# 22 Homes have history & not the physical kind

Buildings absorb negative emotional energy from whoever lives in them whether 5 months, 5 years or decades ago. And you may be surprised how this detrimental energy can affect you your family and even your pets.

In this episode, we are looking at how homes have history and we are not talking the physical kind. and we have a question from Betty who asks: What is house healing and how can it help improve the energy in my home?

I will explain the basics of house healing or house clearing as I like to call it and how my decades of experience have shown me that build-ups of past owners’ energetic imprints in homes and on the land can sometimes severely affect the current occupants.

Ep 22 – How past home owner’s energetic imprints can affect your family


First off, I will share one of my local experiences from 2020 and you will get the idea about how past energetic imprints linger and can be detrimental to new homeowners. In this true-life account, I share how a lovely family bought a new home out in the country which they thought would be a dream place to live which turned out to be somewhat of a nightmare! The energy in the home was literally sucking the energy out of the mum, dad, daughter and even the dog. So, let’s get into this interesting account which I have called:

The unhappy house with shadowy secrets   

In late 2020, a family reached out to me for help as their newly purchased home and property did not feel right and the longer they lived there, the worse the family members were all feeling. Ever since they moved into their new house twelve months earlier, their energy levels have changed dramatically. They all become lethargic when in the house and also in the backyard especially in the shed. They had no motivation and felt no happiness or enjoyment which was a total change from the way they felt in their previous home. It was as if the life was literally being sucked out of each and every one of them, including the dog; life was tough in their home.

They asked me to visit the house in person, so after the three-and-a-half-hour drive, I pulled into the gravel driveway of their beautiful home located in a lush bush setting. For a moment, I sat quietly, taking in the quiet country surroundings, complete with roaming chickens,  before meeting the family.

As I set foot out of the car, the shed caught my attention. And you may ask what does, she mean, “Caught my attention?” My paranormal radar or spidey senses as I sometimes call them, felt something negative about that unassuming little outbuilding with a green roof to the right of my car. There was a pulsating push of detrimental energy emanating coming from that shed.

As I walked past the garage towards the front door, I felt a sudden twinge of pain in my stomach and took note of this feeling as this is how my body responds sometimes to the presence of paranormal beings. I was ready to knock on the large wooden front door, when my forehead/ brow chakra area started to ache, and my head started spinning as if I had been on a fun park amusement ride. Kath, the lady of the house, opened the front door and stared at me for a second. She recognised the look on my slightly unwell face as it was how she often felt when she returned home from work.

We exchanged greetings and walked to the dining area, where I met the rest of the family. We chatted for a while about the goings-on in the home, and then they gave me a tour of their house first and then the backyard entertainment area and the other outbuildings. As I walked into each room, I could sense dense energy patches that I recognised as negative emotional energy deposits. The family agreed that certain areas of the home caused significant discomfort as I verbalised what I saw and felt. I noted these places on the floorplan Kath had given me and scribbled down thoughts and visions I had during the home tour as a reminder when I started work clearing the house back in my office.

The structure of the house was suffering as it had witnessed extended periods of physical abuse ten years earlier. Every room of the home, even the stairwell, garage, and shed, carried trauma and emotional imprints, which I sensed as I investigated each area. The son wouldn’t play or sleep in his bedroom alone and chose every night to slip into his parent’s bed where he felt safe and protected. He couldn’t explain why he didn’t like his room but he just felt uncomfortable and unwanted in there and it made him feel unwell in the mind and body.

The kitchen was filled with dread, and panic and the family said they had lost the will to cook their usually super healthy meals. They felt sad and lethargic in the kitchen and just didn’t know why.

Now, you will find this interesting, and please don’t laugh, well, ok, you can… when I walk around people’s homes, sometimes I ask permission to stand in unusual places in rooms… like the bath in another home. As I walked into the kitchen, I was compelled to go straight into the corner pantry and close the door. Of course, I asked permission first and the two adults just looked at each other wondering what I was doing. I stepped into the corner pantry with just enough room to close the door and I shut my eyes. I saw a woman crouched on the floor under the bottom shelf, silent and wide-eyed, she was hiding, I guess from her partner. I felt her panic and I spoke softly to the energy in the space and said I would release all pain from this space, very soon.

When I opened the door, the bright light, blinded me for a second and I kept blinking until my eyes adjusted to the light. Kath and her partner stood watching me as I explained the pain and panic I felt in the pantry and to my astonishment Kath said for no reason that she could explain, she would meditate in the pantry daily. She felt the space needed some healing!

I badly needed some water, so Kath fixed us a drink and we moved to the dining table again, talking for hours with the constant flow of dark energy listeners. We discussed the family’s and their dog’s energetic issues within other areas of the house and weird energy in the shed. They told me about the changes in their dog’s normally outgoing behaviour and how he usually slept at the foot of the stairs or the end of their bed, but NOPE! Not in this house, he chose to eat and sleep outside where he felt safer.

As we spoke and I wrote down page after page of notes. I felt a significant change in the density of the air around me as curious energy beings of the darker kind approached and observed us. There was a growing number of them, watching and listening to our conversation and they came in waves as we talked and then retreated to their prized feeding areas within other areas of the home.

In the backyard, the entertainment area felt light and welcoming as we walked around BUT as I approached the small shed with overgrown vines on the green roof, it felt particularly unsettling. I didn’t need to enter the shed to feel ill in the mind and body and the negativity which erupted out of the shed was astonishing. It was like a black wave of darkness filled with screams and despair. I had sudden visions of trauma experienced by a female in the shed which left pools of sad distressed emotional imprints. This energy was similar to what I felt but didn’t share with the family as I slowly climbed the stairs to view the upstairs bedrooms. There had been a decade of trauma in this house and it was time to release it!

Upon returning to my office that night, I set out my notes and the house floor plan and prepared for the following day’s energy clearing of that home. It was time for its invisible intruders, their emotional food sources and the decade of trauma that drew them to the house in the first place to be sent off into the Universe for recycling. I slowly and carefully cleared each room of that home and took great care not to miss anything important.

After one week of focused dedicated energy clearing, the two-storey home, stairwell, garage, shed, and surrounding land, all of the dark beings, negative emotions, and trauma had been removed. Kath messaged me one month later to say that the family were overjoyed at the new lighter brighter energetic feel of the house, outbuildings and property in general. They now feel energised, motivated, and happy. They are all sleeping better, even their family dog who now slept inside at the end of their bed.


Now we are going to look at Betty’s question –

What is house healing and how can it help improve the energy in my home?

House healing as you heard in the story is the removal of subtle and sometimes not so subtle detrimental energy from within homes, the land and other buildings and places.

The detrimental energy removed can be:

  1. Paranormal beings, portals, psychic cording or attack
  2. Black magic practices – ouija boards, spells, curses etc,
  3. Connected to human mental, emotional and trauma imprints,
  4. Geopathic such as disrupted earth energy, water flows, or many other aspects
  5. Technopathic energy which is the build-ups of EMF in the home from all the technological devices present in our homes these days
  6. AND believe it or not – ET residual energy and earth contact points

When people buy a home, they don’t realise that they are inheriting all the emotions (happy or negative and traumatic) within every building on the property and on the land. Also, any invisible energy beings attached to the lower vibrational emotions and trauma present in the home. Old negative energy and trauma will stay in a building for decades or longer and can sometimes seep into the land itself if the home is demolished.

Once the property and house are energetically cleared and cleansed, a new pristine, energised space is created for happy, healthy living and an improved sense of well-being.

Here is a recent example from 2023, a client in the USA, contacted me for a house clearing… this was an interesting job as you will see. I followed my usual protocol to the letter and after 3 days I sent Karina her house clearing report. She emailed me back that night with some intriguing information. She read the report and a portion of the information didn’t make sense until she did some research into the property.

Her home had been built on top of a previous home which had burnt down 20+ years ago AND the demolished home structure -woodwork, brickwork and pretty much all the remaining contents etc hadn’t been removed from the property but simply buried in the earth in a massive pit and covered over.

What I found upon investigating Karina’s home, was that there was a large build-up of alcoholism, abusive behaviours, rage, hostility, humiliation, sadness and many other imprints that went back beyond the current building Karina was living in… and the penny dropped… the old house buried underneath the current home was emanating strong pulses of negative energy and this energy was affecting Karina.

Once all that energy was cleared, Karina noticed a massive improvement in her energy and the feel of her home was lighter and brighter and Karina felt excited and motivated more than ever about her future in her new home.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.

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