#68 Spirits, fear & understanding hauntings: Eric Lingen interview

Eric educates people from all around the world about the spirit ecosystem that we live amongst. He shares his thoughts and experiences with the upward spiral of fear in home hauntings and how to manage those emotions and your responses when you have spirit interactions in your home.

In this fascinating interview, we are speaking with Eric Lingen from the Spirit World Center. Eric educates people from all around the world about the spirit ecosystem that we live amongst. He shares his thoughts and experiences with the upward spiral of fear in home hauntings and how to manage those emotions and your responses when you have spirit interactions in your home. He expresses his thoughts on the rights of spirits, why they are here and so much more.


#68 Spirits, fear & understanding hauntings: Eric Lingen interview


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                             Eric’s three amazing paranormal experiences                    

  The spirit guardian in the garage experience

I had one situation occur where, in the morning, Laova was going out to the garage in order to take out the garbage and when she opened the door, she felt this canine-like entity or being brushed by her legs and go into the garage.

And this just shows that Laova must have been in a bit of a trance state while she was going out to that garage because we do have a dog, but It’s never let out to the garage, like it’s not allowed to get in there, right? There’s too much stuff I can get into. So the very fact that you didn’t, you know, say, Hey, you can’t go in there, you know, just definitely in a trance state.

Well, I went out to the garage later that day. This was actually during my early days of podcasting, and I was looking for somewhere to record that would be nice and quiet. And I get out there, look around for five minutes, determine, you know what, there’s, this isn’t going to work. As I’m looking around the room, my eyes fall upon my mountain bike in the corner.

And as soon as I look at it, as soon as my gaze falls upon it, the back tire just explodes. And like, this is a dusty garage. There’s a, there’s a big sound. There’s a shockwave of dust that comes out from it. Right. And it was definitely a big explosion. And I go back in, I tell Lalva, she mentioned that, that canine like spirit that went into the garage that morning.

And I let fear get the better of me, right? I let my annoyance and that fear of like, what was that? Get the better of me. And so, you know, we cleanse the house. We, we say, you know, whatever caused that, you know, go away, you’re gone. And so then we do some channeling a little bit later and it’s revealed that.

What actually caused that to happen was what we like to call a spirit of the land, you know, so it’s a spirit of nature. It’s a spirit of the local landscape. And that It had been sent in because, you know, we’ve done so much work with the spirits of the land that they’ve taken on a very protective role.

And so that spirit was sent into the house in order to take care of a problem that they saw with that tyre because they were thinking they felt that that tyre was gonna blow. They felt like it was a ticking time bomb. They didn’t want that happening to me when I had my nightly ride later that day because I could get hurt if I was on a busy section of the road.

And so they decided to make sure that it happened earlier. So as soon as I heard that, I felt absolutely awful. You know, I’ve sent this, this being away. It was just trying to help, you know, I, so I instantly invited back. I give it my thanks. I’m like, you know what? You can have access to the whole house.

You know, this is awesome. Please be part of our lives. You know, I take some dog biscuits and I go put them out in the back forest as a little offering to it as thanks. Okay. And it really taught me and really solidified my understanding in me that we have to know exactly what’s going on before we react.

And it’s natural to start off with a bit of fear. You know, we’re humans. If something happens that we can’t see what did it, that brings up some initial fear. And so we have to train our minds to take a step back and say, okay, something happened, but I don’t know the whole story. And so I have to investigate to find out what happened there.

This is particularly useful in one type of haunting I have encountered before. And that is, sometimes spirits are not the bad guys in a situation. Sometimes it’s the humans. And let’s say you have a whole bunch of leaky paint cans in the, you know, stored behind the shed. And they’re leaking and they’re adding toxins to the local environment.

Well, in that situation, you can actually be haunted in my experience by spirits of the land. You know, you can say nature spirits, you could say, um, the Faye or the fairies, um, there’s a lot of different beings and types of beings I find that. that fall under that heading. Well, those spirits as a defensive mode might be coming into your home and trying to drive you out saying, you know, this, this person’s no good for the local landscape here.

You know, he’s hurting the land. So in that situation, you don’t want to go in there saying, okay, spirits of the land, get out. This is the human’s property. In that situation, you want to have a negotiation. You want to go to those spirits and say, okay, why are you doing this? Why are you, are you, uh, causing all this mischief in the household?

And they’ll tell you once you figure it out, you know, it’s that negotiation. It’s like, okay, I will remove those paint cans and make sure that they go to a good place. Are we going to be okay? And usually, they’ll be like, yeah, absolutely. You know, we’re cool. Just, you know, you were causing some problems here.

Okay. So absolutely understanding, you know, know the facts before you act, that’s, that’s like the number one thing. And once you do that, also you have that cool-down period from that fear. And so even if it is something negative, if you are dealing with a negative spirit in the house and you just are responding in fear mode, you’re not going to do it right.

You know, you’re not going to take care of that situation correctly. The best way to do it is to have a calm, cool, collected mindset. And so absolutely, something happens, take a step back, try to fully comprehend what’s happening in the situation, and then figure out your plan of attack. That’s the number one thing to do.

I’ve not met anyone, and I’ve interviewed a few people, I speak to lots of people all the time about this. Eric, you’re probably the first person that I’ve ever met that actually fully gets it, and understands how this works. It is just amazing that there are so many of us out there that listen, that have awareness, that want to negotiate.

It’s not about putting your battle armor on and let’s get into it. It’s about understanding why because they all have jobs. I think everyone has, has a reason whether they’re living or not in this physical form that we’re in. We all have jobs and reasons why we’re here. 


The bathroom spirit experience


This experience happened on our property, and that was that it was around three o’clock in the morning, and Laova had gotten up to go to the washroom. She comes back, and she wakes me up, and she says, Eric, we need to deal with something. And I’m like, what, you know, it’s, it’s 3 a m. So it’s a little disconcerting being woken up there. And, and she says, there’s a, there’s a spirit in the shower. I’m like, what? So I go into the washroom and I’m basically just standing by the sink.

And Laova goes over to the shower to interact with whatever is there. And. It seemed to be a spirit. She got the sense that it was a young woman who had passed away maybe 100 years ago in the within the local area, and that she had Spent a lot of time in the forest and such, so she was very comfortable with the area that our property is on.

So she passed away, and she was very kind of scared, but she really liked the shower because it was this small enclosed space that she could snuggle up in and be comfortable. And so we, of course, Lauva, you know, helped her over to the other side and gave her that guidance. But as she was interacting with the spirit, you know, Lao va, she’s, she’s not seeing something with her physical eyes, you know, she’s seeing it in her mind’s eye.

As she’s interacting with this young lady, she puts out her hands, you know, she offers her hands. And the spirit actually touched Laova’s hands, you know, she, she took Laova’s hands and Laova said it was the most unbelievable sensation because there was this amazing wave of cold and tingling that came to her hands.

And the cold, I very much feel is You know, the fact that these spirits, they, they need energy to do things. And so when they encounter a human, they can be very cold because they’re literally sucking up that energy. Right. And so that’s that a heat differential that can cause that sensation of cold.

It was such an intense moment for Laova that she, yeah, she literally started crying in that moment because she really just felt that, that touch of that spirit in it for a sustained length of time. Um, so that was. That was quite amazing. The other experience that comes to mind that might that your listeners might enjoy Is, we do a lot of channelling, and so Laova, becomes the vessel, right?

She allows a spirit to come through her, to talk through her, and even to move around in her body. Definitely, you know, an advanced form of mediumship, and Laova, she’s just a natural at it. It’s, it’s been great. And what happened once is that we were connecting with actually some spirits of the land from the backyard.

The Me Me people experience

So I’m talking with them through Laova, and it was the oddest experience because all it would say, all they would say is, Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, It sounded like Beaker from the Muppets and eventually, and that’s all it would say, but then I handed it a pen and some paper and started drawing the yard and started to draw like these paths through the property.

And I got the sense, okay, this is some type of very like being that is living in the local area. So definitely got that very sense from them. Now, the other thing that was revealed in that channelling session is that they lived in this, we have this big cliff side and valley in the backyard. And there’s these, these big boulders, like tons of big boulders on this big ridge.

They were communicating through what they were drawing that they lived in those boulders. They lived in the crevices of those boulders. And so, okay, I walk away from the channelling session with that idea. They are fairies that live in the backyard. They like to say Mimi, and they live in the crevices of boulders.

Okay, about a month later, I’m on Google, and I’m thinking, you know, I wonder if anyone’s ever had experiences with fairies that like to say Mimi and live in boulders. Well, I looked it up on Google, and the first result actually comes from Australia. And it’s on Wikipedia. I clicked through and it’s like, okay, Mimi’s are the local in amongst the local indigenous people are fairies that live in the crevices of rocks and boulders and live in Australia.

And I’m like, okay, I guess we have a colony of them here. It was, it was, it was incredible. The synchronicity was a wonderful confirmation event. It’s like, okay, I guess the stuff is happening. And it was, it was such the weirdest channelling event ever. Cause it’s just like me, me, me, me, me, me, me. They’re very cute.

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