#66 The Devil’s number 666 and its influence on society

The number 666 strikes fear in even the strongest of us. We wonder if the Devil is here round us when we see and hear the number 666. What brought about the quaking fear and worry people carry about this number?

In this article, we are unpacking the Devil’s number 666.

What does it mean, where did it originate and why do people quake in their boots at the mere mention of it?

I have always found it fascinating that the Devil needs a number assigned to him…and I do wonder why.

We will delve into the religious aspects, superstition, culture, and numerology including birthdates and also mathematical references to 666. You might just be surprised at how often 666 pops up in society. And why not talk about this intriguing topic today as this is after all the 66th episode of Perfectly Paranormal.


#66 The Devil’s number 666 and its influence on society


I am going to link all the references for this episode today in the description notes for those interested in further research. So confusing, trying to research the basis for referring to the devil’s number as 666, there are a LOT of different aspects to cover and a bazillion opinions as to the origin of 666. I am going to break it down today into sections that hopefully shine some light… a little pun there… I do love puns… yes, shine some light on the devil’s number, 666.



The religious roots of 666 interpretations are probably the most logical place to start today. So in the Bible, there are many references to 666 as the number of evil. The Book of Revelation, the final book of the New Testament, Revelations 13:18, states:

“This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.”

This biblical passage has fuelled centuries of speculation and continuous interpretation.
I wonder, why does ‘The Beast’ need to have a number? And why is mans number also 666? Does it refer to the dark side of man?

Then I found a reference to

“We now know that the human, man, is a carbon-based being and the carbon atom has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons, so the ‘human number’ can indeed be viewed as 666.   Fascinating!!!


Is 666 connected to imperfection?

Another theory regarding the origin of this connection suggests that 666 symbolizes imperfection or incompleteness. In ancient numerology,  numbers held symbolic significance beyond their literal value. In the biblical interpretation, the number falls short of the perfect number 7, which is often associated with divinity and completion. So in some people’s eyes, 666 represents a perversion or corruption of divine order, aligning it with the vicious nature attributed to the devil.

Another reference links the association between the devil and 666 to historical figures and events. During the time the Book of Revelation was written, the Roman Emperor Nero was notorious for his persecution of Christians. Some scholars believe that the number 666 could be a coded reference to Nero, possibly derived from gematria, a practice where letters are assigned numerical values. In Hebrew gematria, the name Nero Caesar transliterated into Hebrew characters yields the numerical value of 666, further strengthening this interesting connection.

In medieval Christian theology, the devil became a central figure in religious discussion and fear-mongering, portrayed as the ultimate adversary of God and humanity. During this time, apocalyptic beliefs were prevalent, all doom and gloom and interpretations of Revelation were especially influential. The number 666 was interpreted as a sign of impending doom and the devil’s influence in the world, contributing to its association with evil and destruction.

One reference I found referred to the number 666 as the upside down version of 999 which is thought to be the divine number, BUT many other references said that 777 is the God number, Divinity… so, well I am confused.




I am bit of a numerology buff. I love numbers and vibrational combinations that come with numbers so 666 in a devilish reference is confusing again and this is why… 666 is a triple vibration of the number 6 characteristics. The 6 vibration in Pythagorean numerology, ( my favourite numerology), represent creativity, art, willpower, focus, being of service, empathy, home, family, love, and responsibility, just to name a few. Every number has an opposite vibration, so 6 can represent being mentally or emotionally unbalanced, the opposite of the creative side, often seen in the form of a worrier and struggle to relax and focus because they give so much energy and attention to other’s needs and forget to look after their own welfare. I am not quite sure how all that relates to the Devil.

6 is also the middle number in the arrow of the intellect and the final number in the arrow of willpower, so strong-mindedness is part of being a 6 ruling number. 6 personality types CAN get caught up in the dark materialistic/money-orientated side of life which could be seen as the devilish side of us, connected to the temptation of earthly pleasure and so on can be very enticing!



666 appears a lot of mathematics that my brain is not calibrated for, so I have included the reference for this information in the description box for all the maths-orientated people out there but I will share some fascinating discoveries:

666 is the sum of the square root of the first seven prime numbers – 2,3,5,7,11,13

666 is also the sum of the first thirty-six natural numbers, which apparently makes it a triangular number: Since 36 is also triangular, 666 is a doubly triangular number.

The Roman numeral

666, has exactly one occurrence of all symbols whose value is less than 1000 in decreasing order (D = 500, C = 100, L = 50, X = 10, V = 5, I = 1) … interesting!


Superstition and cultural thinking

The cultural significance of 666 extends beyond religion, into literature, and art, referencing the devil’s number to invoke fear of temptation, becoming evil, paranoia and dread. I think 666 is just another tool to control people using fear of hell and the devil by using graphic artistic interpretations of the devil and his actions as we see in: Richard Phillip’s artistic depiction of a black devilish figure devouring people, amongst many others.

All the way through from horror novels through to graphic or psychological blockbuster movies, they are seen by the masses and used as a delivery method to harness fear and control minds. Back in episode 59, I did a whole episode unpacking paranormal drama, people love drama as we all know, the more dramatic the better! And the association between 666 and the devil continues to create said drama and captivate the minds of audiences, tapping into their primeval fears and anxieties about the unknown and the supernatural.

Is 666 bad luck??? Locations birthdates, car license plates etc

Many people’s superstitions and beliefs surrounding the number 666, viewing it as an omen of bad luck or impending doom. This belief can influence decision-making processes, leading individuals to avoid situations, locations or objects associated with the number, such as street addresses or license plates.

Some people born on the 6th of June in 1906, 1966, or 2006 are told they will always have bad luck or they are unlucky to be around and can be shunned by friends, workmates and sometimes even their family members as always being the black sheep or unlucky to be around. How does that line of thinking impact their self-confidence, behaviours, personal growth and fitting into society? Something to think about!

We all know the number 13, this number has seen a similar fate for centuries… how many tall buildings skip having a 13th floor?


What do you think???

Overall, you have a choice!!! Follow the drama and let the fear of the devil’s influence, embodied by the number 666, envelop your mind or wake up and don’t let society’s influence push you into the fear-mongering and controlling tactics… look beyond this and think are you going to let religious, cultural, or superstitious views use the 666 symbolism to shape your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours.

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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.

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