#16 The Hall of Souls & Does Hell exist?

The concept of Hell is always a challenging topic for many but in this episode I offer an interesting perspective which presented itself in 2020.



In this episode, I am answering a question from Nancy in Brighton in the UK who asks – Does Hell exist?
I share my own opinion on this heated topic. Little pun there. Now let’s kick off with one of my most eye-opening dark paranormal experiences where I was given access to an out-of-bounds area in the outer fringe of the Dark Realm into a place that I never knew existed called:

The Hall of Souls


This paranormal work never ceases to amaze me and over many years, I have built up a respectful working relationship with dark energy beings and they trust me and my energy work. I have not been allowed into the Dark Realm nor do I want to or need to go there to do my energy-clearing work. BUT during an energy clearing for a client in 2021,  my attention was drawn to look at her soul energy. There was what I could only describe as a tear near the centre of the ball of glowing golden energy located in the centre of her solar plexus chakra located over herstomach area. I often work with Angelic assistance to repair the energy of chakras and meridian lines which have been damaged by people’s negative actions and behaviours. So, I sat with my eyes closed and patiently waited for information on how to repair the soul energy.

I sat there for around 20 seconds and suddenly felt my energy shift into a dreamy trance-like state, and what I saw was quite interesting. I was standing at the mouth of a large dark cavern filled with warm dense air which blew out in gusts. I was a little shocked at first as this was totally new to me, but I am always up for an adventure and I know that I would never be put in harm’s way, so I cautiously stepped into the gaping black mouth of the long dark cavern. Inside, I stood silently smelling the slightly pungent air wafting onto my face and  I tried to focus my eyes on a faint reddish glow in the distance and what I can only describe as a tall ancient-looking black gate.

I suddenly felt a looming presence behind me and looked up to see a tall, dark being staring down at me with a blank uninterested look on his face. This guard-like figure pointed and urged me forward. He followed me closely through the cavern and telepathically told me to go through the old gate ahead of me and not to touch it as I passed through. He said to then look down and walk silently as this was an in-between place where the living are not usually permitted. I felt fear rise inside me for an instant, but curiosity outweighed my fear of where I was going and what I would find, so I walked on slowly, with my eyes down.

No sooner was I through the gate than a chamber appeared to my left. I took a peek upwards and above the chambers opening carved into stone were the words, Hall of Souls. At the entrance stood a dark shadowy figure with piercing red eyes. He looked at me angrily as I looked at him and then hid my gaze. I had so many questions but kept my mouth firmly shut and waited quietly to see what would happen. After a time, a glass vial appeared floating through the warm air, and it stopped in front of my face. I looked at the dark being before daring to touch it. He gave me an annoyed nod, and I calmly grasped the vial.

The client’s name was written on the vial with 5 other names which I imagine would be from her previous 5 lifetimes. I stared into the vial and inside was a moving sliver of light. As I looked closer, it looked like a filament of golden energy, moving and swaying gently. The tall, dark being suddenly started to move behind me, and broke my hypnotic gaze from the vial. As I looked at him, he gestured with a wave of his long black arm for me to walk quickly and silently back towards the gate. As I passed through the gate, he firmly shut it behind me, and without looking back,  I backtracked through the cavern to where I first entered.

Once at the mouth of the cavern, I felt like I could breathe again, and in a flash, I felt a sharp thud and was back in my physical body sitting at my desk. I was slightly stunned but could still see the vial. It wasn’t with me as a solid, tangible object, nonetheless, I could see it in my third eye and it was now time to reunite the soul fragment with its owner.

The Arch Angels allowed me to watch as they repaired and reactivated the client’s soul energy. I visualised the client lying still as if asleep on a bed. Arch Angel Raphael opened the vial and gently whispered a few words as the gold filament slowly wafted out of the vial like a feather drifting in the breeze and settled on the client’s solar plexus. He lay his hand over the filament, and as he did this, it sunk and melded into the chakra. The client let out a peaceful sleepy breath, and the process was complete.

Regenerating torn soul energy is a fascinating aspect of my energy work. Clients have noticed significant changes in their well-being once their soul energy has been reunited. The outcome of returning soul fragments helps the person feel complete again on a whole new energetic level and notice significant changes in their well-being.

Here is the promised information about the ancient gate from my Hall of Souls experience, so here it is: The gate carries a protection system of sorts against energy beings entering under false pretences.

There is frequency attached to it and if the frequency is disrupted, this would alert the realm guards to an intruder being present. There have been incidences where demon hunters or slayers as they like to call themselves having attempted to enter the dark realm via the gate and my dark helper didn’t want me mistaken for a threat.

Also, being still in human form, the energy of the gate and surrounding area would affect my energy and physical body in a very detrimental way. This type of energy work affects me enough as it is without adding another level of draining, damaging or altering my personal energy.



Now, I am going to look at answering the question from Nancy in Brighton in the UK. Nancy asks – Does Hell exist?

Hell is a complex concept with many religious and spiritual beliefs about such a place and why it is in existence and how souls end up there. Today I would like to give my perspective and what knowledge I have learnt through my working with dark energy beings over many years.

Hell is what I call the Devil’s headquarters. The legions of dark energy beings of all different rankings reside there as their barracks if you want to look at it that way and they are deployed to act on orders from higher-ranking demonic-level beings. People’s souls do not reside there writhing in suffering and pain for all of eternity. As you have heard in the unusual shared experience today, there are occasions when fragments of soul energy are held until the time is right to retrieve and restore the energetic sliver. The lifetimes of holding the soul slivers, in my knowledge, can be from negative perpetrated actions or behaviours to the self or others which have been so extreme that they caused a rift in the person’s soul energy in one or many lifetimes.

I believe people’s souls are continuously reincarnated into the Earth’s reality, in different forms and genders, lifetime after lifetime, until all soul lessons have been learnt. Then the soul has signed off on its soul agreement or contract and returns to the point of creation, into mass consciousness, through the pearly gates of Heaven, whatever you want to call it. What happens after that… who knows!


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.

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