# 24 Unseen forces, energetic imprints & pets caught in between

we explore sensing the unseen and understanding how energetic imprints shape the lives of our beloved pets. I talk about pets and their sensitivity to paranormal beings and energy in the home and how they can readily absorb energy from their owners. Our furbabies are like little energetic sponges and can become unwell from what they absorb from their owners long-term.

In this episode, we are unpacking about pets and their sensitivity to energy in the home and how they can absorb energy from their owners. I have 4 real-life experiences for you as prime examples of energetic presences felt by animals, energetic transference, and energetic attachment.


Ep 24 – Unseen forces, energetic imprints & pets caught in between


The following portrayal shows how animals focus on a specific spot within the home, and we can’t see what they can. It is a sweet story about a dad and a dog seeing each other when no others could, called:

The ball and the wall

Not all non-physical beings that visit us are dark and ominous. Animals are very psychic and can see shapes and movements where most of us do not. When my dad was alive, he would play with our little orange-coloured dog called Dilli in the lounge room. He would casually throw the tennis ball at the same spot on one wall and wait for Dilli to bring the ball back. Dilli would excitedly fetch the ball and go back for more. 

 After my dad’s passing, Dilli would sometimes pick up her tennis ball and take it to that spot on the wall where Dad used to throw her ball and drop it there. She would look intensely at the ball and then up at the wall (in the same way she used to look at my dad), patiently waiting for him to throw it. Was he standing there? I could not see him, but psychic sight is not my prime sense, so I can’t be sure if he was there or not. But it is nice to think that Dilli saw and acknowledged his occasional visits and still wanted to play fetch.

 I will add here before we look at our second experience – Always take your pet to the vet if it is experiencing changes in behaviour and habits. If it comes back with a clean bill of health, then the cause may be energetic.


Our second experience is about a sweet little dog with issues called:

Benny’s toilet troubles

Jenny is a friend and client and she recently mentioned in an email that her lovely little dog, Benny was having constant toilet issues which were a problem in their home. I suggested an energetic clearing may offer some assistance in helping Benny release any possible energetic blockages which could be contributing to his problem.

This is what Jenny wrote in her email regarding Benny’s negative behavioural habits:

‘I call Benny my spirit dog because I got a message as clear as a bell that I was getting him in May 2020. I was in the kitchen trying to think what to make for dinner while my two sons were arguing over the dishes, and who was washing and drying.  Two days later my daughter rang me to ask me to take in Benny as his owner didn’t want him anymore. He apparently was pooing and weeing in their house and they got sick of him doing it. Anyway, I took him in and he never did it at my house until after Jeff and I got together. A side note here,  I felt that this change in Benny’s behaviour may have signified that he’d been possibly abused by a male from his previous home.’

 My response to Jenny’s initial email:

Yes, it does sound like abuse from a male person in the home. Maybe a male who looked like Jeff and this lookalike triggered poor little Benny’s toileting nervousness and mishaps. Along with the clearing, I suggested that Jeff could slowly build a trusting relationship with Benny as they would be living together long-term. 

I suggested Jeff could offer Benny treats as food bribery is always a winner with pets. This could help with Benny’s confidence around Jeff and other males and realise that not all males are violent and abusive. Jeff could offer smiles and kind words too, animals respond to these vibrations and down the track, Jeff could move to pats and cuddles if Jeff and Benny are ok with that.

So, what did I find from Benny’s energy clearing:

Whilst conducting Benny’s energy clearing, I found 5 dark energy beings present and build-ups of emotional imprints such as despair, sadness, sorrow, paranoia, worthless, unworthy, and anxiety present in Benny’s energy field and physical body. I felt waves of sadness go through me as I did his clearing too, I could feel his sadness quite strongly and helped release it for him. 

I spent a lot of time talking to his photo whilst doing the remote energy clearing and asked the Arch Angels to help Benny remember to go outside for toileting. I really hope the release of the paranormal beings and emotional energetic imprints allows his body to return to normal long-term.

ONE WEEK ON AFTER BENNY’S CLEARING – Jenny’s email regarding Benny’s amazing change in behaviour:

‘He’s like a different dog! The next day after the energy clearing, he’s far happier, obedient and not poo-ing or wee-ing in the house. He’s a very good dog. Very noticeable difference. ‘

I spoke with Jenny in June 2023 and Jeff is offering air-dried anchovies as positive reinforcement for Benny. Benny has even been showing Jeff some adoration by voluntarily jumping up on his lap. What a wonderful outcome for Benny and his human family.


Our 3rd experience is about a cat who was misbehaving badly

Jo emailed to say that Bob, her cat was misbehaving again and could it be an energetic issue causing his hissing at his sister, peeing in the loungeroom and his general unfriendliness?
I have energetically cleared Bob before and in the past, his energetic problems all stemmed from his owner’s mental and emotional issues and reactions. Pets are like little energetic sponges and absorb both positive and negative emotional imprints from us.

When I looked into Bob’s energy field, my pendulum dowsing told me that yet again he had absorbed Jo’s negative emotions and they were upsetting his energy and he was confused, upset, reactive and not a happy cat at all!!

At work, Bob’s owner Jo’s department had recently experienced cutbacks and she quite suddenly lost her job. Now of course she was stressed, anxious, and worried about how she was going to pay the bills and she told me she would sit stroking Bob and his sister while watching TV and thinking about looking for a new job.

During this troubled time for Jo, Bob had absorbed from Jo many episodes of overwhelm, unsupported, anxiety, and hopelessness over the next month and the energetic build-up, upset him mentally and his behaviours became disruptive.

Two weeks after Bob’s energy clearing, Jo sent me a video of Bob as he lounged peacefully in the sun with not a care in the world. She was so excited as he had calmed down completely and was back to his normal self. This was a defined lesson for Jo about how pets can absorb what we are feeling and she promised to work on her emotional reactions in the future so she doesn’t affect her beloved pets again.

Pets can be prone to absorbing detrimental energy from their owner’s negative emotions or neurotic behaviours through psychic cord attachment or simply sharing the environment in the home. These emotions impact the animal’s mental and emotional health, which may affect their physical health and behaviours in the long run. When you are self-aware of your emotions and what you create, you create benefits for your pet’s health as much as for yourself.

Here is our 4th and final story for this episode which outlines energetic imprints from a different perspective involving a chicken. I have called this story:

How Baby’s grief affected her health 

This story is in the form of a testimonial from Kim, Baby’s owner after her chicken’s energetic clearing:

Kim writes: I am a ‘chicken mother’ (that’s right, I love my feathered babies) and always have my eye on them to ensure they are both healthy and happy.  At times things pop up that need addressing as all you chooky owners out there know and on this particular occasion my beautiful big white Australorp, called Baby, was not herself.  She was displaying signs of being egg-bound which are her tail being down, she had no appetite, and she was moving really slowly.

So I, with some help from my partner immediately took action. We gave her a few Epsom salt baths over the next few days plus altered her diet accordingly and there was no visible improvement.  So what to do next?  

In the past, I had done energetic clearings for both Kim and her partner and Kim had a strong internal message to contact Anna and ask her to look at Baby.  I sent a photo of Baby to Anna who performed the clearing within the hour.  Then a couple of hours after the energy clearing, Baby visibly picked up and was almost back to her normal self.  By the evening, around 5 hours after Anna performed the clearing, Baby had fully returned to her normal state of health and happiness.  At the same time, Anna performed Baby’s clearing, I took another spiritual approach and did some meditation intending to help heal Baby. 

Anna’s report on Baby’s clearing revealed she had dark energies in her energy field attached to negative emotions (yes, chookies have emotions too!) that Baby created when one of her sister’s passed away 4 weeks ago.  This didn’t surprise me as the girls in my flock are close.

Anna’s report also showed that Baby had absorbed some negative emotions from me.  This information resonated as I do spend time connecting with Baby while I am outside gardening.  Because of this strong emotional connection, I performed a cord-cutting exercise between myself and Baby to protect Baby from absorbing any more of my negative emotions that I may (inadvertently) transfer to her in the future.  Baby’s health has been 100% since Anna’s clearing which also indicates the cord-cutting has worked.  This experience highlights how vital Anna’s work is to not only people but also animals – animals of all kinds!!!

This experience is a classic example of how all sentient beings can feel emotion and sometimes absorb emotional energy imprints from others. It is great to see animal owners looking beyond the normal perspectives which can affect an animal’s health. All living beings can be affected medically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.


Now, I would like to share some of the symptomatic changes in pet’s behaviours which may indicate energetic presence:

Animals are extremely susceptible to energetic changes in the environment. Pet’s typical characteristics and behavioural patterns can suddenly change in a negative way if they are medically unwell, emotionally upset or spirits or darker beings are present in their homes.

 These are some of the signs I have witnessed over the last 15 years:

·      Pets may refuse to enter a new house such as in Ep. 22 where Kath’s dog refused to enter their new home and chose to eat and sleep outside.

·      Some pets may pace and can’t settle during the day or night.

·      Pets may appear nervous or constantly have frightened looks on their faces and sometimes pets hide and won’t come out when called.

·      Pets have less appetite or won’t eat at all no matter what you feed them

·      Some pets experience sleep disturbances or choose to sleep in different locations in the home, and even end up in your bed.

·      Sometimes pets may bite or lash out for no logical reason or they may snarl at stairwells, dark spaces, walls or family members and you just can’t work out why.

·      This sign, I have witnessed via an online video call – Pets may nervously chew on their joints, pull out hair or create wounds as I found with one client whose pet was absorbing the owner’s negative emotions on a daily basis and would nip, lick and pull out the hair on one of his front legs.

·      Pets avoid being touched or sitting near people and prefer hiding or staying outside when usually they love company and fall asleep on your knee.

·      This example happens quite often – Pets may obsessively focus on a particular location in the home or look around rooms wildly as if following someone or something moving about the place.

I hope this episode has been an eye-opener as to the sensitivity of our fur babies and how our negative emotions can affect pets as much as people around us.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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