# 23 Haunted objects – the bed, earrings and golden vase

I am never surprised by the number and type of items that can be inflicted with emotional imprints and paranormal presence. Energy-sensitive people ( and there are more out there than would like to admit it) can feel the detrimental energy and they can be affected by mental and emotional disruptions, sleep issues and a whole heap of other issues. Do you feel energy from objects?

In this fascinating episode, I show you how object no matter how big or small can absorb the energy of those handling them, sleeping or them or inheriting them from others.

Ep 23 – Haunted items and confused home owners


I have 3 real-life experiences for you that will outline how jewellery and furnishings can hold energy and can tell a story, sometimes a story that other people don’t see with their eyes but can feel with their bodily senses as you will hear in our first account called:

The earrings etched with trauma

I visited a friend for the weekend and as we discussed our usual topic of the paranormal, house clearing and other energetic happenings, Julie remembered a pair of her favourite earrings, which had a weird feeling and went to get them. I love holding objects and seeing what I can sense from them. Julie, said when wearing the earrings, she felt not herself. She felt anxious, extremely negative and angry, and energetically drained if she wore them for too long. Julie didn’t want to get rid of them but couldn’t wear them either, so what to do?

Julie placed the small delicate metal earrings in my hand, and we continued to talk about the day’s events as I energetically assessed the earrings. I closed my fingers over them as they sat in my palm, waiting to see what my body dowsing would show me. The moment they were placed in my hand, I felt a subtle change in my third eye (brow) chakra energy. A mild headache had started to grow into an intense irritating pain in my forehead and my mood started to change…. ‘Yep,’ I said, ‘These need clearing’, and went to get my pendulum.

My pendulum dowsing indicated the lady who had created the earrings had been in a deeply negative emotional state when crafting the earrings. Her emotions of hatred, resentment, disgust and paranoia had transferred to the jewellery and stayed imprinted on the earrings infecting anyone wearing them. This experience is a classic case of being careful what you think as you handle items! The emotions, once identified, were easy to clear, and the earrings could then be safely worn.


All manner of energy beings can attach themselves to objects, as you will see in this retelling of a real-life experience from a family who had a little energetic visitor called:

The golden vase and the cloaked fiend

A family contacted me about some unusual happenings in their home. Joy had recently been given a beautiful golden vase, which stood proudly on the mantelpiece within the loungeroom of the home. Since the vase had been in the house, the home’s energy had changed. People felt on edge, and Joy’s grandchildren wouldn’t play beneath the mantelpiece where their toys were always kept. I asked her to send me a photo of the mantelpiece. It was Christmas time, so there were many decorations on the mantelpiece and around their home, so I had to look closely to find the detrimental object.

As I zoomed in and studied the photo, a beautiful golden vase stood out. I energetically tuned in more closely, and, without warning, I saw a little dark creature gripping tightly to the vase, trying its best not to be seen. I was astonished and shouted, “I see you.” The little being gave me a quick look and with a sly grin dropped off the vase. It promptly ran out of the room and disappeared off into the hallway.

The being looked like a tiny person about 12cm tall with a broad face, dark-coloured clothing, and a pointed hat and shoes. This little figure was not a dark energy being as such but more so an elemental, one of the cheekier mischievous elementals who like to play tricks on people, hide in their homes, move their keys and sit back and giggle as we run around looking for missing objects. With Joy’s permission, I viewed her home remotely to look for the little energy being, and I found him hiding under a bed in a room at the other end of the house. With some gentle coaxing, I was able to get him to agree to go back outside and leave the family in peace.


Now, you are going to love this next story from Dean in the UK… He wanted me to energetically check an old wooden bed which made him feel unsettled, but boy did he get more than he bargained for! Dean called this story:

The haunted bed

Dean and his partner were due to stay with some friends for the weekend and, one of the friends, Samantha had sent Dean a picture of this great bed she found in a favourite antique shop in a historic town in the UK, a place she had frequented many times before to buy interesting items for their house.

The bed was a bargain find and it was very quickly collected by Ted, Samantha’s partner in a borrowed van and installed in the guest room along with other items, such as the lamp and bedside table to make sure the visitors had all they needed for a good night’s sleep.

Now Samantha and Ted, had some friends stay over the weekend before Dean was due to arrive and they slept in the antique bed. During the night they were woken by a knocking sound coming from around the side of the bed frame, each blamed one another for messing around and they spent the rest of that night tossing and turning unable to properly settle into sleep again. In the morning, they didn’t tell Samantha that the bed gave them the creeps but they did tell Ted, who talked with Dean.

Dean and I talk online once a month and I listened intently as he told me about the haunted bed as he called it. He said this bed had an old ornate wooden frame and was beautiful with decorative wood carving on each post and a carved feature on the head of the bed. From the photo, he had seen, he said it really was quite breathtaking to look at This information immediately sparked my spidey senses and Ted had given Dean permission to share a picture of the bed, so I couldn’t wait to see what I could energetically feel from the image.

Dean sent me the picture and I made a mental note to look at it the following morning.  So, as I sat at my work desk and settled my mind, I opened the image on my computer. What I initially saw was a small well-lit room with three items of furniture – the bed with the wooden frame, an unusual white lamp and a padded seat that doubled as a storage box.

As I stared into the photo, as much as I was trying to focus on the bed, I was continually drawn to observe the unusually tall white lamp. It was odd, very odd, frightening even and it takes a lot to get my attention in that way. The photo was on my computer screen at 100% and I was looking at the strange lamp, squinting my eye, saying out loud, “What is that?”

It wasn’t the usual lamp shape that you would expect to see. So I enlarged the photo and stared even further into the lamp and its white-glazed humanoid-like figure with a tail and long spindly arms. One arm reached down past its knee while the other arm held the light bulb end of the lamp. The face on this thing was truly horrific, I can’t even describe it to you other than it conjured up memories of an alien-like or some sort of morbid beast-like face with twisted contorted features that I had seen in a movie many years ago.

Now, I don’t generally comment on decorative items, I don’t have ‘style’ as such so generally keep my opinions to myself. But I kept staring at the screen saying to myself “That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen and why is it in a guest bedroom or any room!” “Imagine waking up seeing that first thing in the morning. If I slept in that room, there would be a towel slung over it for the night or it would end up in the cupboard.“ Now I had good reason to be repelled by this lamp and you will soon understand why.

Energetically clearing the bed was my job BUT I couldn’t in all my ethical way, not clear the lamp too! So, I started with the lamp and what my pendulum dowsing uncovered, I am sharing with you now, there was a portal connected to the lamp which had been activated by someone who handled it whether in a factory, salesperson or by the artist who made it.

There were 5 demonic level beings attached to the lamp‘s build-up of emotional imprints from someone who has handled it within a 5 year period. There were large build-ups of rage, instability and sadness. Once the details were identified, I could clear the imprints and the entities, present on the lamp were ready to leave. I still don’t like the lamp!

Next was the bed’s turn. As I looked at the bed, it seemed quite harmless compared to the lamp but I did wonder what lay hiding within its well-turned wooden features. There were long-term emotional imprints from as far back as 43 years ago which had attracted 8 demonic level beings – this may account for the knocking! The bed was also imprinted with large buildups of hostility, worthlessness, jealousy, burden and sadness. Once again, as soon as the energetic details were identified, I could clear the imprints and the entities returning the bed to a completely safe place to sleep.

I always check and double-check locations and as I sat asking if there were any other energetic issues in the room which needed clearing, the padded seat which doubled as a storage box caught my attention. It was not as detrimental as the lamp or the bed but I felt that I was doing Samantha, Ted and Dean a service by clearing all three items. The beige seat held 3 dark energy beings attached to the energy imprints of resentment, burdened and paranoia and once cleared the room would have felt heaps better for anyone who slept there.

Funnily enough, there weren’t any paranormals in the bedding, mattress, structure of the room or wardrobe. So the issues were all with the random second-hand item strategically placed to decorate the room.



 Information about detrimentally infected objects and
how they get that way:

Those 3 retells cover many of the reasons why energy transfers to items and how it can affect those who own them. Now,  some other reasons why energetic imprints can be present on objects.

  1. The transference of energy can be short-term from someone handling an item or long-term from creative people/ artists creating items of jewellery or for the home, for example, or handling favourite or everyday objects over a long period glues your energy to the item, such as car keys or your favourite coffee mug.

  1. Spirits of those who have died can still be attached to their personal items and stay with the articles for years until the person’s energy is finally willing to cross to the Light.

  1. Building materials such as timber and repurposed window or door framing from other buildings can hold the energy of the wood at the time of being chopped down and processed or the wood can also store the energy of the occupants from the previous home. Trees carry a natural vibration, and some trees do not appreciate being cut down and turned into furniture and buildings. When I do my house healing work, I ask the fabric of the building if it is happy. If not, I work with the structure to find the cause of its issue and then find a suitable solution for the fabric of the property and its occupants.

  1. Black magic’s spells and dark intentions can be used to ‘curse’ items. The curse travels with the object to every person who owns it, pumping out a negative vibration attracting dark energy that vibrates at the same frequency. The item then takes on more energetic imprints from each owner, becoming quite toxic and energetically harmful to people, pets, and locations.

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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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