# 26 Debunking the Supernatural: Unraveling Home Hauntings

People love paranormal drama and the thought of spooky happenings in their homes, but sometimes what you think is paranormal, simply is not! In this episode, I explore things that go bump in the night and the rational causes behind them, dispelling some of the myths about moans, groans, shuddering footsteps and scratching within the walls in the middle of the night.

In this episode, we are talking about debunking paranormal occurrences … yes I love good paranormal happenings in homes as much as the next person BUT sometimes what we think is paranormal, simply is not! and I have 3 short stories as prime examples.


#26 – Debunking the Supernatural: Unraveling Home Hauntings


Now, debunking is a term often used to describe looking for and exposing rational explanations for what is thought to be paranormal happenings. Paranormal experts, mediums, house healers, and spirit clearers will always work through logical reasons for unusual occurrences before exploring supernatural possibilities as a cause.

 Debunking is generally associated with the paranormal world of ghost hunting. It means to analyse and reveal the true nature of a situation. It always makes sense to look for logical solutions to possible supernatural happenings before believing the experiences are paranormal. The same applies to the energetic attachment to people by dark or demonic beings. As you would have heard me say many times in this podcast, I send my clients to their doctor and/ or mental health professional before I even consider doing an energetic clearing.

Demonic attachment symptoms can mimic medical conditions, major or minor, also signs in the home such as creaks, knocking, scratching, wafting breezes and random sounds should be debunked before assuming an energy presence or attachment is the cause and the whole family becomes frightened disrupting the family’s life in a big way. Once the logical possibilities have been exhausted in all cases – personally, medically, or in the home, it makes sense to look at other possible causes, such as spirits, low vibrational beings or geopathic stress.


The haunted fridge or was it?

Back in the early 80s, we had a new fridge in our home that made ghostly noises sometimes during the day but mostly at night and these disturbing sounds would keep me wide-eyed and awake at night until one day I was working at the study room table and I heard the faint groaning sound and then a sudden shudder coming from the kitchen.

Upon investigation, I worked out what was causing the low faint groaning sound in 5-minute bursts, 2-3 times a day… It was the fridge! I had never heard white goods make such ominous noises before and boy did I feel like a fool thinking there were moaning and groaning ghosts in the house.


The unseemly midnight visitors

Often when my kids were small there would be loud thumping, running and scuffling sounds heard on the roof of a night time or scratching and movement in the wall cavities next to beds or in the ceiling. These sounds sparked paranormal fear sometimes as we loved watching spooky movies and our minds were on high alert but as the teenagers got older they knew it was only the local native possum population dancing about and fighting on the roof and rodents looking for a warm home in the winter.


Debunking – The demon in the blanket – HOW?

I’ve had many clients such as Bob in episode 19 who was convinced that he had a demon in a blanket on his bed. His paranormal case was mental health issues not supernatural. And Kate’s story in the same episode where her paranormal issues were 1/3 paranormal but 2/3’s her loneliness and need for attention.

When I chat with clients in the initial conversation before commencing a home clearing, I have a defined list of questions including some which can help debunk the issues as rational causes in the home including shrubbery rubbing against the house creating scratching sounds, or changing the batteries in objects which are turning themselves on. Flickering lights and other electrical issues can sometimes be paranormal but can also be rational issues with old wiring etc.

On that note, one of my house clearing clients didn’t tell me until after his house clearing that they had had a dripping tap which no matter what they did would continue to drip so they gave up on it until after the house clearing was done, they noticed the dripping had stopped! Was this the structure of the building trying to let them know about the energetic issues in the home… possible or it could just be a coincidence?

 INFORMATION about debunking the home

So, before thinking you have spooky visitors slamming doors, scratching the walls, and moaning in the middle of the night check for the following suggestions:

·      Drafts being caused by gaps in doors or windows

·      Check the property for trees and shrubs rubbing up against the house.

·      Change batteries in toys, remotes and other devices if they keep turning on.

·      Limit or stop watching paranormal movies altogether if they heighten your mental and emotional sensitivity and you can’t sleep at night

·      Maintain the electrics and plumbing in the home

·      Observe the wildlife around your home and plug up holes where possums might get into your roof and set bait stations for rodents.

·      Dripping taps and rattling pipes can simply be a build-up of pressure in the pipes

·      Be aware of the sounds that white goods can make

·      Set up a camera overnight if you can’t put your finger on the issue, you might catch on camera what is causing the problem.

·      Paranormal addiction can be an issue for some people causing mental disturbances and paranormal worries about dark energy in the home so see your doctor and talk about your issues.

·      Lastly be aware that pets can cause some unassuming sounds in the middle of the night – scratching, wandering in hallways, pushing through doors to get your attention if they want attention or are feeling unwell.

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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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