. So, they’re simply moving from one food source to the next. They don’t care who you are, what you look like, whether you’re a cat, dog, or chicken, whether you’re a place or a person, they really just don’t care.

You’ve got the food source that’s there for them. So, when I cleared the land of all those emotions and the building, They need to move somewhere else. I’m a little bit like bait that’s how I explain it to people. Energy workers are bait. We kind of, I don’t want to use the word ‘capture’ cause I still need to be respectful. We ‘gather’ them within our personal space and then I talk to them, I go, right, you’ve got these two options. You either go up or out as I call it, and they usually choose to go back out into the human environment.


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)



Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

Because we provide such a plethora of negative emotional imprints and they don’t want to go anywhere else.

So after we did the clearing, what are some of the things that you first noticed when you went to work, opened that door to enter, to go up the stairs to your office? Can you explain to our listeners what are some of the, way you felt or what you experienced as you entered the building?


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

Yeah. I went to work that next day after you’d done the clearing and my usual, I go to the, the door for a little passage, put my number in the keypad, and opened the door. Wow. It was incredible the difference up to that point. I knew it had a heavy, heavy energy, but I didn’t realize just how heavy, heavy the energy was.

When I walked in, it was light. It was airy. It was bright. Even though the brightness hadn’t changed, it was brighter than normal. It was just, it was lighter, it was cleaner. I opened the lobby door, went in, and put the kettle on. It was almost overwhelming. The difference. Between the before and after it really, honestly, I know it sounds corny, but it, it just sort of literally took the breath away.

The difference, I never realized before. It was like walking through thick soup or something like that, like a swamp in a way. And now I was just moving easily through the space. You know? Everything was just a whole lot brighter, lighter. That’s the only way I can. That’s just how it was and then I went up the stairs, and opened our office door.

It just continued, it continued up the stairs. The whole building was sort of saying, thank you, thank you, thank you for this. You know, it was almost like it was putting up a, a little hooray, you know, there was a, like a, a gratitude feeling from the building. And I was grateful to the building, for releasing all of this.

This energy that was been causing the problem. So I thought, right, I’m going to put this to the test. I feel fantastic. Now let’s fire up some work. Let’s just get some work out of the drawer and let’s have a look. Let’s see if I’m any brighter, how quicker I’m, you know, how much more responsive on the phone or anything and yeah, what a difference.

Got my work out on the computer and things were just flowing, and I don’t mean that the amount of work was changing and it was the same as it’s always been. I just got things to do when I go in and I was speeding through them and I was feeling alert. I just, I didn’t have that tiredness. When I got to work before, before you do the clearing, it’s a gradual thing that comes on.

It is sort of like you get there and you are okay, and then it gradually slows you down and then you start getting a little bit of a headache and you think it’s because I haven’t drunk enough. So, you go and get a glass of water and after two glasses of water, you know better. Um, so, but there was none of that. There was none of that. And, it was the same the next time I went in and then I had to, of course, I had to email you just to let you know what a difference that you’d made to it.

And that was the point that I fully believed in what you do. I don’t really understand it, but I do believe in it. But when I experienced that at the office, the difference, that was the point when I moved from believing to knowing that it’s as simple as that. I just know that the energy clearing worked and that made a massive difference.

I don’t understand all the nuances and all the rest of it as you are describing them, but I know that it made a huge difference and, it’s continued, you know right to this day. Every day I go to work, I’m feeling better about it. All right. You might say, well, that might be just a psychological thing. It might be that you, know, you’ve had that done, and you think to yourself, well, it’s made a difference. No… it’s physically made a difference.

If I could have somebody come along with me or felt the energy before or walked alongside me and walked in on that first visit to work after the clearing, they could have experienced it as well. It was that obvious, the difference. I haven’t noticed any of that weighing down feelings at all. Positivity, wanting or you know, that, that good feeling that I get when I go in. And I’ve noticed it in our office lady as well. You know, I’ve noticed the difference in her, she’s a lot happier in herself, seems more settled when she is here and a lot chattier.

I think it’s all down to the clearing that you did well. I know. In fact, I don’t think, I know. It is as simple as that.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

The thing is when people move into homes or they move into a new business premise, and I say this quite often on my podcast, is that you don’t know what has been left behind by previous tenants. Now you’ve had the building for such a long time. You know the type of energy that’s been there. But we are talking historic here. Like we’re talking old land, old trauma, old pain, old bloodshed. It’s been there a very, very long time. And so when they build, you know, pubs and clubs and hospitals and hotels and business premises, people don’t assume that there are any energetic issues within the land.

So you just become used to the way something feels and then someone like me comes along and gives it what I call an energetic spring clean. And they’re like, I don’t know what you’ve done, but it feels totally different.


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

Well, I mean, I would never, I’ve al even before I met you, I had this feeling that if I was ever to, you know buy a piece of land and build a, build something on it, I was, I was going to move because we’ve lived in our same house previous to this one 30 odd years. So I’m not a great mover. I’ve only moved twice, three times in my married life. And so we’re not big movers, but I always thought that I would find somebody who would be able to clear the property because it seemed obvious to me.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

Previous occupiers, or events that have happened on the land, they’ll leave something behind that can be detrimental and the people that come afterwards feel it.


It’s like when we go visit stately homes and old buildings in the UK, there are loads of them, and I can sense the energy now and I can protect myself from that energy.  Other people also feel this energy, but they’re not aware of what it is.

Yeah. I mean, knowing what I know now, I would never move to a new office, a new house or anything without having it cleared. Definitely not.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

I’m getting more and more clients thinking exactly the way that you are. They’ve witnessed the energetic changes and I’m actually doing a lot of work for psychologists who really are the most sceptical of sceptics. You know? They’re very rational … If you can’t see it, you can’t prove it…. If not, It doesn’t exist! And I do the work for them and they’re like, ”I can’t rationalize what you have done, but I feel the difference. My family feels the difference. My friends, my pets, and so on.”

We are feeling happier, more vibrant and positive events and positive occurrences are starting to happen in our lives. Can we put it down to the energy clearing? And I’ll say to people, it is part of who we are to need to be energetically cleaned as well as cared for medically and look after our mental health and our emotional health.

We have to look after our energetic health as well. I just know it. I do this work every single day. And I just see the improvements in people who have been stagnant and stuck and sick of life. And nothing is happening to them. Nothing is going their way.


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

Yeah, because you just don’t know what people leave behind.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

No, you definitely are not. You see the physical stuff they leave behind, but the energetic stuff can lie hidden and the more, the more, the longer it’s there. The more it attracts paranormal beings to come and feed off whatever is there, then that creates that whole vicious cycle of the energetic beings about the people feeling unwell.

So it’s really important. I have a lot of clients now like I was saying before, that is just like, ‘Nope, I’m not moving into that house until it’s energetically clean first’.

Here’s another little example of a multi-story building. A friend of mine lives in Brighton in the UK. He lives on the fourth floor in a little tiny two-bedroom unit. And I had to hone in on just working on his tiny little flat in a four-story building, that may have a hundred flats in it or a hundred units.

And after I did the cleansing and the clearing for him, his relationship with the neighbours improved. Like their behaviours were different and they were going, I’m not sure what’s going on, but I feel good. You know, I’m sleeping better and I didn’t even clear their flat, but they’re picking up the vibrational change.

Is improving the flats above and the flats below and on either side. So, imagine if we did the whole building. Think of the difference.


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

It’s life-changing. It’s absolutely life-changing. Think about it. It’s, it’s amazing. Yeah. No, that’s fantastic.


Speaker: Anna Schmidt (Host)

Yeah. I love it. Well, Dean, I would like to say a very hearty thank you. Thank you, thank you.


Speaker 2: Dean R (Guest)

Oh, you’re welcome. I enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed it. To talk about your business clearing today, it’s been wonderful. We always have the best chats. Well, thanks Anna, and thanks for the clearing. Thanks for doing, I should be thanking you, not thanking me.

Thanks for doing the clearing and all the clearing work that you do for me personally and for my family. Uh, you know, we, we really, really appreciate you. Thank you very much. And I have great pleasure in doing the work for you. I have to say I love what I do and I love seeing the positive changes and how it improves people’s lives.

Thanks again, Anna. Bye for now. Bye.


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