#17 Paranormal stereotyping & how this limited perspective affect energy workers

People judge on looks… there is no way around it! But does your look define your skill… read on and find out.

In this episode, I am addressing paranormal stereotyping. I don’t have a story as such to tell but want to share my personal experiences, observations and thoughts on how difficult it is to be seen in society as a professional paranormal worker without going down the road of becoming superficial, egocentric or compromising my morals and ethics.

So, what is paranormal stereotyping?


Paranormal stereotyping refers to the prejudiced beliefs and assumptions that people have about individuals who claim to have paranormal abilities or experiences. These stereotypes are perpetuated by society’s popular culture and through the media, which often portray paranormal phenomena in a sensational and exaggerated way. The result of this is that individuals who genuinely possess psychic and paranormal abilities or have had paranormal experiences are often subject to ridicule, disbelief, and discrimination.


Here are some of the ways I have seen paranormal stereotyping
affect genuine paranormal workers:

Stereotyping often creates an atmosphere of fear and mistrust:

People who claim to have psychic abilities or who have had paranormal experiences are often seen as strange or even dangerous, leading to them being ostracized and stigmatized, such as what happened to me in episode 6 of this podcast when Kim’s prejudice blew out of control. This stereotyping can also make it difficult for them to find employment or support in society.

Another way that paranormal stereotyping affects genuine paranormal workers is that it undermines the credibility of their work:

Many people dismiss the claims of paranormal workers as mere fantasies or delusions, leading to a lack of respect and recognition for their talents and skills. This can make it difficult for them to gain a foothold in their profession or to find opportunities to develop and share their abilities with others.

I have struggled with paranormal stereotyping for most of my life. I kept quiet about my ghostly experiences as a child for fear of being told I was lying, showing off or a mental case and this then extended into adulthood where I only shared paranormal encounters with close friends I trusted. I felt like I was living on the outer fringe of society. Until around the age of 45 when I finally busted out of paranormal jail as I call it and felt I could and would no longer hide my true self. People thank me openly now for talking about paranormal topics that most people avoid and for making it real in a natural way. And how my continuous talk opens doorways to conversations and understanding about supernatural beings and helps to change lives for the better.

As an adult, the stereotyping I have experienced most of all is the look: Paranormal stereotyping often involves specific assumptions about the appearance or behaviour of individuals who claim to possess paranormal abilities or have had paranormal experiences. For example, they may be portrayed as eccentric or flamboyant, with a tendency to wear dark clothing, jewellery, and other accessories associated with the occult. This stereotyping can create an image of paranormal workers as being outside of mainstream society and can lead to them being viewed as untrustworthy or even dangerous.

The appearance-based stereotypes can also affect genuine paranormal workers in more subtle ways:

For example, they may feel pressure to conform to certain expectations about how they should look or dress in order to be taken seriously. This can be especially challenging for individuals who do not fit or want to fit the typical image of a paranormal worker, or who feel uncomfortable with the idea of projecting a certain image in order to gain acceptance or respect. Additionally, the pressure to conform to these stereotypes can detract from the genuine abilities, authenticity and skills that paranormal workers possess, and can make it difficult for them to be recognized for their true talents.

I am a rebel, always have been. I break the standard stereotype of a paranormal worker – whether a medium, paranormal investigator or energy worker because I di all three aspects of the work. I am an older lady if 55 is classed as old, ha ha, and I detest pretending to be something I am not by wearing only black clothing, looking all mysterious or posing or talking about lower vibrational beings in a negative, disrespectful way.  I treat all paranormal beings – whether spirits, dark and demonic beings with respect as I would for any living breathing person and this shocks people the most! People often comment, “Demons are bad, evil and will kill you”. I reply with,  “Well, how do you know?” And they can get quite irate responding with, “I’ve seen it on TV, or my priest told me so”.

I respect people’s opinions and am not here to dominate or dictate the truth BUT I will continue to share an alternative perspective that I feel makes more sense.


I am going to share 6 paranormal perspectives I hold up to:

 I generally get two types of responses to my YT channel :

  1. Is that ‘You look like my mum, you don’t know anything about demons”. Or “ You are not a priest” .
  2. People look deeper, listen and think about my unique perspective which rubs against the grain of society’s general opinion of the paranormal and the people who work with entities. And this new perspective plants the seed of alternative information and outcomes.


Real paranormal work is not about views or likes on social media; rather, it is about understanding and education. Genuine paranormal workers are often passionate about their field of study and have spent years learning about the different phenomena that they investigate. They do not rely on sensationalized content or clickbait to gain attention but instead focus on providing accurate information and educating others about the nature of the paranormal.

For the public, understanding is a key component of paranormal work, as it allows people to explore different phenomena and theories with an open mind. This means being willing to consider alternative viewpoints and challenge one’s own assumptions and biases. Additionally, education is an important aspect of paranormal work, as it helps to dispel myths and misconceptions about the paranormal, and allows people to make informed decisions about their beliefs and experiences. By focusing on understanding and education, paranormal workers can help to advance the field of paranormal research and provide meaningful insights into the mysteries of the unknown.

I don’t pretend or hide what I feel is the truth about the paranormal world around us in what I have experienced and learnt over the last 35+ years. I chose to uphold my integrity and people are starting to see the authenticity in the way I educate others through my YouTube channel, this podcast, online meeting platforms and talking in person. For me, it is not about gaining notoriety but instead educating people on how the paranormal entities in our environment can affect us mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically and what you can do about it.

Paranormal beings want you to know that the paranormal world is not entertainment and these beings are not circus performers. They ALL have soul energy and deserve to be treated respectfully like every other living being. They are not evil as we have been brainwashed to believe. These beings actually teach us to become better versions of ourselves by identifying our shadow traits and dark emotions – the hidden parts of ourselves, we often don’t want to deal with openly and which can often tear our lives apart. And it is up to us to reach for help from councillors and support workers and work through our problems releasing the buildups of negative emotions and anything else holding up back in our lives.



Spirits dislike the terms – Ghost hunting or ghost busting and we are talking about our loved ones who have left their physical bodies. Spirits, like demonic beings, are often portrayed in popular culture as simple entities that exist solely to haunt or terrify human beings. However, many spiritual traditions view spirits as complex and multifaceted entities.

Therefore, terms like “ghost hunting” or “ghost busting” are viewed as disrespectful by spirits. These terms suggest that spirits are mere pests or nuisances that can be easily hunted down or eliminated, without any consideration for their own needs or desires. In reality, spirits may have a wide range of reasons for their presence or actions and may feel insulted or offended by these terms.



Demonic beings have told me that they detest terms like – Demon hunter or demon slayer. Both of those terms are just about the ego of the person describing themselves that way. Demonic beings are often portrayed in popular culture as malevolent entities that exist solely to cause harm and destruction. However, in many belief systems and mythologies, these beings are seen as complex and powerful entities that possess other motivations.

Therefore, terms like “demon hunter” or “demon slayer” are viewed as disrespectful by demonic beings. These terms suggest that demons are mindless, easily defeated creatures that exist solely for the purpose of being hunted and killed. In reality, demons are often depicted as highly intelligent and cunning beings who possess a range of powerful abilities. As such, they view these terms as a challenge to their power and may react with anger or hostility towards those who use them.

A final note from an energy worker’s perspective:

I personally don’t need science to ‘prove’ that the energy world and paranormal beings exist. Science is about the tangible. Energy beings can often not be tangibly quantified. I am not against the scientific approach, and it is 100% a personal choice if you want to look at the paranormal scientifically or energetically. I have been energy sensitive all my 55 years of living and have seen, heard and felt experiences that can’t be tangibly explained, and so have many very sceptical people I talk to worldwide. I believe science can’t explain everything, just my opinion 🙂


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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