#10 How Elizabeth’s house was affecting her health: Interview

The structure of the home absorbs energetic imprints just like objects do. The affected home then pumps out a detrimental vibration which can affect anyone who lives there if they are energetically sensitive.

I have an interview for you today with Elizabeth who wondered if she was going crazy after moving into a new home. The doors would constantly get stuck, one window would have to be prized open with a crow bar and would mysteriously seal itself again and the invisible presence in the bedrooms at night was unnerving the whole family.

And then I will share some of the technology tricks dark energy beings can use to stop people from communicating. I experience many of these when overseas clients are trying to connect with me through emails, and online platforms. They have some sneaky tactics that I am on to!


 Elizabeth’s interview



Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt

Welcome Elizabeth, what made you think or feel you needed a house healing/ clearing?


Speaker 2: Elizabeth

Yeah. Thanks for having me here today. So, I just wanted to talk about the why and what really led me to you is, I was feeling like something wasn’t quite right at home. And, you know, in the home itself, I’ll do my best to describe it. So, I felt a little bit irritable in certain parts of the home.  more than others. And you know, I really believe that, you know, home is where you’re meant to feel comfortable, feel safe. And no matter what I did, and I tried a few things, I still just had an inkling and a feeling like something was off. So, for example, I changed my bedroom around in different, different ways.

I still feel, felt like there was something watching me in different parts of the. My room, I changed rooms. So I had that, ability in the home that, I was living in at the time to be able to move bedrooms because there was quite a few spare rooms. And, I still felt the same in almost every room, but especially when I was asleep, I felt like someone was, was watching me or that there were people watching me, whether it was in the doorway at the end of my bed, or near the window.

And there was in particular, one end of the house that felt quite cluttered, that particular end of the house. And, you know, some confirmation for me, when I first moved into the home, I really struggled to open the door and on occasion, like it was an old house and unable to open the door properly. And, and you know, with old houses, there’s, you know, this general swelling that you have of the.

Of, you know, the door and around the outside of the door. Even on hot days when the door wasn’t supposed to swell, it would swell. cold days, same thing. So I was, I was sort of noticing a pattern that, you know, that door was really tough to open. Also, there was one window that I, I made my bedroom, like when I first moved in, we actually had to open it with a Kro.

Because Wow. You know, it’s, it’s an old wooden window with the fine, panel glass in it. And traditionally it would’ve slid up and down. And I tried with all of my might to open the window and, you know, I had other men that were quite well built. Try to open the window and they were unable to, and these are physically fit men, quite muscly, you know, renovate for a living in that sort of building industry.

If I’m painting a bit of a picture there, couldn’t open it. They got a crowbar and were able to crack one side to be able to open it and then really struggled to prize the other side open with the very same Kroger they opened. And it felt like something was holding the window shut, but they were able, to just get it open and then really struggle to rig the window up.

So that’s the type of force that they had to use. And, you know, if I didn’t open that window or have it open, you know, every couple of days the window would actually seal itself shut again, and we’d have to get a crowbar out. Wasn’t as tough to open, but it was a bit strange. Yeah, I, I kept that, that window open, but I still felt really odd in that room.

I even put my daughter in that room, had her bed around different ways, you know, move the bed, but she’d wake up, say in the, in the night and say she felt like someone was watching her. And there comes a point where you are starting to feel off in a room and you know, you have your child telling you something.

And children that are younger than 5, generally, make things up unless they are, you know, you know, they, they might have watched something on TV and, and they’re going to say something to you. In this particular instance, I really had to believe my daughter because I felt the same.

She also couldn’t sleep in that room in the dark. I had to have lamps on. I tried lots of different lights, types of lights, and positions in the room. So that was, that was just in that, that very. And when I had her in a different room, she was a little bit unsettled, but not as much as to say in that, that actual room itself.

So, you know, for me, you know, moving into that house, it was just like, okay, well there’s, you know, these rooms don’t feel so good. So yeah, as I said, we tried moving around, but I still was unable to get through a night fully. You know, the minute I close my eyes to, to me getting up in the morning, I’d never really wake up refreshed.

I always felt somewhat irritated and exhausted and, you know, I’m sure my social circle would confirm that as well, that I, it’s like I was always quite moody and even my, my kids had some unexplained behavioural changes. Like, I, I appreciate, you know, kids go through different things. You know, food can affect how you feel and what your energy output is for the day.

 I tried saging the house and you light it and you say a little something and you know, you walk around your house and do it. I kind of felt like it wasn’t doing anything when I did it. I tried moving objects around the house to get that Fung way sort of happening and I just, no, I even tried counselling to see if it was something, you know, for my moodiness and a bit of my agitation.

And it was, it ended up turning into a little bit of anxiety in the end. Cause I was so sure that there was something else going on and no doctor could see or believe, what was this underlying feeling. And you know, in the end, they started saying,  maybe it’s your lack of sleep.

I just knew in my, in my heart when I quietened my mind that there was something else that I couldn’t physically see, but I suspected, so I, um, did a little bit of investigative work and found you, Anna, and what a report I got what a clearing you did of, of the home, which you ended up confirming later on.


Speaket 1: Anna Schmidt

Just have a question for you, Elizabeth.  What did your partner notice or feel? Did he communicate his thoughts or feelings about living in the home?


Speaker 2: Elizabeth

I think looking back, it’s not something that we really sort of made a focal topic or, or a talk topic because I really, we both didn’t really want to bring attention to some of these. But you know, when I’d mention something, he’d confirm it and I’d say to him, Hey, so I, I feel a little bit odd here. Can we try and move the bed here? Can we try and move the bed up against the wall? No, we need to pull the bed off the wall completely. Let’s try the bed in the middle of the room. Let’s put a light over here. And, he was the one helping me move things around. And I remember turning to him at one point saying, you must think I’m crazy too, to be, you know, like trying all of these different things to try and feel comfortable. And he said, “You know what? I don’t think you’re crazy.  I think what you’re saying is valid.”


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt

What did your home feel like after the clearing?


Speaker 2: Elizabeth

It felt like it was peaceful and pleasant to be in.  I felt like my energy remained consistent from room to room and I was calm. The kids got along better and they slept all night. It felt like we could all relax freely and the air was clear. There were no densities in the rooms and the heat was evenly distributed throughout the home effectively without any cold spots.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt

So quite often what I find as a house healer or a house energy clearer is that homes absorb the energy of the previous owners. Every single interaction that a person has in a home creates a vibration. Mm-hmm. , and that vibration can be imprinted into what I call the structure of the building. So positive interactions and emotions and feelings are higher vibrations, so we feel those and they’re in the environment. The negative, harsher, energetic imprints that people create through their thoughts, their words, and their actions towards themselves and others can actually be absorbed into the structure of the building.

So an example is I was recently working on a house, and this is a lady in America and she has energetic imprints from 25 years ago, of particular traumas that people have gone through, particular emotional imprints, things like hostility, rage, anger that has created these really heavy buildups in the home. And the lady that bought this house, she’s like, I don’t know what it is about this property. It looks great. Mm-hmm. It feels terrible. And when you do a walk around, when you go in, you’re looking at buying a property and you do a walk around and you think, yeah, I really like this. You know, great backyard, great layout.

You don’t really get a feel for the property until you actually move and that’s when your senses and your emotions and your behaviours, your pet’s behaviours, your family’s behaviours may change and their sleep patterns may change and it’s all from the previous owners or the previous tenant’s negative emotional imprints in the. You wouldn’t believe how many people buy properties and move in and all of a sudden it’s  like a total change in their family dynamic and they can’t work out what it is because the only thing that’s changed is the fact that they’ve moved into a new home.

Their jobs are the same, kids are at the same schools and everyone’s still on the same emotional level in the family.  But there’s something that’s not quite right and this is where I focus a lot on emotional energy imprints and the trauma imprints that are created by the previous owners, as I mentioned, but also the paranormal beings that are drawn to feed off those buildups of the imprints and that is what you would’ve been feeling in your home is like someone’s watching me because there literally is someone watching you but you just can’t see them. They don’t have a physical body and trying to explain that to people that have medical qualifications really starts to question your family’s mental health.

And I went through so many different types of holistic practitioners and mental health counsellors, psychiatrists and it was not working. I was praying openly to the universe, I believe it’s something else.  And, you know, the universe led us together. And I’m quite a sceptic.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt

It’s fascinating because as a paranormal specialist, I never assume that an issue is paranormal.  I will send clients to see their medical doctor, and mental health doctor, naturopath, or whatever medical or mental health avenues they want to explore. But if they don’t fully solve the problem for you, then it’s got to be an energetic cause. I always say to people, it’s a holistic approach. Medical, mental health, and then your energetic side of it, because we are energy beings in these physical bodies. I talk about this all the time on my YouTube channel, and I’m going to be doing so through my podcast.

I will be reaffirming to people that we are energy beings in these physical bodies and we are affected by the energy around us just as much as we’re affected by food and by the physical environment, and by the choices that we make. These paranormal beings are part of our environment and all paranormal beings, whether they are dark or demonic beings, are energetic feeders. They feed off the lower vibrational build-ups of these emotions that we create, it is as simple as that.

How is your home’s energy four months on and what benefits have you felt personally since the home clearing?


Speaker 2: Elizabeth

I am sleeping so much better and have not woken up during the night. My kids slept better as did my husband. I felt lighter and less ‘in my head’, I am more aware of my trigger points and believing the work was done helped me to hold a clear space with positive intention. The home’s energy still felt the same light and peaceful but probably more so. I began enjoying time outside and felt calm when I was at home.

Sleeping better allows for a clearer mind which positively affects your ability to go through any day. In turn, this allowed me to have a higher tolerance for myself and others. It also helped me with better self-care practices including going to bed at a reasonable time, eating better and doing activities that made me feel more joy and helped to raise my vibration.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt

If someone told you 10 years ago you would be doing a house clearing, what would you have said?


Speaker 2: Elizabeth

I would have found that one of the most bizarre things anyone could have ever said to me. I understood from a scientific perspective that all things have energy including furniture, people, the universe. But, I didn’t understand the levels of energy and how people can leave energy imprints that can need clearing. I remember so many frequent times in my life walking into rooms and sensing tension after someone has had an argument or a difficult discussion because the energy is so fresh. But, I didn’t think it would apply to a space I would inhabit.


 Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt

So Elizabeth, if I was to ask you what you think your three key takeaways are from having your house cleared, what would they be?


Speaker 2: Elizabeth

I think the first one is you don’t know what you don’t know. And being informed and aware of how energy can affect you is key to living that conscientious and purposeful life. And to sort of translate that is if you have tried everything or if you have a little inkling or there’s part of you that thinks it’s something else, maybe that you can’t rationalize or express to a professional, such as a psychiatrist or a psychologist or even your partner, you don’t know what you don’t know. And sometimes just listening to that little voice that says inside you, I think it’s something else. And doing your own investigative work and finding someone like Anna, which I don’t think there’s anyone else quite like you, Anna.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt

I know I’m in a universe all of my own 🙂


Speaker 2: Elizabeth

Yeah, you’re one of a kind and I mean that in a good way. It’s hard to find someone as honest as you and know when you have done the house clearing work. Which is my next takeaway is trust is key for me as I’ve said earlier in the piece, I had encounters with other people that claimed to do intuitive work and energy work and I felt straight away like something was off, something wasn’t quite right.

Trusting yourself and I know, Anna, that you do a check-in, I think it’s a couple of days later or sometime later, and you check in and you might fine-tune the space and just do a final check.

Moving forward, I’d be working with you to check in every twelve months to two years or so, especially if I found something different that comes up in my home.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt

Thank you, that’s amazing. I really appreciate that confirmation and that acknowledgment of the work because it is hard work. People see me sitting with a pendulum and they’re like, oh, is that all you do? Seriously, to clear a house that has maybe two floors, and it might have a shed and a few outbuildings. It can take me up to 25-30  hours sometimes. And it is constant when you open the doorway into the paranormal world.

These beings see me, and they actually come to my house. An example of the lady in America  – when I was having the initial conversation with her about doing a house clearing, the beings were in my home checking me out. But I speak it as I see it and I understand how paranormal beings work. I’ve been working with them for a very long time. I don’t know everything about them, but I know a lot more about them than a lot of other people. I know that sounds like ego, but I have to know about them because they can be quite dangerous. They can be detrimental to my health,  hiding in my home, and affecting pets, and people living in my house.

They value respect, it’s an interesting thing. Most people think that the devil or Satan or demons or dark energy are going to hurt you or throw you across the room, they’re going to lift up your coffee table and hurl it against a wall. It’s all utter rubbish. If you disrespect them, they will affect your sleep, they will affect your dreams, they will get in your face, and they’ll affect the electricity in your home quite often.

Like Elizabeth was saying when house clearings are done, there’s a lot that comes up and I’m very honest in my reports about what I find in the homes. Sometimes these energetic imprints aren’t from previous owners of the home. They’re actually emotions that the people living in the home now have created. There’s no judgment from me. I just write down exactly what I find, where it was created and when it was created. And then I talked to clients about it. And they’ll say, oh, I’ve created this. And I say, “no judgment from me. But you need to think about your life, your lifestyle, and your life choices.” I suggest, Do you need to see a counsellor? Do you need someone to be able to talk through your problems so that you’re then not creating worthless, not bringing it home, and then imprinting it into the furniture and into every room that you go into?

When you acknowledge what you create, you’re actually growing and evolving as an energy being, as a physical being. You’re changing the way as Elizabeth talked about how her home changed. You’re actually finding you’re getting changes within yourself as well. And you don’t create worthless because you recognize the trigger situations that actually create the worthless. If we can lessen the negative emotions that we create. We’re benefiting ourselves, our relationships with our partners, our workmates, our families, the properties that we live in. Everywhere you go, you leave an energetic imprint. It is as simple as that. Well, I’d like to say thank you to Elizabeth for sharing her tithe and her experiences with us today. I think it’s been great.

This is my first interview, so it’s been a little bit nerve-racking, but I think we’ve had some fun, and we’ve talked about a lot of paranormals, which is my favourite topic, and a lot of house-clearing information. So, Thank you, Elizabeth.


Speaker 2: Elizabeth

Thank you so much.


Speaker 1: Anna Schmidt

 So there you go. I hope you enjoyed that interview with Elizabeth today. You would be surprised at some of the goings on that people have happening in their homes and they just can’t find a rational cause for it.



Paranormal communication espionage tactics

Now let’s look at some of the sneaky espionage tactics that are used to stop us from communicating with each other. I’m going to share some examples with you today that I’ve experienced myself when connecting with prospective house-healing clients through technology.

No.1 – Emails will end up in spam folders, and social or promotional folders in your email server. These sneaky beings somehow seem to be able to manipulate where these email communications go. I can’t tell you how they do it. Times I’ve had people email me going, I’m waiting for your response and I’m just looking puzzled at their email and then I check all the other folders and there is the client’s email hiding in another folder on my email server.

No.2 – the audio won’t work on online meeting platforms. This has happened many times. I start to talk with a client and all of a sudden, either your audio won’t work or they don’t seem to be able to get their audio to work.

No.3  – batteries can suddenly go flat in your computer or your computer mouse.

No.4. – You can’t find the charging cord and you just don’t know where you’ve put it. Now this is a bit of brain fog. These are some of these brain fog tactics that these beans like to use to stop people from communicating. When you’re aware of it, you can just calm yourself down, relax, and go, okay, now where did I leave that cord? Where’s that spare packet of batteries that I know is in the house?

No. 5 – online people’s screen images for no reason will just freeze or will drop out altogether. These paranormal beings will use any tactic that they can get their grubby little hands on to stop people from communicating.

No.6 –  sometimes you can experience sudden random problems with your modem connection. It’s been fine for days, weeks, and months. All of a sudden it starts playing up. Now I can talk from my perspective is that I know these technological difficulties 90% of the time are caused by the paranormals because that is my focus. The paranormal world is where I work every single day. I know their tactics, some of the sneaky little things they get up to and I wonder sometimes if they do it just to watch us squirm.  I just want to have a laugh and I’m like, seriously, dudes, please connect my modem again.

No.7 – sometimes people can experience sudden unexplainable power blackouts. Now you know there’s something going on if you look out the window and all the other houses have got all their lights on and the street lights are on. You know that it is not part of a major power grid blackout it’s just in your home and it’s just since you’ve been talking to a particular person, such as a house clearer and energy healer

No.8 – I use online payment transfer systems, and quite often the emails will get lost or there is a disrupted connection or the payment transfer doesn’t go through. The client will be saying, I keep trying to send you the money, but it just won’t work. So then what I say to them is, look, don’t worry about it, let’s fin d another payment method. There’s always multiple ways to get around these sneaky espionage tactics of these paranormal beings.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.

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