Energy imprints on objects

Do you ever pick up an object and start to feel different? Energy and emotions can transfer from person to person on items in shops and the home.

  • Energy is easily transferred from object to object. Not all energy transference is negative but the negative energy tends to ‘stick’ to the times for a longer period and can cause changes in people and the feel of a home. Negative emotions cause the most problems and can easily affect sensitive people.
  • Do you ever pick up an item and feel unwell or get an instant headache?
  • You can’t sleep on the bed that someone gave you?
  • You are given an item and just don’t like it, but don’t know why
  • A piece of furniture comes into the house and family members sleep patterns change

Second-hand objects or items 

Objects can hold both positive and negative emotional imprints from previous owners. The energetic imprints are from people’s energy or traumatic experiences. Do you ever sense energy from items such as:

  • Do you ever pick up an item and feel unwell or get an instant headache?
  • Can’t sleep on the mattress that someone gave you?
  • Have you ever been given an item and don’t like it but can’t say why?
  • A piece of furniture comes into the house, and family members get sick or can’t sleep.
  • Have you walked into a home and felt instantly unwell?

Those are some of the signs of negative energetic imprints on items. I have had many experiences and felt unsettling energy coming from personal items or furniture. Even the structure of buildings can hold or absorb negative energy. During house healing work, I ask the building if it is happy and investigate depending on its response. I can then clear any detrimental emotions, memories, and harmful energetic build-up from the structure of the building as well as the furnishings, and other contents

 Where do energetic imprints come from? 

Energetic imprints mostly come from living people. The longer someone owned a particular object determines the level of energy melded into it. The item can hold positive or negative emotional energy, habitual energy, or energy from arguments or violent acts.

In the natural realm, all living things are living entities and have their own unique energy. Trees, for example, can be unhappy about being cut down or the way builders treat the wood; therefore, the wood may hold negative energy imprints. Repurposed or recycled timber can be unhappy when relocated, and the newly built item or structure can have an uncomfortable or unwelcoming feeling for the owners and occupiers.

The use of black magic, curses, and spells can imprint buildings and items with negative energy. The detrimental imprint goes with the objects into every new home and can affect the building and the occupants until the harmful energy is removed.

The spirit of past owners can still be attached to their possessions. They can either stay in the home or travel with their favourite item from one new owner to another.

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