#13 Paranormal activity in household objects

Objects hold energy and this energy can pump out a vibration which energetically sensitive people can feel in their minds and bodies. The energy may affect their sleep and behaviours in negative ways and they can’t understand why they are feeling different or unwell and it is not a medical issue.

In this article and podcast episode, I am sharing two stories to highlight how negative energy in objects can affect people and their homes. The first story is about the large green chair Elizabeth brought into her home and the big secret it held and how the energy in the chair affected her mentally and emotionally.  I also have an interesting experience of mine to share about an old deck of second-hand tarot cards inhabited by dark beings with dastardly intentions and how my home’s energy changed.

Real-life experience – The green chair with a big secret


The green chair with a big secret

Now let’s get into Elizabeth’s story. I have to say that I know Elizabeth and upon visiting her home one afternoon, the large spacious lounge chair caught my attention and I said to her, “Is that chair new?” Yeah’ she said happily. I didn’t say anything at the time but the chair looked very comfortable like it had been loved and used a lot in the past BUT at the same time there was something off about the chair that made my paranormal radar take notice and I felt rather unwell in the stomach.

During the afternoon visit, the chair caught my attention many times and the more I looked at it, the more I was sure there was something paranormal hidden within the lush green fabric. My dislike of the chair made sense when Elizabeth mentioned recent violent changes in her behaviour and how their children’s sleep was disturbed and she and her partner were struggling to get a full night’s sleep too. I interrupted Elizabeth mid-sentence with “ Did it all go downhill when the chair came into the house?” She looked at me strangely and I could see her mind calculating if the timeframe was accurate. “Yes”, she said slowly as she looked at me astonished.



Elizabeth and her family are use to my paranormal talk as I have done lots of energy clearing work for them over the years and she didn’t think to get the chair checked before bringing it into the home, but now it is all making sense with the strange changes in behaviours, sleep disruption and her explosive outbursts which are totally out of character. She agreed to let me look at the chair and she sent me a photo that night. The following day,  I set to work tuning in as I call it to see what lurked within the mysterious green chair.

We are going to backtrack here and I will read the email Elizabeth wrote.  Then I will share what I found lingering within the fabric and structure of the chair:

I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did on that recently purchased item of furniture. I initially found a picture of the chair listed on an online for sale site and decided to show my partner, who wanted to purchase it. We bought the chair home within two days and put it in our living room. We then went out again for a few hours and when we came back home, this was my first opportunity to properly look at the chair.

When I walked into the home, I felt a sudden, heavy confronting energy as I stood in the lounge room. I felt an instant state of overwhelm when I looked at the chair. It was an emerald green colour, yet looked so much darker than when I first went to purchase it with my partner. I tried not to judge the chair on my first feelings, as the chair was purchased by my partner for his own use. It was not I that was going to be sitting in it, so really, who was I to judge? Prior to us leaving the home to purchase the chair, and in the days leading up to the purchase, my home did not feel like this. It felt calm and peaceful as always.

Over the coming weeks, I realised I didn’t even want to sit in the chair. Respectfully, it was my partner’s, but I didn’t even want to sit in it when he was at work. I just felt like I wasn’t able to, and when I sat near the chair I realised I was argumentative with my partner and would ruminate over things constantly!

When I had some quiet time away from the family, I decided not to sit in the room where the chair was located – whereas normally, I would do my daily exercise in that room. When I woke up, which was frequent in the night (unusual), I would have a lot of thoughts flooding into my mind which felt like a whirlwind of emotions and I found it hard to rationalise them. I consider myself quite sound of mind and have been successful for a good part of my life in directing my thoughts effectively. But, I found my mind getting busier since I bought the chair came into the house. I didn’t want to think much of it because other things were going on in my life – daily stresses that could equally contribute to me feeling a bit caught off guard. I pushed on regardless and could feel strange things happen in the house, things misplaced, when I was organised, I found I was becoming forgetful and wanted to go to bed earlier and earlier as I was so tired.

I ended up finding that I was fighting with my partner over seemingly trivial matters. I soon thought there must have been something else going on. When I wasn’t at home, I was fine with my partner, we got along well like we usually did. Then when we got home, within an hour of being home, we would have a small confrontation, then a slight run-in, then a big disagreement. It happened mainly in the living area and kitchen area and I note that I also felt angry when the tv was on, which was not like me. And when my partner sat in his chair and spoke, I felt irritated by his voice.

I ended up feeling like I may have been imagining what was happening, until our conversation that afternoon. Once you cleared the chair, I felt the energy restored within the home, the chair looked lighter and brighter. I felt happier and wanted to sit in my partner’s chair and also be in the living room to do my daily exercise. I was so much happier and could hold a conversation without feeling like there was an overwhelming angry resentful presence in the home.

Now, the following information is what I gather through dowsing with my pendulum about the energetic imprints in the chair and this shows you what people may leave behind in pieces of furniture:

There were 5 demonic entities attached to emotions created by a male and female who previously sat in the chair. Emotions are energy in motion and they can be imprinted within people, places and items such as furniture.
In that particular chair, there was a large emotional buildup of rage, hostility, hatred, loneliness, humiliation and sadness from the previous male and female owners over a 5 year period.
This negative energy stays with the chair until it is removed by an energy worker.




My experience with the satanic deck of cards

In 2019, a friend was having a clean-out and offered me a small box filled to the brim with decks of cards – both traditional tarot and oracle-themed decks. I graciously accepted the package and was excited to look through them. It felt a bit like a treasure box full of goodies.

Now I was booked for a client house clearing job that day and didn’t want to get too distracted, so I had just a quick peek before starting work. Some of the authors of the decks I knew and some I didn’t, and one particular deck caught my eye. I held it carefully as I examined the cover which was rather plain with a small amount of writing and an unusual red symbol printed in the centre. I felt a little odd almost mesmerised by the symbol and I should have trusted my instincts there and then about this particular deck and removed it from the house there and then BUT NO… instead I carefully placed it back in the box as if not wanting to ‘disturb’ it… hard to explain… and I stored the carton in a corner of my bedroom.

The box and its dark contents lay silently plotting my demise, and one night soon after, unusual events started happening in my bedroom. There were random knocking and cracking sounds in the wall cavity, a heavy ominous energy floating in the dimly lit corner like a heavy mist, and a distinct mouldy/ rotten egg smell emanated from my bedroom. I laughed it all off and assumed these events were just the usual goings-on in my house as they mimicked typical dark energy signs that happen on a regular basis. BUT my dreams steadily worsened over the coming days becoming hellish nightmares that woke me many times during the night, and I couldn’t pinpoint the culprit – was this happening because of the recent house clearing job? Or coming from someone I met recently? Or just a random paranormal in my home wanting my attention? I had ‘strangely’ forgotten (and now I can see this was a bit of paranormal induced brain fog.) about the box and its mysterious contents because it was hidden under other recently acquired items which were piling up in a corner of my bedroom.

Maybe two weeks later, I was in decluttering mode and happened across the box. I again looked through the box and stopped at the plainly packaged deck and felt a strange pulsating energy. The energy was permeating my forehead and I developed an instant pounding headache. As I lifted the deck cover (My paranormal addiction is to my detriment sometimes!) and started to examine the cards, I began to feel really ill, my heart was palpitating rapidly, and I felt woozy in my mind and body. This change was a complete shift in my energy from how I felt before handling the card deck, so I knew it was something emanating from the cards.

I posted a picture of two of the cards on an online energy clearing group page where I was a member to see what other people could sense about the deck. I received confirmation after confirmation from people viewing it saying that something was off about those cards. Some viewers experienced sleep disturbances and nightmares, while others said the cards felt creepy, so I knew it wasn’t my mind creating the disturbing illusions.

The cards were promptly binned, hopefully finding their way to the bottom of the garbage pile at the local tip, never to be seen again. I considered burning them but at that time I thought it better not to aggravate the demonic energies attached to the cards. I felt the deck couldn’t be energetically clear and best to leave it well enough alone. I am actually glad the deck found its way to me and I could dispose of it so the demonic entities couldn’t affect another innocent bystander.


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And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.

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