Benny’s toilet troubles

Benny is a very sweet little white dog who lives with a client in New Zealand. He had some issues which needed help to improve his life and that of his owners too. As you read this post, you will find it interesting how animals can be affected by the energy around them and energetic imprints.

Jenny recently mentioned in an email that her lovely little dog had constant toilet issues which were a problem in their home. I suggested an energetic clearing may offer some assistance in helping Benny release any possible energetic blockages which could be contributing to his problem.

The client email regarding Benny’s negative behavioural habits:

‘I call Benny my spirit dog because I got a message that I was getting him in May 2020 as clear as a bell. I was in the kitchen trying to think what to make for dinner while my two sons were arguing over the dishes, who was washing and drying.  Two days later my daughter rang me to ask me to take in Benny as his owner didn’t want him anymore. He apparently was pooing and weeing in their house and she got sick of him doing it. Anyway, I took him in and he never did it my house at all until after Jeff and I got together. I think he’s been abused or something from his previous home.’


 My response to Jenny’s initial email:

Yes, it does sound like abuse and from a male person in the home. Maybe a male who looked like Jeff and this triggers poor Benny’s toileting nervousness and mishaps.

Along with the clearing, I suggested that Jeff could slowly build a trusting relationship with Benny as they would be living together. He could offer treats as food is always a winner. This could help with Benny’s confidence around Jeff and other males.

Jeff could offer smiles and kind words too, animals respond to these vibrations and down the track, Jeff could move to pats and cuddles if Jeff and Benny are ok with that 🙂


My findings from Benny’s energy clearing:

Whilst conducting Benny’s energy clearing, I found build-ups of emotional imprints such as despair, sadness, sorrow, paranoia, worthless, unworthy, and anxiety present in Benny’s energy field and physical body.

There were waves of sadness that came through me as I did his clearing too, I could feel his sadness quite strongly. I really hope the release of the paranormal beings and emotional energetic imprints allows his body to return to normal long-term. I spent a lot of time talking to his photo whilst doing the remote energy clearing and asked the Arch Angels to help Benny remember to go outside for toileting.


ONE WEEK ON AFTER BENNY”S CLEARING – the client’s email regarding Benny’s amazing change in behaviour:

‘He’s like a different dog! The next day after the energy clearing, he’s far happier, obedient and no poo-ing or wee-ing in the house. He’s a very good dog. Very noticeable difference. ‘

What a wonderful outcome for Benny and his human family 🙂

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