#11 Sex demons & spirits with deviant intentions

Sometimes there are experiences that can’t be explained rationally, so we need to explore on a deeper level. There are beings in the paranormal world who are drawn to sexual energy and this can be challenging to those who experience their advances.

Today we are talking about sex demons and spirits with deviant tastes. I am going to present an alternative perspective about what draws these energy beings to people and why. I have three true stories for you which will open your eyes to paranormal pursuits in the bedroom.

I must state before we get into this topic that I do not claim to be a doctor or mental health professional I am sharing this information from a professional perspective as an energy worker. If the contents of this episode trigger you mentally or emotionally, please see your doctor, counsellor or other mental health professional. I am sharing this information to educate the public about a topic that most people avoid. My long-term career in energy work especially with paranormal entities gives me privy to the intimate lives of dark energy beings and what they are thinking and why they act in certain ways.

I am sharing the information first today so you have some background understanding before I share the stories. These energy beings have been known as incubus and succubus energies and are documented throughout history as terrorising people as they sleep. This is a sensitive topic, but I feel it is essential to mention them in my paranormal podcast as I have seen their effects on my clients with emotional issues of a sexual nature.

Just as other dark energies are attracted to feed off similar vibrations as themselves, such as paranoia, hatred or fear, so do the sexual entities. They are attracted to people with intense negative emotions around self-worth, self-esteem and self-value in the sexual areas of their lives. They may have experienced sexual humiliation or abuse, been mentally or emotionally disturbed from viewing explicit pornography or been physically exposed to deviant sexual practices. These traumatising experiences can create deep negative emotional imprints, such as low self-worth, shame, guilt, remorse, disgust, fear, helplessness or humiliation for example.

Please note: Not everyone who experiences issues of a sexual nature will attract these types of dark entities. It depends on each individual person’s mental and emotional strength, their level of emotional vulnerability and their resilience to overcome obstacles through seeking mental health care. or emotional triggers regarding sexuality and the build-up of long-term negative emotions.


1st experience: The spirit stalker

I am going to share with you a true tale of stalking, sexual desire, loneliness and shame in life as in death for this one particular spirit.

A little background information first so you understand the possibly challenging perspective being presented today. When people pass from their physical bodies into spirit form, they maintain their thoughts, emotions, mental states and behaviours even in spirit when they are still present within the Earth realm. These aspects within the soul can only be addressed and healed when the soul energy has crossed the threshold into the Afterlife.

The story I am about to tell you came firstly from a client’s personal experience and then my own very brief interaction with the same particularly deviant spirit late into one night.
I am calling this spirit Jamie, to protect his identity. Jamie was a sexual predator during his life and my client who we shall call Kay withstood many many associated stalker behaviours and interactions with Jamie who was totally obsessed with her. He would text Kay constantly, and ring her at all hours also filling her email with constant messages. Thankfully, he lived on the other side of the world so she was saved from personal interactions with him. Kay managed to eventually block him from all her technology and then one day Jamie suddenly passed away from a heart attack.

Kay was very open in her psychic sensing and was worried that Jamie, now in spirit form would continue his barrage of sexual innuendo but it would be worse because he could visit and intimidate her in her own home whenever he wanted. She quickly set to creating a spiritual boundary and asked her guides for a spiritual protector who would patrol her home like a security guard keeping away all undesirables.

During our conversations, she had mentioned her issue with Jamie and I noted down some details as we chatted one night. I was to do a paranormal house clearing for Kay over the next few days and she wanted me to check to see if Jamie was present in her home. As I performed the clearing work, I checked many times and didn’t detect Jamie’s presence in her home. Kay was most relieved. This is where the story gets even more interesting…

Now, Jamie had been observing and listening to our conversations and he picked up on my energy through the connection created to the property during the energy-clearing process. And he felt he had the right to enter my home later that night and see if I was open to his advances. I diligently check my home after every energy clearing but some beings are cunning and will bide their time outside the property boundaries.

So, around 11 pm, I get into bed exhausted after a busy day. I quietly lay on my right side as normal, thinking about the day’s work and what was coming for the next day and I peacefully start to drift off to sleep when I feel a thud on the bed. I don’t react but instead instantly go into my usual verbal response for dark beings coming into my bedroom for help – “Please wait outside the house till morning and when I get up, I will help you.”.

Eyes wide open, I observed the darkness around me and listened for any movements. There was silence in the room for maybe 5 minutes, then the heavy thuds start again as if taunting me to respond. So I shut my eyes and decide to ignore them. A few minutes later, I suddenly feel a shift in the bedding and a sly movement behind me as if someone was snuggling up closely. My eyes flew open and I asked whoever it was to leave my house in a firm commanding voice. But there is no change. The snuggling turns into slow touching and tickling movements that became more focused on areas of my body that are off-limits to others. I instantly sit up in a huff and loudly address whoever it was in my bedroom to “leave now. I know you are here and you are not welcome.”

Everything goes silent and I settle down to sleep again, this time lying on my back. I was woken four times during the night with pressure on top of my body and had nightmarish dreams. In my dreams, I saw a presence in my house, not of the dark kind, but a wavering shimmering shape, with deviant intentions on its mind and I heard a voice that said very clearly, “You can’t stop me!”.

It was now 5 am, so I decided to get up and walk around the house. Whatever it was had left and the house was still. 9 am, that morning, I sat at my kitchen table, eyes closed sipping a large glass of water and thinking about piecing together who this energy was and how to keep him out of my house.

Sometimes it can be hard to work out who these energetic intruders are as I have so many coming and going from this house on a daily basis but because of the close proximity to the recent house clearing job with Kay and her stalker spirit. I wondered if this meandering spirit had transferred to me, possibly thinking I would be an easy target.

After some dowsing detective work, this deviant night-time visitor was indeed the same spirit who had been harassing my recent client. In his mind, he thought he could have twice the fun, and he had no regard for us in any way. So, I set to working with Management on some strategies to keep him away from me and out of my home. We set up Angelic guards who were present in my bedroom of the night time and I managed to sleep more peacefully.

In my mind, I did wonder what had driven Jamie to become this spiritual stalker. The mere thought of him brought his energy closer and I wondered was he lonely, seeking attention, and had his sexual behaviours come from his own negative experiences when alive.

Jamie hung around my home during the day for around another week and every time I felt him close. I would calmly and politely ask if he needed help and he refused to respond and would disappear. Until one evening after I had finished the day’s energy work and I felt him enter my kitchen. His energy felt different and he stood silently watching me near the door, was he waiting?

Again, I ask him if he needed help and this time, he said yes. Jamie didn’t understand death and that he had died suddenly. He thought that he wouldn’t be accepted into heaven because of his negative lifestyle actions and behaviours so continued to live in the only way he knew. Finding someone who works respectfully with all types of energy beings challenged him at first but slowly his thinking changed from challenged to accepting.

Jamie had a large build-up of shame, guilt, worthless, and unworthy within him. The release of those negative energetic imprints allowed him to feel ready to accept the next step in his journey. That evening, through free will Jamie surrendered to the light and transitioned into the Afterlife.

I believe we meet certain people in our lives for a reason and I feel that I was meant to meet Kay to then meet Jamie and assist him in seeing the light.


2nd experience: The nightly visitor

I received a call from a softly spoken middle-aged lady who we shall call Penny. Penny was experiencing what she could only describe as a nightly visitor and at first, she was shocked and somewhat frightened by the invisible presence in her bedroom. But the energy being did not hurt her, it was more comforting in ways that Penny hadn’t experienced in a very long time. Penny told me she was under the care of a psychologist for sexual trauma and low self esteem issues, and the treatment helped somewhat, but she felt there was more to her problem. Penny wanted to try a different approach and she hadn’t experienced energy work before but was willing to give it a go to see if we could explore the energetic side of her specific problem.

Penny confided in me that there was a distinct lack of intimacy in her life. She had been living a single lifestyle for decades and when she did have intimate relationships, the men were abusive and self-satisfying, leaving her feeling empty and lonely. Penny passionately wished for someone to be close to her. This long-term vibration that she created from these pent up feelings attracted an energy being who felt her desperate personal and energetic needs for sensual satisfaction, so came to provide what she needed.

Penny was embarrassed and ashamed at first but confided in me that as much as ‘the visitor’ as she called him satisfied her, she longed for the physical human side of sex. So, we set to work slowly clearing her bank of stored emotional imprints around self-worth, loneliness and intimacy, and over a two month period, she started to feel better about herself, mentally, emotionally and physically. She said her thought patterns had changed ‘in a positive uplifting way’, and she didn’t feel lost and lonely anymore. Her self-worth had come back and she was focusing on her vices not her faults.

Penny had also continued to see her psychologist, who was impressed with her mental and emotional improvements. Within six months of this amazing self-fulfilling turnaround for Penny, she had attracted a loving caring living partner, someone with whom she was an equal and absolutely adored her. She blushed as she told me how he lavished her with love and they fulfilled each other’s needs and desires in all aspects of life.

Penny had solved her paranormal problem of the nightly visitor by facing her fears and personal needs head-on. With professional psychological help and energetic clearing, she released all her emotional baggage and moved on with her life, living in a positive mindset. Penny is now excited about her future with her loving partner, and she has not felt the presence of the nightly visitor again.


3rd experience: The memory

Angela snuggled down on the couch one night with a hot drink and a snack. She was tired after a busy day and wanted to watch a new movie which she found while scouring through the isles of a local opportunity shop. The cover imagery of angels in the city caught her attention and the back cover described the movie as an intellectual thriller.
The movie started out harmlessly enough as most psychological thrillers do until one scene struck instant fear and panic in Angela’s mind and body. She was munching away on her favourite snack and in an instant, she nearly choked on her popcorn as she gasped in a huge breath. The movie scene was set in a dark park and as a woman was suddenly and violently grabbed and thrown up against a tree, Angela’s mind started spinning. She didn’t want to watch the scene but she couldn’t take her eyes off the screen, she felt pain all through her body as a distant memory rose from inside her mind. She saw herself as the person being assaulted in the movie.

In Angela’s 20’s, she had been sexually assaulted. The memory was so terrible that she had buried it deep within her mind as she was too ashamed to speak of it to anyone. Now in her 40’s, the thought of what had happened to her sent her mind reeling – “Why did she buy this movie, angels, there were no angels, what a horrible movie,” she yelled out loud. Angela was angry and hurt and ashamed, throwing the tv remote against the wall as she rose from the couch and went to bed clutching a box of tissues.

Angela’s mind spun all night as she restlessly rolled from side to side. At around 3am, she felt a movement on her bed and her eyes shot open. With no partner or pets in her unit, what was causing the shifting in the bed covers? She sat up in the darkness and could see the faint outline of the chair and wardrobe in her bedroom and no one on the bed.
As she lay down again, she felt something delicately stroking her hair and running its hand down her back. Too scared to move this time, she lay there observing what was happening. Was she going crazy, or was she awake in a dream? No, she thought as she pinched herself and it hurt.

After 5 minutes or so, the gentle touching suddenly stopped and with no more movement on the bed, Angela was so tired, she drifted off to sleep. Waking at 8am, running late for work, she shot out of bed and thought no more about the night before. Skip forward to the next night and here is Angela snuggling into bed again and at 3am on the dot, she is suddenly woken again by the gentle hair touching from an invisible presence. This time Angela spoke out, “I am trying to sleep here, please stop touching my hair and leave my house.” The caressing stopped and Angela waited… nothing… and she slowly drifted off to sleep.

At around 5.30am, her dreams became restless and she woke in a panic as she felt increasing pressure on her chest. Something was lying on top of her. She couldn’t breathe properly and with eyes wide open, she looked frantically from side to side as her brain searched for a solution to this debilitating pressure. Angela had lived through many traumas over the years and learnt to use her voice as a weapon. With all the voice she could summon, she yelled, ‘Get off me and get out of my house”. She jolted her body’s weight and waved her arms like a mad woman.  She had stunned whatever was in the bedroom and she could now get off the bed. Standing trembling in the corner of her room, “She yelled again, “Get out of my house!”.
The sun was now coming up and Angela went to the kitchen bleary-eyed and made a cuppa. She sat at her small table and thought to herself, I have to talk to someone about this. Angela rang a friend who is a hypnotherapist and also booked an appointment to see her psychologist that afternoon

In the following days leading into two weeks, Angela brought her deepest dark secret to the surface. She told of the shame, humiliation and low self-value she carried for those 20 years after being sexually assaulted. By working through her pain she released the emotional buildup from her mind and body and the visits from the hair-stroking comforter stopped.

Angela said as frightening as those two weeks were with the nightly visits from the invisible presence who wanted to comfort her in more ways than one, she knew it didn’t want to hurt her, and she is now ready to move on with her life.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.

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