# 20 Why spirits are here explained in real-life experiences

Spirits of passed loved ones visit us, linger in homes and workplaces and sometimes want to have a say! If you listen and observe you will see or feel what they have to communicate,

Spirits are not dark beings but are included nonetheless in the paranormal realm, so I am going to share my thoughts on why they are still here in our Earth reality and I have 4 real-life experiences to outline different reasons why they are still amongst us.

Episode 20 – Why spirits are here


So get comfortable as we delve into our first story, a true-life experience with Jodi who is a paranormal researcher in the US and shared the following story with me about a local spirit Jodi writes:

I had a most unusual experience with my friend who led one of the paranormal groups and my research. His team was called to do a house clearing. A young child in a bedroom was being targeted in addition to the rest of the family by unseen entities. He asked me to research the property records of the home to which they were doing the clearing.

One name on the registry stood out to me, and it took me quite a few minutes to figure out where I’d heard it before. It turns out that the previous property owners were a couple who later divorced. The female was named Kate. It turns out that where I’d heard her name was from a news report of a recent murder. Kate had been murdered several months before.

When I told my client, who was a psychic, he reached out to her. He found out it was Kate causing the problems, who had, in the suddenness of her death, gone back to her previous home and didn’t realize why “other” people were living there. My client communicated with her and told her what had happened, and all the problems stopped once she understood. It was a massive case in our local papers at the time.


Here is our second story, a local story from a sleepy little country town in southern Tasmania called:

2nd experience: Harold on the job

Late on a Thursday afternoon, I received a call from Jo. She was concerned for her oldest daughter, Cate, who had recently started a new job and felt uncomfortable and scared in the workplace. Cate heard loud footsteps where no one was walking and the creaking and turning of door knobs. A deep sense of unease filled her mind and body as she sat in the empty office. Cate just couldn’t focus on her work as her mind constantly wandered, listening for the sinister footsteps and wondering who was in the building. She wanted this problem solved if she is to work in this place.

Early the following day, I focused on a photo of the building as I remotely looked into the property. As usual, I asked permission from the land guardians to enter the location and look for and remove any paranormal intruders. As I closely looked at the photo of the property, I felt the presence of male energy dominating the environment. This presence stood silently in the doorway of the building with his arms folded. He was observing me as much as I was observing him. I asked through my dowsing if any dark or demonic beings were present and was met with a quick ‘No’. I intuitively knew this energy being was not from the darker realms.

I politely inquired if the being was a spirit and was met with a shuddering wave of annoyance, which gave me a sudden irritating headache. The presence did not consider himself a ‘spirit, ghost or ghoul’ and thought it rude of me to ask. I questioned if he needed assistance and was met again with a strong feeling of irritation and toe-tapping as if I was wasting his time. The name ‘Harry’ appeared in my mind, and then the name was quickly corrected to Harold. I asked if this was his name, and he said ‘yes’. He preferred his proper name; there were no nicknames for Harold.

As I spoke with Harold, he suddenly appeared in my workroom. His shimmering energy stood steadily to the right of my desk. He observed me again with his arms folded and abruptly asked what I wanted, as he was on the job. My mind instantly slipped back to another clearing job where I had heard that term before. I now knew why Harold was at the premises. I politely explained to Harold that a young woman named Cate now worked in the building, often alone, and she felt anxious and unsettled when she heard loud footsteps, rattling door knobs and felt an ominous presence walking past her room. Being the only person in the office, Cate’s mind ran rampant with fear.

Harold told me he had seen Cate but didn’t realise his presence unsettled her so. He explained in great detail that he was a security guard and was doing his twice daily check of the building. He had no intention of leaving the job he loved so much as it gives him a great sense of pride to care for the property. The thought of transitioning into the Afterlife was of no interest to Harold, as his commitment to the building and its security was top propriety for him. After he made this defined statement, he gave me a quick nod and promptly vanished from my workspace.

I rang Jo the next morning and explained the situation regarding Harold. She said Cate would be relieved and kind of excited to think she had such a helpful, diligent spirit watching over the premises day and night. Now, when Cate enters the office every morning, she happily calls out ‘Good morning, Harold’ and goes about her work, no longer frightened by his presence. Leaving the office at the end of the day, Cate knows that the building is in good hands as Harold is happily ‘on the job.’


3rd experience: The visiting aunty

Cassie contacted me to look into some peculiar activity in her home. She said she had been watching tv late one night and could hear a strange churning, whirring sound coming from the kitchen in her open-plan home. When Cassie investigated, she found the plate in her microwave oven slowly turning off its own accord, and the microwave oven was not turned on! This experience happened after Cassie started developing and practising her psychic awareness and skills, and she thought the two might be connected.

Cassie wasn’t frightened by this strange kitchen occurrence, but for the life of her, she couldn’t work out why this particular incident was happening. Cassie lived by herself with her two fur babies, and as she was talking to me on the phone, I repeatedly heard the word ‘Aunty’ in my mind. I relayed the message to Cassie, and she thought for a moment. Cassie suddenly realised who it could be. Not an ‘aunty’ as in a family member, but a friend who was like an aunty. She was excited to think this person had come to say hello and had her attention by activating an electric appliance in her home. Cassie eagerly said her aunty had loved the kitchen and cooking with the microwave was one of her favourite ways of whipping up a tasty treat. So the aunty had chosen this piece of kitchen equipment to convey the message that she was present in Cassie’s home. Cassie would investigate further and let me know if she had more interactions with her ghostly kitchen visitor.


The following real-life event tells of a different experience with a spirit in the house. It depicts other reasons why spirits can still be present around us and want our attention:

4th experience: The angry gentleman’s spirit

Wendy was shopping in a spiritual store and saw my business card at the front counter. She took my card and called me that afternoon. Wendy’s voice was shaky, and she insisted I visit her later the same day. Wendy was at her wit’s end and couldn’t cope anymore. She gave me her address; I packed my bag and went to my car. As I was sitting in my vehicle typing her address into my GPS, I was hit with a barrage of loud, abusive swear words in my mind. An assault of the worst verbal abuse you could possibly imagine. The vocal bombardment continued for the entire twenty-five-minute drive, and I turned up the radio in an attempt to drown out the voice.  This type of behaviour is consistent with spirits who don’t want you going to their location.

I arrived at Wendy’s home, and the voice stopped suddenly; the silence was a blessing. I got out of my car and stood looking up at Wendy’s unit. In one of the windows, I saw a thin wispy silhouette shift behind one of the curtains and said to the spirit,” I am here to help.” I knocked on Wendy’s front door, and she greeted me with a baby sitting on her left hip. Wendy looked exhausted, and her skin was an unhealthy pale grey colour.

The unit where she lived was small, and there were baby toys strewn from one end to the other. Wendy pushed toys out of the way so I could walk to the couch where we sat and discussed what was happening in her home. She explained how night times were the worst. When she and her two small children were in bed, the tv would turn on by itself, mugs would fall off the kitchen bench, and the children’s electronic toys would turn on.

I was eager to communicate with the wispy figure who watched me from the window when I arrived, so I asked if I could walk around the unit. I primarily use my body as a dowsing tool to feel the location of disembodied energies; then, I can assist them in finding peace.

Every room in Wendy’s unit was warm and had free-flowing energy except for one room, her bedroom, which felt heavy, dense, and uninviting. As soon as I opened the door further, I felt a presence within the room. It stood defiantly in one spot, not moving and probably hoping I would not sense its energy. I signalled to Wendy that this was the room where the disturbance was coming from, and I asked her if I could sit on the bed.

As I sat on the large, soft bed, I found myself smoothing out the wrinkled doona cover, quietly humming to myself. Then I spoke quietly not to frighten or upset the spirit. I said, “I know you are here. I am here to help you.” Then I gently said, “This home belongs to Wendy and her children now, and it is time for you to move on.” I felt an energetic shift in the corner of the room, and I suddenly saw the image of an elderly gentleman in my third eye. It was as if he uncloaked himself to reveal his presence to me. He looked annoyed; his face was red and puffed up, and his beady brown eyes stared at me in annoyance. In a gruff voice, he said, “My house!”. I kept delicately smoothing the doona cover in circular motions and said to him, “Do you know you have died?” There was no answer. I waited a moment and quietly said to him again, “I can help you.”

He shuffled closer and stood next to the bed. It was as if the penny dropped! He said how upset he was that his lovely tidy home was messy with toys and children and how he didn’t like children at all. He asked me what year it was and realised that he had died two years ago. He had been aimlessly existing in his unit for two years. He said his wife had died unexpectedly, and the loneliness was more than he could bear. He went to sleep one night and never woke up.

The man’s energy had now shifted from angry and full of hatred to helplessness and despair. I looked him in the eyes and said, “You can go to your wife. She will be waiting for you at the golden door (entrance into the Afterlife). I can release your attachment to the Earth plane, and you can go to her.” His despair disappeared, and he was now excitedly hopping from one foot to the other, with anxious but hopeful eyes. He quickly tidied himself by tucking in his shirt and slicking back his thinning hair and closed his eyes in anticipation. He peacefully transitioned, and I caught a glimpse of his wife meeting him at the golden doorway; off they went arm in arm into the great beyond.

Wendy had been silently watching me from the bedroom doorway, and she instantly felt a dramatic temperature shift in the room from stony cold to warm and cosy. We discussed what had just taken place, and Wendy had a look of relief on her face.

When I called in to see Wendy two weeks later, she had spring-cleaned the whole unit. Her bedroom felt light and airy, and she said both the toys and tv had stopped turning on by themselves. Wendy said her energy had returned, and her skin had returned to its usual soft pink colour. She was very happy for the elderly gentleman spirit who had been reunited with his wife. Wendy said this experience gave her a deeper understanding of life after death.


Unspoken words and emotions can keep spirits attached to the Earth realm until they have their say, as you will read in the following account of Jim and Tom called:

Why weren’t you there?

Tess contacted me because of some strange goings-on in their home, such as cupboard doors in the kitchen would fly open with no one near them. A dense patch of energy in the hallway made the children feel uncomfortable, and Tess’s partner Jim found his favourite coffee mug broken on the kitchen floor for no logical reason why. It had somehow mysteriously fallen off the top of the fridge in the middle of the night.

When I remotely tuned into the family home, a male spirit was present, not ominous or frightening, but he had something to say. His energy was that of a young man, in his late teens or early twenties, and he felt like a long-term friend of the family. He was intent on speaking to Jim. I relayed this information to Tess, and she and Jim talked about who he could possibly be.

Late that day, Tess messaged me to say it could be one of Jim’s friends, Tom, who had died recently. I asked the young man standing by my side if his name was Tom, and in my third eye, I could see him nodding frantically. I could feel a mixture of strong emotions emanating from Tom, he was angry, sad, excited and relieved all at the same time. Finally, he could have his say!

Jim didn’t believe in the afterlife, spirits or anything outside the ordinary, but this would soon change as Tom wanted to speak to him. Jim was flustered about the interaction, so I asked him to relax and visualise his mate in his mind. I said. “Talk to him as if he is sitting next to you.” Tom asked me to pass on a question to Jim, “Why didn’t you come to my funeral?’, he said. “I thought we were great mates, brothers even, and you didn’t come to see me off.” There was a muffled conversation at the other end of the phone as Jim gave his reason (which I don’t remember as this experience was around ten years ago).

Whatever was said, both Jim felt relieved that he could explain to his friend why he wasn’t there, and Tom felt like their mateship had been restored. The power of communication is wonderful and can heal the living and those no longer in their physical bodies. Tom didn’t visit Tess and Jim anymore and peacefully transitioned into the Afterlife.


Life after death

Information to help us understand why spirits stay

As you have heard, spirits are people’s soul energy that has left their owners’ physical bodies but is still present within the Earth realm. There are many reasons why spirits stay; some people die suddenly and don’t know they have left their bodies and continue to live in their homes and go about their routine daily activities just as described in the angry gentleman story.

Others remain because they want to pass on messages to loved ones or are uncertain about what happens when they leave their earthly home. So, they choose to go on inhabiting their homes, follow around family members, or linger in their previous workplaces until they decide to leave the Earth realm. When their homes or properties are sold and new owners move in, spirits can be confused, annoyed, or anxious.

Spirits may be interactive and make their presence known using various environmental methods, such as footsteps in the night, moving or misplacing objects, turning on electrical items like Cassie’s microwave, or suddenly draining brand-new batteries. There can be light flickering or doors slamming, sudden chills in the air or blasts of cold air around you. Some people may experience sleep or dream disturbances.

Some spirits are simply going about their duties as when they were alive, especially those who were passionate about their jobs, such as Harold. I have spent a lot of time in places such as hospitals, where the medical staff are still present from the cleaners, technical staff such as electricians, and nursing staff, right through to the specialist doctors. They are all going about their jobs with the same degree of care as when they were alive and they don’t take kindly to human visitors at first as we are generally noisy and sometimes disrespectful. We are unaware of their rules and requirements for entering the work premises. But once they have established their needs and acclimatised to our presence, they look forward to regular visits.

Other times, you may feel like someone is watching you, following you or standing over your bed while sleeping, and some spirits have the ability to speak or show themselves in a full body form. I understand that spirits are not all at the same stage of their spiritual learning and choose to communicate in distinct ways suited to their skill set. I hope you enjoyed listening to the four stories in this episode and have learnt something new about the ways spirits interact with us and the environment around us.

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And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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