#27 Mysterious hat men in my house… WHY?

Unexplained presence in your home might not be paranormal but interdimensional visitors! In this episode, I share my viewpoint about hatmen and cloaked figures – those ominous beings who some think terrorise people in homes. Also, I share a couple of my personal experiences with these interesting supernatural visitors in my home and a friend’s home.

In this episode,  we are talking hat men, cloaked figures and ominous presences who stand over us in bed. Are these 3 types of energy beings paranormal? Well, to many people that is exactly how they see them. As humans, we tend to dump anything of a spooky nature into the paranormal field if we don’t understand it.


#27 – Mysterious hat men in my house… WHY?


I tend to think of these beings as Universal observers, as energy beings from other dimensions or realities who either intentionally or unintentionally find themselves in our Earth’s reality, sometimes for short or long periods. I often wonder if they are viewing or monitoring our behaviours, actions and reactions like some sort of cosmic assessment team looking at whether we are ready to level up to our next mass energetic evolution or to stay as we are.

People often fear these beings simply because they do not understand them and because people LOVE drama and what is more dramatic than unknown entities roaming around your home perceived to be causing mischief? I prefer to calmly and respectfully observe them as much as they are observing me and wait to see what happens.

I have had two experiences with strange beings, one interaction which I will call a Hat Man experience because this is how the energy being was described to me by a teenager whose parents called me to advise about a house clearing.  And another with what I think was a remote viewer in this reality but more on that case, later in the episode.

This first encounter, I have called:

 The midnight visitor

A family had moved into a new home and in one of the three bedrooms, two sisters shared bunk beds. While asleep on the bottom bunk, the oldest sister would sometimes wake to see the shape of a man in their bedroom doorway who appeared to be wearing a hat. She said it looked like a tall person dressed in black with a very defined outline. It was not her father as he would be fast asleep and didn’t ever wear a 1950’s style trilby hat. This was someone or something else who stood silently at the door blending into the darkness. The being wasn’t menacing nor did it move towards her and disturb her sleep, but preferred to stand silently observing and watching and yes, this creeped her out!

This was a local Tasmanian home, here in Hobart and the family had become good friends of mine so while visiting one afternoon, the oldest daughter plucked up the courage to tell of the midnight visitor. Nancy, the mother gave me permission to do what I call a walk-around around the home. This is where I enter rooms and let my body do its dowsing and also see what my other psychic senses can pick up.

As I walked past the sister’s bedroom, I stopped and backtracked. I stood in the doorway as I sensed the energy of an open portal. There was a slight breeze and whirling energy coming from the doorway area. I looked inside the room, there were no windows open and in the rest of the house, all doors were closed and the aircon wasn’t on. So after debunking all possible options for the gently moving breeze, I stepped slightly into the room and stood where the portal was located smack bang in the middle of the bedroom doorway. Now, to describe the portal to you – It was a vertical portal, and as I stood in that space and shut my eyes, what I saw was energy swirling in an upright fashion and I was starting to feel light-headed, giddy even and lost my balance for a moment.

As I was getting these sensations from the space, someone or something approached, not in this reality but on the other side of the energetic doorway. It was a strange experience, the being standing there reminded me of a detective from a 1950s movie with what I can only describe as a long dark coat and a trilby/ fedora style hat firmly placed on its head.

I did wonder at that moment if this was a human being somewhere in the world using a portal doorway to remotely view the oldest daughter who was quite psychically open. As I pondered this question for a second or two, the doorway unexpectedly closed, it simply vanished. I was taken aback and a bit miffed as I felt like I had been cut off when I was just starting to understand who or what was looking at me. Maybe I saw too much and the ‘someone’ became uneasy shutting the entrance to protect its identity.

The oldest sister didn’t see the Hat man again but will never forget her interdimensional experience.


In episode 18, my mate, Dan from Dan, Dan the Para-Man podcast shared an experience about his nighttime face-to-face interaction with a tall, dark cloaked figure with glowing green eyes at his childhood home and he said this experience has stayed with him from childhood.


This second personal encounter came to mind as I was writing my notes for this episode. What I share now came from many years ago while I was watching TV one night:

The Watchers

I was relaxing in my lounge room in my favourite chair near the hallway door. When in the peripheral vision of my right eye, a black shape appeared and stood next to my chair. I turned and faced the presence. It had a black denseness about it but with a thin white sparkly outline.  This entity moved like a child with hair that bobbled about like pigtails and stood around 1.2m tall. The figure stood silently observing me for around 5 seconds and as I turned to fully face the being, I  said ‘ I see you”, it quickly turned and vanished off into the dark hallway. Had this been someone remotely viewing me in the Earth reality… very possibly! I have spoken to others who have had similar experiences with black figures appearing in their homes with light sparkly outlines.


 Now, if we look at what some people call ‘cloaked figures’. I think they are similar to the hatman in their intentions… just as observers. Let’s look at some different perspectives about Hatmen and cloaked figures and why they are here.

There is not a lot known about these energy beings, they are not in your face, like the dark energy beings or spirits, they don’t interact with us, flicker lights, move objects in homes or infect our minds as dark and demonic beings can. They seem to be watchers and observers gathering intel.

I have to say, I often wonder:

·      Is there only one Hatman or is there many? Are these a race of cosmic beings who generally keep to themselves and keep their intentions hidden from us?

·      Do these beings open portals or interdimensional doorways to observe us or do they use portals that have been opened by other energy beings?

·      Do these beings sense psychic potential in some of us and come to observe and study potentially useful connection points ( as I call them, this means people who are attuned to higher vibrations and sense unseen energy beings, me included) for future interdimensional communication?

·       Now, as I mentioned earlier, are they interdimensional visitors or humans using remote viewing to spy on others in this reality? There was a book that I read a few years ago, where world powers were using psychic institutes in two major world powers at the time, conducting experiments in remote viewing as a wartime spying tactic. if only I could remember the name of it.


Our third category which we are looking at today is the ominous presence we sometimes feel in our homes or bedrooms watching or leaning over us in bed. These beings I would put in the dark energy classification. Dark beings do observe and can be mischievous by sometimes playing games like hiding behind doors, lurking in dark corners and the all too familiar hiding in wardrobes because they know these actions will trigger us to create their much-desired emotion imprints as an energetic food source.

Demonic beings are a level up from dark energy beings and carry more power. They pump out a denser heavier vibration which is quite noticeable when you are self-aware of their presence whether in people, places or homes. You really feel their presence because they want you to, in their attempts to strike fear and a pleather of other emotional responses which in turn gives them exactly what they need.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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