How to repair your aura

Your aura, auric field or energy field are just different names for the same thing. We each have a field of energy around our physical bodies and sometimes it can be damaged, but it can be repaired.


Why repair your aura? Good question!

Your aura keeps you protected from outside energetic and environmental influences. Tears in your aura let your energy escape, which can make you feel tired, lethargic, and unfocused.

Why do tears occur in your aura?

Tears can happen for many reasons, especially when we experience a sudden shock – mentally, emotionally, or physically.

  • Continually living lives in a lower vibration or with addiction can weaken the aura, and then tears may happen easier and be more difficult to keep closed.
  • Constantly creating the same extremely low-level emotions, such as paranoia, resentment, blame, hatred, or fear, for example, can overload the aura and can tear the auric field.
  • Experiencing a long-term physical trauma or illness weakens the aura, and tears may happen easier.

How to repair tears:

Tears can be repaired by using a few different processes:

  • Be aware of the negative thoughts you produce. Choosing to create less or none is even better.
  • Learn to be less reactive in your thoughts, emotions, actions and verbally.
  • You can take Australian Bush Flower Essences essence, such as Fringed Violet and Angelsword, to repair and strengthen your auric field.
  • Ask Arch Angel Raphael to repair any tears in your aura each morning. It is a quick process – just about using your focus, intention, and asking for Arch Angel help 🙂








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