#14 Laura’s interview & how she survived black magic attacks

Black magic is real and can be detrimental to your mind, body and spirit. Laura found this out first hand! But with some detective work, we found a way to help Laura beat black magic within herself and her home.

Managing Toxic Relationships and Psychic Attacks: A Personal Account

In this gripping episode of Perfectly Paranormal, host Anna Schmidt interviews Laura about her experiences with a looming black figure and a toxic acquaintance who dabbled in black magic. They delve into the realm of dark energies, psychic attacks, and the process of house healing. Anna, an expert in dealing with paranormal phenomena, shares how she helped Laura overcome these challenges. Join us as we explore the intriguing world of the paranormal and learn about managing toxic relationships. By sharing their experiences, they empower listeners to confront and manage similar situations in their own lives.

Laura retells how she survived black magic, psychic attack and demonic dreams



Let’s see how the universe put Laura and me together in her time of need.


Laura’s interview where she tells all!


Speaker 1: Anna ( Host)

Hello, Laura, it is wonderful to have you on Perfectly Paranormal today. How are you?


Speaker 2: Laura

Yes, I’m good and thank you for having me. I’m excited, really excited.


Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

Now, Laura, would you like to tell everyone how we actually met, because that is an important part of your story?


Speaker 2: Laura

Yes. Well, it was around this time last year. I, I saw a post for a market, a local market in the state, and I’d never been to this place before. The thing that drew me there was my, one of my kids is obsessed with the highland cows.

We just thought, okay, we’ve got to take the kids to see the cows. So off we went to this market and yeah, we went around, we had a look at the cows. We went and looked into the shed. They had some stalls and we had something to eat and then, and then it was time to go. And I said to my husband, I said, “hang on, I just want to have another look where the stalls are.”

I just felt like I had to go back in there. I didn’t know why. So, I walked back in there and had a look around, and then I saw Anna stall for the first time. Like I, I’d already been in the shed and, and did my lap around with the kids, but I just saw the stall and I thought, oh, that’s interesting. So I walked over there and the first thing I was drawn to, her book, Darkness Around Us.

I wouldn’t normally be attracted to something like this because this subject would be confronting for me. So, and when I started talking to Anna and chatting about, you know, a recent experience that was going on at that time, I was like, oh, this book might really help me understand what’s going on.

So I brought the book and actually brought both books, they’re brilliant and started reading them and thought ‘I need a clearing’, and the thing that kind of drew me to this book – The Darkness Around Us, is probably a week before one night when I was laying in bed, I saw this dark figure just hovering over us, me and my husband, all night.

And it was a bit scary, but at the same time it wasn’t, I didn’t, you know, panic, but I could definitely see it. This being was a dark shadowy being. And you know, I thought I’d got rid of it with my sage and crystals, but I didn’t, because it kept coming back. So yeah, I contacted Anna and I said, “this is why, I needed to find this book to learn about these dark beings.’

And I booked in my energy clearing and the whole family had an energy clearing.


Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

I cleared the house as well.


Speaker 2: Laura

Yes, we did the house. And we found, you know, lots of things that had been here for years – energy imprints and paranormal beings. And that day of the clearing, I got home late.  When I went inside,  the house seemed just, the air seemed lighter and brighter and the house didn’t seem so dense, it felt like fresh air was, you know, going through again.
These energy beings don’t scare me anymore because I’ve learnt that you can work with these beings to leave your house. Yeah. They’re not as scary as Hollywood makes them out to be.


Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

No, they’re not. No, it’s really interesting and yes, your home was interesting because it’s been in the family for such a long time. There’d been a lot of people that had lived in that home, so there was quite a lot of energetic imprints and attached paranormal beings. When I first met Laura, it was for an energetic clearing for herself, for each of the family members and for the home, BUT there was another specific issue that was happening in Laura’s life at that time with a person in her life.

So, Laura, do you want to tell us a little bit about the issues that you were having with this person?

Speaker 2: Laura

This particular person, we will call her Max. She became quite toxic to me and to the family also. So I just, I’d come to the decision that I had to cut this person out of my life and. You know, it was really hard, like it is with cutting anybody out of your life.

It’s, it’s emotional, you know, you are wondering if you’re doing the right thing. But at the end of the day, I think we were doing the right thing, um, because of all the drama and the, she just sucked all of my energy up. It was just, it wasn’t good for me. It wasn’t good for the kids. It wasn’t good for my husband.


Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

So Max had some particularly unhealthy behaviours, we’ll call them, dabbling in occult practices, satanic practices, and taking recreational drugs to the extreme, and all of these particular activities or actions or habits that Max had was becoming extremely detrimental in Laura’s life. I think this is why the universe brought us together at that market.

For someone like me, who is used to dealing with people dabbling in those sorts of things and the type of dark and demonic beings that hang around people like that. I think we needed to meet so that I could actually assist you to break away from that toxic person.


Speaker 2: Laura

Yes. Yes. I think, yeah, definitely met for a reason. I didn’t realize that you know, Max was a toxic person in my life at the time. It’s just when I got the clearing done for the house and myself, but the dark energies kept coming back and I’m like, what? What am I bringing into my home that, you know, affecting, us, I had to call Anna to get another clearing?

There were dark energies attached everywhere and we were wondering, you know, what’s brought this in so quickly again? And I kind of had an inkling, I kind of had a feeling that it was Max because of the practices that she did. And I did feel uncomfortable when she came into my home after the clearing because I thought, I just felt like she had some darkness attached to her just with all of the practices and I mean, she probably wouldn’t have said it was witchcraft, but at the time, you know, that’s what it was.


Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

So we’ll just call it black magic. Okay, so this person was doubling in black magic and people who. Those sorts of activities are going to attract the lower vibrational beings, whether they’re dark or demonic beings, and wherever that person goes, they’re going to be, these beings are going to be troubling with that person, and if they’re around vulnerable people or in other people’s homes, sometimes these energy beings will stay behind if there is a suitable food source. These dark and demonic beings only feed off energetic imprints.
So Laura, how did you identify that someone was energetically attacking you or energetically attached to you?
Could you describe some of the signs and symptoms that you felt that you’ve told me about when you felt you were being energetically attacked by Max?


Speaker 2: Laura

Definitely, my biggest one is fatigue, like extreme fatigue and even, you know, because she’s corded in frequently, you know, monthly with the rituals that she does, I, I thought, okay, I’ve got to see my doctor. So I went to the doctor, and I got a full blood count done. I got all my levels checked. You know, I thought, oh, maybe I’m low in iron or maybe, you know, maybe there’s something that I’m low in, but everything came back perfect with my blood.

So I was like, okay. So it’s definitely, something energetic. I’ve ruled out the physical things. I noticed that I get really interrupted sleep. I dream about Max, even though like I’ve, I don’t want to be thinking about Max, but she just pops up in my dreams and I yawn a lot. I’ve probably never told you this, but I yawn a lot when I’m feeling like she’s corded to me.

So, yeah. But my biggest thing is fatigue. Like that’s my telltale, even though I want to have Max out of my life, I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. I started to feel sorry for her and it was really weird. Like I started to notice her particular car everywhere. I, you know, when I went out driving, for example, say she drove a red Toyota, I’d see a red Toyota, not, not her driving the car as such, but like I’d noticed that model of car wherever I went.

Whereas before I wouldn’t have noticed it. And she was in the front of my mind all the time like I just, and I was feeling bad for cutting her out of my life. I was feeling sorry for her and she also tried to reach out to me by sending packages in the mail and letters and, emails to mutual friends with information that would get back to me. So I knew that this person was her trying to energetically get to me, just little things like that. I just, my senses were like, she’s trying to get to me. So that makes absolute sense what Laura has said.


Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

So what Max is doing is what I call psychic cording. Now, Max has also read my book, so she understands how energy cords work, and through using her black magic practices and understanding energy cording, she was attempting to cord into Laura to manipulate her energetically, emotionally and mentally to get Laura to come back to her, to befriend her, to unblock the emails and the messages. And it’s highly, highly toxic when people do things like that. Laura knows now because I’ve disconnected the cording between Laura and Max many, many times, and I actually teach people how to do the cord disconnection.

So when I suggested to Laura that we do this interview so she can share things that she noticed about when someone was negatively corded to her. I thought that people out there would find that really interesting, and they may even realize that they’ve got someone negatively corded to them that is affecting their energy, their sleep, their mental functioning, or affecting their emotions.

Laura would ring me and she’d be quite upset and she’d say, ‘‘Oh, she’s in my mind again, she’s in my mind again. I feel really sorry for her. I think I have to talk to her. I have, I think I have to go around to her house,” and I’m saying to Laura, “ Just listen to yourself. We’ve talked about Max a lot, we have got her out of your life.’
When Max left, you said to me that you are now feeling more relaxed, more settled in yourself, and able to function more fully. If you bring Max back into your life, do you think that you will feel that clear functionality or are you going to revert to the way you used to feel when you were with her energetically drained and tired all the time?

Laura started to realize that this cording that Max was doing on a monthly basis was actually highly, highly toxic to her. And she’s messaged me quite a few times now going, I think she’s doing it again. So, I’ve taught Laura how to disconnect energy cording, it’s a really simple process.

So Laura, once we’d had this conversation a few times about how to disconnect the chords, what did you actually do every time that you felt that Max was cording into you? What did you actually do about it?


Speaker 2: Laura

Well, first I contacted you. I was like, Anna, I just need to find out what I can do and that’s where I learned how to cut the negative cording energetically. You know, calling upon Archangel Michael, I use him a lot and I had to do it and I still, like, I had to do it yesterday. So, you know, I was feeling really drained again.

So I called upon him and I just ask that he disconnects me from Max and send off Max lovingly, and I don’t think anything bad about Max, because otherwise, that’s just going to keep that cord attached. You’ve got to kind of disconnect. You’ve gotta let them go. You did another clearing for me and when you tuned in, you saw that we were connected because I,  wouldn’t believe myself, like I, I would think I was making it up, so, you know, someone like Anna could tune in and say, yep, ‘She’s definitely attached.’

So that was really helpful for me to know that I wasn’t going crazy. Like I wasn’t just making all of this up. I’ve got confirmation, I’ve got someone that understands what I’m feeling and what I’m going through.


Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

So to disconnect from someone that’s highly toxic in your life is simply with intention. You call in a higher vibrational being, which is just what Laura has described. I teach people to do this by working with Archangel Michael, but you can use any higher vibrational being from any denomination that you believe in.  You ask them to simply come and disconnect, cut and cauterize the cord between yourself and between that other person, and you respectfully send them away. You know, there’s no malice. Just like Laura was saying, there’s no malice, there’s no hatred. You were just asking to be energetically disconnected.

Now, Max has a habit of doing this every month on the Full Moon, according to whatever black magic Satanic practices that she believes in and she’s been sending me demonic beings by the droves, and I simply disconnect, cut and cauterize the cord between Max and myself, between these beings and myself, and I just send them back out into the environment because that is how you work with these beings. They either transition into a place called the Healing Space in the afterlife waiting room, or they go back out into the environment.

We’ve found since we’ve been doing this process, probably for the last five or six months, that you have similar symptoms every time.


Speaker 2: Laura

Yes, it’s always the fatigue and feeling really drained and feeling sorry for her and wanting to reconnect with her again.


Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

So I guess that’s part of these black magic practices is to send out post-hypnotic suggestions, you know – Laura will come back to me, Laura will be my friend again, Laura needs me, I am a part of Laura’s life. She is sending out all those suggestions and people are easily permeated by them. They don’t realize how easily that intention can affect people’s mental and emotional states, and she’s attempting to do that to you like she’s going to have a serious karmic backlash, whether it’s this lifetime or the next lifetime.

What you do to others always comes back to you. And what I do want to say is that you did the right thing to go and see your doctor first.  I always tell people through my YouTube channel and through the podcast, never ever assume that anything is paranormal within your person. Always see your doctor and get your blood counts done, and get any tests done to make sure it’s not medical.

If you’re feeling that it’s a mental health issue, see a psychologist, see a counsellor. If they’re giving you the thumbs us and we think you’re okay, you ticking all the boxes, then it’s got to be an energetic cause. But energy always comes third on the list.

Even though I work as a paranormal specialist, I always send people to the doctor, or mental health professional if needed. Then we look at the energetic side of things and it’s really sad that Max feels that she needs to be that way in her life, that she can’t move on and can’t accept change. But anyway, that’s Max’s life and that’s Max’s choices. So the last thing that I wanted to ask you is how do you maintain your awareness and what sort of protection do you use against what Max is doing?


Speaker 2: Laura

Well, I’m just really regularly cutting the cord. At first, I wasn’t regular with the cord cutting because I just didn’t believe that someone could keep reattaching themselves so often to somebody. I thought, oh, surely, surely I’m just making this up. But I’d let it go on for a week or so and then I’d be like, no, this, it’s definitely this energetic, I’ve got to clear, so I’ve got to do the cord cutting again.

And yeah, so I was really slack with it at the beginning and in the last couple of months I do it before I go to sleep at night, I say, you know, I call in Arch Angel, Michael. I say, ‘Please come now and disconnect, cut and cauterise the cord between me and Max. And you know, I, I do feel better afterwards.

Like it, I’m really sensitive to this kind of energy. Yeah. So, and another thing. I try is to, when I visualize her going away, like disconnecting from me, I visualize it very peacefully, and very, very respectfully wishing her well because I do want her to have a really, you know, good life and I do want her to be well.

But there’s, there’s just a point where you have to cut certain people out of your life because they’re not good for you. You’ve got to put yourself first, I think. You know, if these people aren’t going to change for the better, then it’s, yeah, it’s, you’ve got to look after yourself and your family.

I use sage a lot in the house. I feel like it’s cleansing, refreshing, and yeah, just like a type of meditation, like bringing me into myself and just being.


Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

That’s great because people who are listening to this are going to be people like you before you understood all this energetic stuff


Speaker 2: Laura



Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

So they need to hear it from someone who’s come from that unawareness into awareness.


Speaker 2: Laura



Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

And understanding that when you get that draining feeling and you’re really energetically tired and you’re feeling sorry for Max, that’s the clincher for me, is that we got you over that hurdle. You became so confident and empowered that you didn’t need her in your life because she was quite toxic.

So I saw you probably a couple of times a month for 2-3 months, and over that time I saw a big change in your self-confidence and you’d moved away from feeling sorry for her and being a support for her and wanting to help her because Max doesn’t want to help herself so you can’t help her either.

And when she’s dabbling in black magic, satanic practices, sending out demons to hurt people, sending out cording all the time, she’s attracting negativity to herself and you don’t want to be around someone like that.


Speaker 2: Laura

No, no, it wasn’t good for me or my children, we found that she’d corded onto him. So yeah, it was just she was trying everything to, yeah, I don’t know. I dunno where I’m going with that. ,


Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

She was trying everything to hang on to you, and to keep you in her life because she was feeding off your energy.


Speaker 2: Laura

Yes, which is unfair.


Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

So all you’ve done by continuously disconnecting these energetic cords is that you were looking after yourself. Your energy is for you. It is not for her. It’s not for anyone else. I mean, we give it to our family members, that’s fine. That’s what we do. But it’s not for someone toxic like Max.

I’ve had a similar experience where I kept seeing the same person in my head all the time. They’d pop up on social media, they would keep sending me emails. I would just see them in my head when I’m working away on my computer, and all of a sudden that person’s face would pop up in front of me and they’d be really angry and contorted and their eyes would almost go black, which to me is a sign of lower vibrational beings are present, like the dark energy beings.

But what I would do is I would just very calmly with no emotions attached. Just call in Arch Angel Michael to please come now, disconnect, cut and cauterise the cord and I would just let that person go. Then I would do what I called ‘whitewashing’, which is in my mind where I could see that person’s face. I just painted white paint over the face.

You’re going to love this, Laura, because Max corded to both of us so often, recently I got sick of doing the whitewashing, so now what I do is I’ve got a big white sticker and I just stick it over her face, so I can’t see her anymore, because her face is now so contorted with snarling teeth and black eyes. It is like I’m seeing beyond Max in her human form to what she’s connecting with through her Satanic practices. So I just, with respect, I just put a sticker over her face. Every time I see her face, I just put this big white sticker over it and the sticker with intention just blocks that connection on another level, because I’m very visual as well as feeling that cording that comes from negative people.

People who are listening ( or reading), we’re talking about energy vampires. You may have heard that term before. They literally just drain your energy out of you. And Laura was attached to Max. For how long? How long have you been friends with Max?


Speaker 2: Laura

Uh, probably, a good year, but it was a really intense year. Like it was from the moment we met, it was just, yeah, instant connection, but also it turned into like, I felt like I was an emotional crutch for her. Yeah. It was more than a friendship after that, it was like I was needed. Yeah. It was a very intense year.


Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

People don’t believe in this stuff because you can’t tangibly see it. But you’ve seen the proof of disconnecting these chords. You know, what you feel like before and after the chords have been disconnected.

I live this lifestyle of working with the paranormal all the time, and when people step into that world, it’s really hard for them to understand that this stuff is real. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t  mean that it’s not there, you know? How do you prove that love exists? Love is a feeling. Love is an emotion. Love is a sensation. People know it’s real because they love other people. They get those warm feelings when they connect to people. When they’re involved with other people is that they feel love towards that person. But how do you prove it? There’s no tangibility for love, you know? So love is an energy, it’s the same thing.


Speaker 2: Laura

Yep. Yeah, definitely. That’s one thing I’ve learned from this whole thing is to trust myself and trust my gut instincts and my feelings and just do what feels right, which is, you know, disconnecting this person and I felt better for it. Yes. I feel sorry for her because I’m a really empathetic person, so I’ll always feel sorry for her. You know, that’s, that’s something I have to work on myself. That’s, you know, I, I need to build myself up and, and be a bit stronger and put myself first. It’s been an interesting journey.


Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

It has, hasn’t it? I would like to thank you so much for coming on and doing this interview today. I know you’re really nervous, but I thought it was a really important message for people to hear from someone who has experienced psychic attack first hand.


Speaker 2: Laura

Thank you very much for having me. It’s been a pleasure.


Speaker 1: Anna (Host)

I’ll talk to you very soon.


Speaker 2: Laura

Thank you.


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