# 19 Paranormal addiction… what does it look like?

What is paranormal addiction? Is this real and what does it mean for those who LOVE paranormal exploration and investigation?

In this article, we dive head-first into paranormal addiction and how the detrimental mindset, behaviours and actions that come with this obsession can turn people’s lives upside down. Some information first today then the real-life experiences I have witnessed in my clients and you will understand the changes in people’s personalities and thinking.



What is paranormal addiction?

From my personal perspective and what I see in society and within some of my clients, paranormal addiction is an obsession with the supernatural world around us. Paranormal addiction is real. I know because I am a paranormal addict BUT I channel my addiction into educating the public and helping to educate and improve people’s lives.

Paranormal addicts have a fixation with all aspects of the unseen world around us. They are totally immersed in wanting to experience supernatural happenings to fulfil a deep need for the adrenaline rush connected to searching for invisible beings and discovering the unknown realms and it can be totally intoxicating. Obsessive curiosity about non-living beings who coexist within the Earth realm creates a strong attraction for dark energy beings to these people and in their homes and it can become a big problem!

A partner with paranormal problems…

A friend of mine here in Tasmania said all the paranormal happening stopped when his partner left. She was the addict – constantly watching paranormal investigations on online platforms, reading books about ghosts and entities, and talking about spirits and demons nonstop – then strange occurrences started happening in their home and this heightened her addiction and she was now filming unusual phenomena in their home. When she left, it all stopped because she was the draw card.


Paranormal addiction and emotional connection

The emotions of fear, shock, paranoia, and horror, excite some individuals and these are prime emotional drawcards for dark energy beings. There are consistent behaviour patterns in people who have a secret (or public) obsession and fascination with the supernatural or interact with paranormal beings. They imagine wild, thrilling experiences which, in truth, terrify them. The negative emotions attached to these experiences create problems in their daily lives, affecting behaviours, sleep patterns, mental and emotional patterns, relationships and their perception of reality. Their behaviours have an outward effect on people around them possibly affecting partners, children and even pets.

I often hear people openly talking about the excitement of experiencing dark entities or one man once said in a group tour I was on – “Come out demon s and possess me”. They have NO understanding about what they are getting into. These behaviours carry a lower vibration, and these intentions are a prime feeding source for the many levels of dark beings.

Like attracts like, and once these energies feel your desire for connection, they will find a way into your home or personal energy field, and they can be challenging to remove unless you know what you are doing. I have refined an effective clearing process over many many years of experimenting with different approaches and techniques on myself and now can confidently use them with clients and their homes.

Paranormal addiction may also manifest symptoms such as delusional or manic behaviour, panic attacks, excessive sweating, shaking, sleep deprivation, anxiety, vomiting, fear of being alone, or fear of the dark. I am not commenting on this from a medical perspective, but purely as a professional energy clearer with many years of experience in this area.

The addiction can build over time, triggering mental health issues or long-term addiction to searching for spirits or dark beings in every dark corner or every place where the person goes. It is healthy to have a curiosity about these beings, but if paranormal addiction takes over lives, it needs medical intervention. Often paranormal addicts don’t think they have a problem and it can take a family intervention to get the person to medical and mental health care.


NOTE: I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. I offer a purely energetic perspective to sometimes unsolvable issues within people. I have witnessed many clients with paranormal addiction over the years and all my information shared in this podcast and my book – The Darkness Around Us

I always recommend that my clients see a medical and mental health professional for assessment and treatment before commencing any form of energy-clearing work. A holistic approach covers all areas of the possible need of the client to make sure there are no existing or hidden medical causes contributing to the addiction or attachment symptoms.



Clearing paranormal interlopers

Clearing disruptive energy beings depends on the client’s genuine desire for them to be gone. I had worked with clients who are so hooked on ET, dark or demonic beings that the energies are impossible to remove without the client first receiving mental health care to rebalance and align their thinking and rationality. They have allowed the fantasy world to envelop their real life and can’t discern between the two (or sometimes don’t want to because who are they without their addiction?

If you have a strong desire to experience dark beings, you will get your wish sooner or later. When people get hooked on paranormal tv shows, movies, books, activities, or investigation or tour experiences, whether dark energies are known to be present, they may open themselves up to attracting low vibrational beings into their personal energy field or home.

I must say that NOT everyone who uses an ouija board, searches through abandoned buildings, or participates in seances, or ghost tours will attract dark energy. Individual mental, emotional, and life experience factors may trigger mental and emotional episodes and attract dark energy.

Another aspect to think about is that many people are psychically open and don’t realise They don’t believe in psychic, spiritual or dark entities or think they are immune from attracting lower vibrational beings. Awareness of the other realms around us is essential, which is why I have created this podcast, my Youtube channel and written the book – called the Darkness around us, where I dedicate a whole chapter to paranormal addiction.

Forewarned is forearmed! When you have the knowledge, understanding, and a healthy level of respect for these energy beings, you can better cope with daily life and all the interactions and behaviours that create mental health states, and lower vibrational emotions and trauma. When you have self-awareness and raise your vibration, you are less likely to attract darker energies.


Four real-life accounts of paranormal addiction to the extreme!


The first account is called: The Demon in the Blanket

This story is a client case study and we shall call him Bob. Now, Bob was referred to me through two other professional energy clearers who had worked for Bob but didn’t clear the energetic instances in Bob’s home, or so Bob said. Bob spun the same story for each energy clearer and this was the first sign for me of some level of paranormal addiction.

The repetition of paranormal information in a dramatic sense can be a cry for attention, a sign of mental or emotional health issues and often a sign of loneliness. I often see people with these issues repeating stories of paranormal interference, horror, terror and exaggerated emotional drama. Now I am not saying that this is not real for some people and it is BUT, the big but is that rational people will explain what is happening in their homes but don’t repeat the same message in a dramatic way or exaggerate it in future emails.

Bob was an extreme case and I am going to simplify his information for you otherwise we will be here for hours. Bob said there was a demon in his bed coverings, specifically a blanket and his cats were frightened constantly and how none of them could sleep. The other demons in the house were in his wardrobe and a few items in the home.

When I checked Bob’s blanket and other items there were none present but he wouldn’t listen. I did clear some paranormal entities out of Bob’s home who had been drawn there from the previous owner’s detrimental behaviours in the home and I wrote a detailed report which Bob ignored. I even did an energetic clearing for Bob himself and his two cats, again Bob ignored the report details. I constantly kindly stated in many emails that his home was free of all paranormal beings, himself and the cats also and strongly suggested that it was time to seek mental health care and look at what was creating his emotional and mental turmoil… all ignored and the emails continued… the demon from the blanket had moved to the mattress which he dragged out of the house and he then slept on the floor. He put all his clothing in tubs in the garage because there were demons in the wardrobe.

So, I think you get the picture… There would be some paranormals drawn to a person putting out this kind of negative vibration constantly. There would only be three reasons now why these energy beings would be in Bob’s home –

  1. Are they coming to observe Bob?
  2. Because Bob is constantly thinking about them and putting that vibe out there.
  3. Because Bob has created more fear, anxiety, loneliness etc within himself which then puts out an attractive vibration for these energetic feeders.

I and the other energy clearers mentioned in the story have strongly recommended that Bob see a mental health professional and this is all we can do. I do hope that Bob seeks help and can start to live the life he needs to be happy.


The second account is called: A Mother’s paranormal obsession


A work associate contacted me about one of her clients who had paranormal happenings occurring within her family home. At night, the youngest child was harassed by dark shadowy beings knocking on his windows and infecting his dreams with horrible images. The mother, who I will call Kate, was experiencing her bed jolting during the night and the curtains rustling and moving of their own accord. There were no windows open, pets present, or family members playing tricks that could be causing the unusual movements, so paranormal phenomena were the suspected culprit.

I tuned into her home’s energy and her son’s energy field with Kate’s permission. There were indeed some troublesome energies hiding in the darkest corners of the house, waiting for the family’s bedtime so the games could begin. I located the culprits, cleared their connection, negotiated a solution, and removed the mischievous dark entities from the home. The next night, the son’s sleep pattern returned to normal, and Kate’s bed and curtain issues ceased.

Two weeks later, I received another message from my work associate, and Kate said the dark beings were back and it was all happening again. I have had a lot of experience with the paranormal and people’s addictions to the unknown. The two-week re-occurrence period is a classic sign of supernatural addiction and the attention and excitement that comes with the return of the supposed spooky supernatural happenings. The person thrives on the attention from energy clearing specialists.

I talked with my work associate about a few possibilities that could be happening here to find an approach to help her client long-term.

Note: I have no medical training and am not a psychologist, and I only share what I have learnt from my long-term personal and client-based observations and experiences with paranormal addiction.

Here are some possible reasons for Kate’s behaviours:

1. Kate is fearful that every time her son has a bad dream, the paranormal activity is happening again. Her brain goes straight to creating these experiences out of fear and what has happened in the past. I often find it can take people’s brains between one to six months to stop ‘expecting’ dark energetic happenings every time there is a bump on the wall, a creak in the night, or they have a terrible dream. The brain needs time to reprogram itself away from paranormal fear.

2. Kate is secretly fascinated by the paranormal events and this could apply to Bob in the first story. Her fascination with these happenings may continue to attract all types of lower vibrational energies. When the activity started in the home, it was not what she expected. She then didn’t want it because the entities cause her mental, emotional, and sleep-related problems. Kate’s fear can also create fear in the other family members, affecting their health and attracting dark energies to feed their negative emotions. Paranoia and fear are two of the heaviest negative emotions and generate a lot of food for lower vibrational beings. This behaviour is typical for paranormal addicts, causing a vicious cycle of problems.

3. It is an attention-seeking behaviour. People can become addicted to paranormal happenings because it keeps the excitement in their lives and the constant fear for the family. The person feels important in the situation, and the contact with a paranormal energy clearer or energy worker feeds their need for attention.

4. Kate is lonely and enjoys the interaction and attention with the energy worker because she has someone to talk to, who listens to her and fills some needs not being filled by family, friends or other areas of her life.

5. Kate possibly has lower vibrational energies in her energy field, messing with her mind and manipulating her behaviours. It would be beneficial for Kate to see a mental health professional to rule out psychological issues and then see an energy clearer to detect and remove any paranormal or other influences.

After looking at the possibilities, my associate and I agreed on a strategy to assist Kate. She would talk to Kate about self-care and her life focus as a starting point. When they spoke, Kate said she didn’t have any hobbies or social activities other than caring for the family. We suggested adjusting her daily habits and routine to include filling her life with positive activities inside and outside the home, such as making new friends, exercising, going for walks, or starting a hobby. By changing her focus and filling her mind and time with positivity, joy, and happiness, Kate fills her life with purpose and enjoyment moving her thinking away from the paranormal. Also, seeing her doctor and mental health professional was suggested.

After the necessary changes were made, the paranormal happenings stopped in Kate’s life, and my work associate didn’t hear from her again. Changing her mindset helped her refocus her thinking and live a more fulfilled life.


The third story –  My inner paranormal junkie

My whole life has been connected to the paranormal in one way or another. As a child, seeing and talking to spirits was a regular daily occurrence. In my teens to thirties, I had a wild fascination with the unknown and did some pretty stupid things, such as creating a wipeable ouija board and practising spell casting which both created detrimental happenings in my home. I constantly craved and explored paranormal experiences through supernatural movies, books, dream experiences, and activities and fantasised about ghostly connections I had made through real-life experiences and what was yet to come in the future.

However, I was unaware at the time of my super sensitivity to the subtle energy world of invisible beings and how easily I could attract them (and did constantly!). I suffered from sleepless nights for most of my life (four hours maximum a night), which became the norm. Many times, I attempted to turn away from the paranormal, but I was continually drawn back to it again and again in one form or another as my fascination turned to a full-blown addiction. You could safely say I was a paranormal junkie in those days. Now I call myself a paranormal educator with real-life experiences to back me up.

I have learnt a lot from my many varied paranormal experiences, good and bad, and now I approach other-worldly happenings with the utmost respect and compassion. This paranormal addict is now a wiser, more level-headed mature human being.


UPLEVELING my paranormal addiction…

The following experience gave me insight into the power of the supernatural through ouija boards. After reading the story, you will understand why I am now cautious about these doorways into the unknown. There are two parts to this story, and they both tell a tale of avoiding ouija boards as a reliable, safe divination method.

The retelling of this experience really enters into the realm of totally dumb and stupid things to do!  I am telling the tales to stop other people from thinking ouija boards are a safe divination tool.


MY EXPERIENCE: Ouija board stupidity

I wanted to experience using an ouija board, so sneakily I created one by covering a piece of white laminate board with clear contact. On the clear adhesive covering, I wrote the letters of the alphabet and the words yes and no in the top left and right corners, just like an ouija board I had seen in a movie. When I was finished, I could wipe off all the writing, and no one would be none the wiser.

When I was home alone one afternoon, I wanted to test out my ouija board, so I wrote the alphabet and yes and no words on the white panel of wood. As I finished, the wall phone in the kitchen rang, we are talking about the 90’s here so I went to answer it.

Ten minutes later, when I returned to the ouija board, I could feel heat coming off it. The centre felt red hot, like opening the oven type of hot. The ouija board was sitting on an ironing board in the corner of the room. It was not in the sun, and there was no hot iron nearby! So, where was the heat coming from? I instantly panicked, my head was spinning, and my heart was racing. What should I do? So, I grabbed a tissue, quickly wiped off the words, and hid the board down the side of my bed.

I felt mentally and physically sick. ‘What have I done! ‘ was going round and round in my mind and that night, a tall ominous figure appeared in the hallway near my bedroom door; it just stood there. I could see the outline of this tall thin body and I felt the strength of its evil presence.

Over the next few days, it repeatedly moved around in the ceiling, knocked on my bedroom walls, and taunted me in my dreams, causing many sleepless nights. It stayed away from the rest of the family, choosing to plague me with its dark intentions, as I was the one who opened the energetic doorway and now, I must suffer the consequences! It knew I was super sensitive to energy, and the being would easily get its desired fear response.


We will return to this tale after telling part two of my foolish account, as both stories are interconnected.

This next experience I called: The portal in the front door

I visited my friend Lilly after my detrimental ouija board experience. I knew Lilly would understand my dark energy problem. We started talking about what had happened when mid-sentence, Lilly left the room. Upon returning, she had tucked under her arm, her ouija board wrapped in green velvet! I looked at her, speechless! Lilly said she wanted to ask her guides how to fix my problem. Lilly saw my noticeable recoil from the board but settled me by saying, “I do this all the time. It will be fine.”

I cautiously sat with my hands in my lap, not wanting to touch the board. I watched Lilly connect to someone through the ouija board and intently listened as she talked with the entity on the other side. The ‘someone’ was her supposed spirit guide who told Lilly how to release the dark energy connected to me and my home.

The guide said that I needed to create a portal doorway at the front door of my house. The spirit talking through the board told me to draw a particular symbol on my front door with a piece of clear quartz and to recite an incantation. I was uncomfortable about this and should have listened to my intuition! My friend assured me that her spirit guide was genuine and it would all be ok, so I reluctantly agreed to carry out the instructions. Paranormal addiction got me into a lot of supernatural trouble in the early days!

That night, when my family was asleep, I snuck out to the lounge room and quickly and calmly drew the symbol on the door while reciting the words to invoke the doorway opening. I waited for a magical flash or some sign that it had worked, but nothing happened. Unknown to me at the time, instead of sucking out the detrimental dark energy being, I had opened a dimensional entrance that worked both ways. Dark energy beings could go out and come in! The dark energy intruder from my ouija board experience took up a rather cheeky position of standing next to the newly opened dimensional doorway, like some great looming guardian, and now I had two problems.

Every night, I would sit in my lounge chair and watch the cloaked being standing at my front door. Family members would comment on how cold the room felt, especially near the front door. I felt totally useless and lost in how to rid us of this off-worldly intruder and close the portal. After a month of chilly summer evenings in that room, Mary, a new friend, came into my life. I reckon Management, what I call my spiritual support team sent her to me to help me solve my paranormal problem. Mary worked with Reiki energy healing, selling crystals and doing spiritual clearings.

After explaining my problem to Mary, she came to my house when my family were out. Mary walked around my home calmly and quietly, describing how her paranormal clearing process worked. She spent time exploring every room with an air of authority. A small brass bell was one of her clearing tools which she tinkled in every room. It made a delicate metallic sound until Mary came to the front door, where it would not ring at all. She asked me to stand next to her and feel the denseness of the air in that particular spot, comparing it to the warm, free-flowing air in the rest of the rooms.

Next, Mary went to the front door and calmly observed the energetic presence. She pulled a tourmaline pendant out of her bag, and while chanting a clearing prayer, she slowly swung the pendant up, down, and across the area where the dark energy intruder firmly stood. I watched Mary, totally enthralled as she chanted and focused on the dense energy near the front door. The dark energy being left with a sudden whooshing sound. I couldn’t believe how easy it was for Mary to shift this trespasser that had taken up residence in my home.

Next, we focused on closing the portal at the front door. We both drew the symbols backward, and again Mary chanted, and I felt the energy door shut with a slam. The relief was immense, and I was so thankful that Mary could right the wrongs I had created. I learnt a lot from these two experiences about the power of intention, and I am now more aware of what I create with my thoughts, words, and actions.
By the way, the piece of white laminate board was binned and never spoken of again.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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