# 12 Dark beings can infiltrate our dreams … why?

Dark beings use dream interference as one of their tactics to cause disruption to our live and hope that we will create a nice pool of negative emotional imprints to keep these beings happy and well fed!

Dreams have always fascinated and perplexed humans. They provide a gateway to our subconscious, sometimes revealing hidden fears, desires, and experiences. However, there are instances when our dreams are invaded by dark and malevolent entities known as fear feeders. These entities thrive on our emotions, particularly fear, and use our dream state to manipulate our mental and emotional stability. In this blog post, we will delve into a personal account of encountering fear feeders and explore practical methods to safeguard ourselves from their disruptive influence.

In this article and podcast episode, we are talking demonic beings and your dreams and how these energetic tricksters love to get inside our heads when they think we are unaware of their intentions and devilish dream tactics. But I am onto them and will share some signs and symptoms of dark dream interference and what to do about it

Real-life experience – Fear feeder frenzy


I am starting today with an eye-opening story so, let’s get the diabolical dream dilemmas underway with an experience of mine from 2010 which I aptly named:

Fear feeder frenzy

I came across what I call the ‘fear feeders’ during my early house healing days. The fear feeders are specific demonic level beings who penetrate our minds and understand what triggers us emotionally and if they get in your head, they can use this tactic to create their favourite food source – fear.

Now, in my case, I usually know when these beings are about. If they are present in a prospective client’s home. They will come into my dreams before I am about to start a house clearing job or during the job to throw me off or frighten me away. This never works! Or they sometimes show up after a house healing job because they are annoyed at being removed from a client’s home.

Fear isn’t generally one of my emotional triggers but graphic visions of suffering are. These visions profoundly affected me at this time and these sneaky saboteurs knew it. These beings would wait until I was in a deep sleep and implant visions of human trauma using the faces of people I knew with gory images of massacre and torture in my dreams. These energy beings were attempting to corrupt my mental and emotional stability and then sitting back waiting to get their nightly energetic fill of my traumatic emotional response.




I would often wake many times during these nights flailing around in bed, getting tangled in the sheets with sweat pouring off me and frantic thoughts running through my head. When my normally passive dreams suddenly changed from calm and positive to see horrible torturous images in my mind, I knew these visions are not mine but the fear feeders attempting to corrupt my energy and emotions.

Now this may sound weird, but I learnt to be alert and aware in my dream state almost as if I am awake within them. When I saw a sharp change of direction in my dreams, I would wake myself up and say out loud, “That is not real, and you do not frighten me, go away!” and repeat the statement 2 or 3 times to get the message across. I had to toughen up in those days and what a lesson I learnt with those dark dream defiers. From 2018 onwards, I  trained myself to be non-reactive to their detrimental dream drama intentions and my in the middle of the night statement became” So you are trying that one again, sorry, it doesn’t work anymore, so don’t bother”, and over time, the fear feeders simply gave up using this tactic because the horrific images no longer affect me.

I hope that story gave you some insight as to how these entities use our dream state to affect our energy and emotional stability. And how you can ward them off during the night.



How to tackle devilish dream stalkers

Let’s look at some ways to keep these devilish dream stalkers out of your sleepy nighttime state. Many of these I referred to in my experience:

  • It is really important to be aware of what triggers you emotionally. Whether negative personal interactions, tv or movie content or stress, worry or anxiety about something in your life for example. Always consult your doctor or mental health professional if you find the continual detrimental barrage of horrible dreams and thoughts affects your mental and emotional stability, your home or family life and your relationships. There may be a cause other than paranormal interference.


  • Learn to be non-reactive when going about your daily life at home, work and socially. If you don’t create energetic food, these types of energy beings won’t bother you. I still see horrible images in movies as they are hard to avoid 100% of the time, but I can usually manage to shut my eyes quickly enough so I miss at least 95% of the disturbing imagery.


  • You can try spraying essential oils in your bedroom, sleeping with crystals or using prayer, and each of these practices can raise your vibration but won’t completely keep the energy beings away.


  • If you are woken by horrible dreams, say out loud in a firm voice, “That is not real, and you do not frighten me, now go away!” and repeat the statement 2 or 3 times if you wish.


Paranormal interference actually brings our deepest darkest problems to the surface and in a way makes us deal with them… I know from my lifetime of dealing with these energetic interceders. If I don’t deal with my problems then they don’t go away. I learnt the hard way and this is why I created this podcast to educate others through my personal experiences and some of my client-based experiences.

Learning emotional detachment helped me to cope with the horrific images shown to me through my dream state. You can learn to emotionally detach from these types of energetic attacks too. It takes self-awareness, practice, and resilience to master detachment and then consistency as these energy beings will occasionally test their luck at affecting you.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.

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