#15 The difference in paranormal workers – mediumship, investigation & energy workers

Often people don’t know the difference between – paranormal mediumship, paranormal investigation and paranormal energy clearing and sometimes pay money for a service which doesn’t fulfil their needs.



In this episode, I am discussing paranormal workers from 3 different perspectives and how the public doesn’t understand the difference between them and what they do. I  share what I know about paranormal mediumship, paranormal investigation, and paranormal energy clearing from the perspective of someone who has worked in all three areas. There is a big difference between the 3 and how many of my clients have been caught out paying for a service that didn’t solve their problem because they didn’t ask the right questions to get the service they needed.



Martha’s story of needing paranormal help
and not getting what she paid for!

Martha is 75 and lives alone in an old house deep in the backwaters of a local bustling town here in Tasmania. Martha had been experiencing paranormal happenings in her home for many years and she had come to terms with the strange experiences. But the fact was that now her sleep was so disturbed that it was starting to affect her health. So, time to do something about it! A friend of Martha’s suggested a local group of paranormal investigators who would come to her house and identify what was there. Now there is the misinformation problem which we will unpack later on.

Martha was excited at the prospect of a good night’s sleep and she phoned the number and waited patiently to connect with someone who could help her. A week later, three young men turned up at Martha’s house late in the afternoon as agreed and they went straight through to the back bedroom. There was a quick greeting and name exchange from one man but no conversation with Martha about what they were going to do, what would happen with the annoying occurrences or what she needed to do, poor Matha was more than a little confused. She only knew that they would be there for an hour or two so she went along with the agreement as they looked like they knew what they were doing.

She stood in the doorway of the back bedroom watching them set up strange devices with flashing lights and ear-piercing sounds, and there were two different cameras and a tripod. She wanted to tell them more about what she had experienced in this her bedroom, but they didn’t seem interested as two of them were wearing headphones and focused on their devices, the other man nodded as she spoke but he was also distracted.

The two hours passed quickly and the three men emerged from Martha’s bedroom equipment in hand at around 11pm. Martha had fallen asleep on the couch and was only half awake when one of the men stopped and shared some technical information about what they found. Martha didn’t understand what the man said, the only thing she could remember was wanting to ask them if the annoying spirits or whatever it was were gone, so she got up quickly and followed them to her front door.

“Did you see the spirits?”, she asked. One man stopped and turned with a smirk on his face and said, “Yes, mam, indeed we did. We think 3 or 4.”. Martha yelled slightly as the three men went down her front stairs and path to the gate, “Did you move them on? Are they still here, in my bedroom? “Yes, mam, they are still there, best get yourself a priest.”

Martha was confused and now a little frightened, it was late and she was so tired, too tired to think anymore about the strange experience she had just had, so she curled up on the couch and tried to sleep.

Martha rang her daughter the following day and expressed how sad she was that the men she thought would help her didn’t and she now doesn’t know what to do.  Martha’s daughter, Jo wondered why her mum hadn’t told her about the spirits in the house. Her mum was a private lady who liked to take care of herself, very independent and didn’t like to bother her kids, so said nothing to her daughter for these past four years.

Now, Jo is a client of mine and I have done house, family and pet energy clearings for her over the years. Jo trusted me and knew I could help her mum. In those early days of house clearing, I would visit clients in person, especially the elderly ones as they liked the personal connection of a cuppa and chat to discuss their stories and energy clearing needs.


I went to see Martha a few days later at around 1pm and we sat and had a chat. She talked of the spirits in her bedroom, her lack of sleep and the men who didn’t help her. I explained that paranormal investigation is different to paranormal energy clearing and she was surprised. I shared what I do as a paranormal specialist, how I work with clearing paranormal beings and some information about why spirits linger in homes and around people.

Marth seemed more settled now and understood what I could do for her. She permitted me to do a ‘walk around’, as I call it and she followed me into each room and watched curiously. I use my body as a sensing/ dowsing tool and my ESP as another level of detecting what is present energetically in the home. I am highly sensitive and spirits and other paranormal beings and they will often sense my energy and come to have a look at who is in their environment.

I stood at Martha’s bedroom door and instantly picked up on the energy of spirits. They felt light and shimmery, not dark and heavy like the darker energy beings. These spirits were funny. They thought if they stood still I wouldn’t feel their presence. The word ‘Half-pint’ popped into my mind and at that moment I didn’t realise that I said it out loud too. Martha looked at me wide-eyed and with her mouth gaping open. ” Say that again”, she said. I replied, “Half-pint”. “That’s my granddaughter, who passed away at 6 years old… She is here! Martha didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“She has friends with her, two I think”, I said slowly moving around the bed and signalled to Martha for permission to sit on her bed. I sat quietly on the edge of the bed, observing the small, shimmering movements near me. I felt a gentle pressure on my right knee and then my lap as if a child was climbing up for a cuddle. I had experienced this twice before at two haunted locations in Tasmania, once when I sat on the floor of an old rundown building and the other at an old medical facility. I let this child spirit settle and when I felt no more movement, I spoke softly, “Are you visiting Nanna?”, and I felt a warm burst of energy on my chest, right where my heart is and I took that as a ‘yes’.

Within 4-5 seconds the pressure on my lap disappeared and Martha and I just looked at each other, stunned! It was getting late and Martha and I agreed that I needed to go home and talk to her spirit visitors remotely in the morning and see how to help them.

The next day, I tuned-in as I call it, to Martha’s bedroom at around 11 am and there were her three little visitors sitting on the bed. I used my ESP skills and my pendulum dowsing to do the detective work and the spirit girls said they had been to visit each of their grandmothers and now it was time to go as ‘they’ are waiting. I asked who ‘they’ are and the girls said “You know, the winged ones and they said you can help us”. I called on Arch Angel Azrael, who is my go-to for transitioning spirit souls into the Afterlife and within an instant, in my third eye, I saw a small handwaving goodbye and they were gone.

I rang Martha that afternoon and we laughed and shed a tear for the three little girls who finally found their way to the Angels.

Paranormal workers

Paranormal mediumship, paranormal investigation, and paranormal energy clearing

We are going to look at the difference between three different types of paranormal work – paranormal mediumship, paranormal investigation, and paranormal energy clearing as you heard in the story, there is a big difference. Also, what you can do to find the right person for your paranormal needs.

Some people might be included in 1,2 or all three of the groups defined here today. I am one of these, as I have been known on the odd occasion to dabble in using basic paranormal investigation equipment along with my psychic skills and if the spirits at the locations want assistance, I offer that service.

Paranormal mediumship –In my opinion, there are three different types of mediumship but of course, some mediums can cross over into all three groups too.

  • The first traditional medium group are sensitive to spirits in the Earth’s environment and beyond and may see / hear / feel or know spirits are around and can channel messages from passed loved ones to family and friends.
  • The second group are what I call ‘body/ energy sensitive’ mediums who can sense negative energy in places, home or within items such as rooms or furniture but either don’t have the skills to shift and released the negative energy or don’t want to do that type of work.
  • The third group, are what I call paranormal mediums who either work remotely or go to locations and walk around in buildings or on the land and allow their ESP skills to detect spirits and other energies in the environment with the purpose of identifying and energetically clearing the spaces by transitioning the entities out of places, properties or homes.

Paranormal investigation – This group of paranormal workers love to explore places to detect and record paranormal anomalies and occurrences. They don’t communicate as mediums do, it is more so the gathering of technical information – video, voices through EVP’s and images to prove the existence of supernatural beings. Paranormal investigators may or may not charge to do an investigation, so make sure you ask when you contact them and they may or may not provide you with a written report about what they find in the location.
Some paranormal investigation groups have a medium as part of their team.

Paranormal energy clearing – This is the group of paranormal workers who can detect entities with psychic skills, dowsing tools such as copper rods or pendulums and/ or investigation devices. A proficient house/ land or other energy clearer can hone in on what the energy beings are connected to, negotiate a solution, and then transition the entities from your home. They should then communicate the findings to you in the form of a detailed written report and be willing to answer questions.

Only employ an energy clearer with a good reputation and a proven track record. Ask for recommendations from people who have used their services and spend time looking at their websites and reading plenty of testimonials to gauge their level of professionalism and suitability for your job.

Now, in the following information, I am directly addressing house clearing but it could also apply to paranormal mediumship and paranormal investigation services. Most professional house clearers will offer an obligation-free phone or video call to discuss the issue and your needs. During this communication, you can intuitively get a feel for the authenticity of the person’s energy and knowledge about their work. Never doubt your intuition. Often, you will ‘know’ if someone is suitable for you and your house clearing needs.

Their professional website should provide you with detailed information, such as the person’s experience level, clearing process, a breakdown of the cost, and plenty of testimonials, so you get a complete understanding of how they work. Also, I find often people come across my Youtube channel and get to know me first that way. They look at my appearance, authenticity and knowledge about the paranormal.

Professional house healers who don’t feel comfortable with the paranormal element of a job will sometimes work with a paranormal specialist who has extensive experience and a solid understanding of the darker energies. They know how to clear them with the least amount of disruption and will approach the situation with know-how and be equipped with a variety of techniques that can deal with different types of dark beings and their attachment methods to places.

BEWARE of charlatans; if the deal is too good to be true, or your gut instinct is warning you that this is not the person for your needs, honour this feeling and think twice about employing them. Ask to talk to some of their clients if you need reassurance. Charlatans willingly take your money and won’t fix the problem, often worsening the situation.


Want to share a paranormal experience? Send me your paranormal questions and your stories to:
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For information about paranormal house clearing, you can visit the ‘Service’ section:
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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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