Body Dowsing… What is it and can I do it?

Body dowsing is a natural skill we all have. It takes practice and self-awareness to become skilled to understand what your body is telling you. Yes, you can do it too 🙂

Your body is a natural dowsing tool. The body is designed to pick up on energetic changes within yourself and the environment around you. You can learn to read the energetic changes and what they symbolise.

When you are practising body dowsing, it is important to be relaxed and remove all attachment to the outcome of your dowsing. When you remove the attachment, you are open to all possibilities. Body dowsing is a dowsing technique not often recognised for its ability to give accurate information. It rates highly with pendulum and rod dowsing. Body dowsing is a natural ability which we all have but it takes practice to recognise your yes and no answers.

How to build your body dowsing skills

There are a few basics to be aware of when starting your body dowsing journey. Remember to:

  • Ask the body to show you your yes and no sign. Be aware of big or small signs, such as a tingle in your leg or a twitch in your eyelid, for example.
  • Ask short precise questions.
  • No preconceived answers in your mind or you can influence the result.
  • Have your mind as a blank slate and no preconceived answers in your mind or you can influence the result.
  • Emotional detachment from situations keeps you impartial and you get an honest answer. Spirit guides or other guides will give you the answers you need, not the answers you want.
  • Practice body dowsing in different situations to build your confidence and awareness.


When can you use body dowsing?

Dowsers worldwide use dowsing for a multitude of applications such as:

  • Healthy food choices when shopping
  • Making a variety of personal decisions
  • Searching on a map for a location
  • Looking for the location of lost objects
  • Choosing a present for a friend when you are undecided
  • Detecting the presence of spirits and dark energies in places
  • Being around people – Have you ever felt pulled towards someone or repelled away from others?
  • Being given signs in positive situations and to give you a warning in a negative situation.
  • Dowsing for natural occurrences such as water or mineral dowsing

Why use body dowsing?

  • It is personalised to your needs.
  • Costs nothing to use.
  • Your dowsing tool is always with you.

Once you are attuned to body dowsing, your confirmation signs will come quicker and you will get the answers you need to make the right decisions for you.

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