# 21 Paranormal addiction: Signs & symptoms – Part 2

Can’t sleep, anxious and paranoid that ‘something’ is watching you, shutting yourself away from friends and family to binge watch paranormal movies, or experiencing changes in your mental health for no medical reason… paranormal addiction might be you!

In this episode, we are looking at Part 2 of Paranormal addiction as I have been asked to give more detail by many people including Edmond who lives in the UK. He shared that one of his family members is obsessed with the paranormal and he is curious for more information about how this addictive behaviour can manifest into a person’s daily life.


Episode 21: Part 2 Paranormal addiction


First off, we are going to look at a true experience about Georgie who exhibited classic signs of paranormal addiction to the extreme.

We will then, explore in depth the addiction signs and symptoms which I have witnessed myself and seen in others who have this extremely detrimental craving for paranormal knowledge.

Before we start, you will find part 1 of ‘What is paranormal addiction’ in episode 19 and you may wish to visit that episode first before delving into the following information. Also, I always like to reiterate that I am not a medical professional and I am purely sharing the following information from my personal observations gathered over the last 20 or so years.

Let’s now get into Georgie’s experience called –

Lost in the paranormal world


Paranormal addiction is fascinating and Georgie’s story is an interesting one. Georgie was so lost in her supernatural fantasy world that she wasn’t living in reality. She couldn’t acknowledge the positive changes I had created by energetically clearing herself and her home. On another level, recognising the differences would have created new problems in her life, such as “Who am I without paranormal drama?”

Georgie and I chatted through an online platform which is my usual approach to meeting clients for the first time. She said she had seen her doctor and mental health professional and to no avail, they didn’t help her. I observed her as we spoke and from her body language, distant facial expression, and extremely detailed dramatic descriptions of her supernatural experiences, I could tell straight away that she had some level of paranormal fascination or even addiction. But I had no idea to what extent until later on.

Georgie expressed how she had been from healer to healer to healer, each time telling her story in a very detailed dramatic way, but no one cared or seemed to help her. So, I agreed to do my best to assist her, firstly with a personal energy field clearing and then a house clearing. I followed my usual protocols to the letter and spent extra hours checking and rechecking her continual clearing requests that nothing had changed. 

She emailed me over 40 times in one week with constant complaints about the demons still in her house and how they were annoying her in bed, moving her blankets, and zapping her through the electrical sockets in the walls of her home. I gently reaffirmed that there were no longer any paranormal beings in her home from my professional house healer’s perspective.  I continued checking her house once a week for a month, and it was as clean as a whistle.

The constant emails continued, and requests for multiple online chat calls. I explained that it would be beneficial for Georgie mentally, emotionally, and physically to find a new focus, such as taking up a hobby, going outside, visiting friends, and doing uplifting activities to retrain her mind’s focus away from the paranormal. I also strongly recommended that she seek medical help again to manage her mental and emotional state and improve her outlook on life. 

I didn’t answer any more of Georgie’s emails as I had already given her many suggestions on how to help her improve her well-being long-term. After ten more emails (which I did not answer), she stopped messaging me. I do sincerely hope that Georgie has received the medical help she needed to live a more balanced fulfilling life and has now moved past her destructive paranormal addiction.


Paranormal addiction and the signs and symptoms

Here is a more in-depth look at the signs and symptoms to be aware of in yourself and those around you that may signify that medical or mental health intervention is needed.

I have broken the information into two sections. First, we will look at the possible signs of paranormal addiction, and then the possible symptoms identifying a paranormal addiction.

We all love watching the occasional spooky movie or paranormal investigation video but when the exciting adrenaline rush wears off, some people are left feeling deflated and may go looking for their next fix. If some of the following signs or symptoms begin to occur on a more regular basis and possibly take over your personal and family life and work relationships start suffering big time, then you may have what I call a severe paranormal problem that needs medical intervention.


NOTE: I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. I offer a purely energetic perspective to sometimes unsolvable issues within people. I have witnessed many clients with paranormal addiction over the years and all my information shared in this podcast and my book – The Darkness Around Us

I always recommend that my clients see a medical and mental health professional for assessment and treatment before commencing any form of energy-clearing work. A holistic approach covers all areas of the possible need of the client to make sure there are no existing or hidden medical causes contributing to the addiction or attachment symptoms.


So let’s look at some signs of paranormal addiction building in someone which may include, but is not limited to:

  • All night (or day and night) binge-watching ghost movies, online documentaries, or paranormal investigations to get that adrenaline high or rush as a constant feeling.
  • Not talking about anything else except for paranormal experiences, even when other people change the subject, you manage to get it back around to paranormal content or you ignore them and continue the ghost talk even if people don’t want to hear it.
  • Neglecting all home, family or work routines or duties, so you can continue your paranormal binge experiences.
  • Choosing to withdraw and isolate yourself from others so people can’t see your addiction or because you are feeling paranoid or guilty about their possible judgement of your actions.
  • Spending all your time with other paranormally addicted people – online in forums, chatrooms or in person.


Here are some possible mental, emotional and behavioural symptoms of paranormal addiction which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Experiencing a marked increase in the mind and bodily responses to watching or reading paranormal stimuli, such as experiencing a high where you feel somewhat disconnected from reality, some people experience rapid breathing or heart rate increase or palpitations, excessive paranoid thinking which induces extreme sweating, trembling or rocking, dizziness, extreme loss of focus, or manic mumbling.
  • Extreme feelings of being watched, or thinking that you see spirits, or dark apparitions everywhere you go, during the day or night and they are possibly out to get you.
  • Some people experience unexplainable paranoid verbal, emotional or physical outbursts when others can’t see what they think, see or feel around them.
  • Changes in personality and irrational behaviour, neglecting relationships, lying to friends and family about whereabouts or activities, or feeling alienated from your regular daily interaction with family and work colleagues because you believe that no one understands your needs.
  • Strong expressions of denial. You avoid admitting an issue with your addiction even when those around you who care for you express strong concern about your behaviours.
  • Some people experience extreme changes in sleep patterns or experience nightmares, night terrors, hallucinations, dread or impending doom, or fear of being alone. These may be strong indicators of paranormal addiction. The mind can play tricks, making you think there are the lower vibrational beings you have seen in movies roaming around your home or lurking in corners waiting to hurt you when you drift off to sleep. Insomnia can be common, caused by fear, paranoia, and panic about paranormal presences in the home or in the mind, and these happenings become part of daily life.


I have 3 examples of extreme addiction behaviours which reach into the dangerous end of paranormal addiction:

  1.    Some paranormal addicts want to level up their experiences even further and join occult or satanic groups who invoke dark and demonic beings for detrimental purposes. This behaviour is extremely dangerous as they do not fully understand what they are getting into or the expectation of other group members for their participation in the group activities and intentions. AND once paranormal beings are present they are often drawn to vulnerable people in these groups and enter the person’s energy field or follow them home.
  2.    I had one client who tried to bleed herself to rid herself of demons. She was told to do this by a supposed shaman she found on a website in 2022.
  3.    While another lady threw herself in a freezing cold river in the middle of winter to expel demons from her body. Luckily two people were walking their dog and found her face down at the edge of the river. She ended up in hospital with hypothermia and then she spent some time in the psych ward to receive much-needed mental health care.


NOTE: I must include here that not everyone who watches spooky movies, reads haunted stories, participates in ghost hunting tours or events, or takes part in seances, etc., will develop a paranormal addiction. There are mental, emotional health and  traumatic life experiences which are contributing factors to the vulnerability of people’s mind, body and spirit


As a finishing point,

Sometimes there is an unwillingness to stay away from the paranormal in some people. I have seen this in clients who want change but at the same time don’t want change; a family intervention and then medical and mental health care is what is needed.

I find it challenging to help people who want change but on other levels within themselves don’t want change at all or aren’t mentally or emotionally strong enough to instigate change. It is only when they are willing to recognise that medical help is needed then it can be implemented and positive change happens.

Talking about your paranormal problem with family and a doctor or therapist is nothing to be ashamed of. Once a breakthrough is made, the person can then substitute old activities with new directions, such as participating in fulfilling hobbies, having a social life, and focusing on family, friends, and work. Putting yourself in trigger-free situations is essential to fully detach from paranormal addiction.

Also, talking with someone who works with the paranormal in a healthy respectful and non-ego based approach is helpful. They will have in-depth knowledge and help you understand how supernatural addiction is unhealthy. I recommend halting all paranormal activities and disconnecting from people associated with those activities.


Want to share a paranormal experience? Send me your paranormal questions and your stories to:
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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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