#56 Children sense the paranormal: Why?

Children, especially those under the age of 8 years old can sense the energy world around us. They may see, hear or feel energetic beings moving amongst us. They are not always believed, but I believe them.

Children are psychic!

They see, hear and feel the presence of unseen beings in our environment.

In this episode,  we are talking about children, spirits, ghosts and dark looming figures and why they sense the paranormal world more than adults do … or want to! I share my thoughts and observations on kids and why they are so open to the supernatural world around us. AND we have two rather interesting experiences shared by parents about what their children have seen in their homes and how the entities followed their children everywhere.


#56 Children sense the paranormal: Why?


The following paranormal experience was shared with Helen by her six year old son, Jamie. I found it totally fascinating as I have never heard dark entities described this way before and in such detail. Jamie is a very observant child and told his story in a very calm manner with minute detail. Children are extremely aware of the paranormal world around us and some are very sensitive to the energy, both angelic and the darker kind.


 Jamie has called his story … The dust man

Helen knew her son was not making up the following dark experience as he accurately described symptoms of dark energy presence in the home, such as black apparitions,  shadow shapes following him around the house, experiencing random headaches and his normally peaceful sleep being constantly disrupted by nightmarish images.

This is the email I received from Helen:

I’m am concerned about a dark presence in my home. Jamie has seen it numerous times and I am sharing this information with you just as Jamie told me … I hope it makes sense:

‘He’ follows me around the house day and night… a tall thin black figure who comes mostly at night. He loves night time because he thinks I can’t see him, but I actually can. 

 He is a dusty person, half dust and half person, and turns to dust when he disappears. He is all black and his hood has a small bent stick in the middle of his head, bending towards the back of his head. He has baggy black clothes and smooth black shoes.’ 

He comes out of nowhere, and he never talks. He has a mask over his eyes and his mouth, but he knows where he is going because he is magic. He doesn’t want anybody to see his body because he has reddish-blackish skin. He wears black gloves, and sometimes he takes his gloves off, but you still can’t see his hands because he pulls his sleeves down to cover his hands. I see him in my dreams and he sometimes walks on the bricks that I dream about. 

Helen said this was the first she heard about the dust man. Jamie thinks he has been hanging around for a week, and Jamie has been getting headaches the past 5-6 days.

 After reading Helen’s email, I replied immediately sharing my thoughts as to the dark entity in the home. She permitted me to tune into her home remotely, and guess what I found… not 1 but 4 demonic beings loitering in Jamie’s bedroom. They didn’t like the fact that I could sense them and they were unusual as their connection to the house was not the usual emotional or trauma energy imprints I find as the common attachments. But they were the product of black magic conjuring and used energy portals to enter the home. They were sent by a hateful person who disliked the family and would do anything to create mental and emotional disruption!

 The four entities knew the gig was up and relinquished their hold on the house … with the black magic diffused, and portals closed, the four beings peacefully left the home and went back to the dark magic realm, hopefully never to be seen again in Helen and Jamie’s home.

 The following day, Jamie woke after a peace-filled sleep and wanted to thank the energy doctor, as he calls me, for getting rid of the dust man. He rummaged through the pantry cupboards and found a blank greeting card and this is what he wrote, ‘Thank you for taking the black person away’ and he signed his name. His mum found the card on the kitchen table that morning and sent me a photo of it. I was tickled pink to think that a 6 year old would give me such a memorable thank you.

 Now, the following information is interesting and should be noted by energy clearers, Jamie told his mother that he only saw one being, but this does not always mean that one energy is present, as I found four. The four demonic entities projected an image of a single dark figure into Jamie’s mind as this was more likely to be understood by a young child. Energy workers should always check and double-check the number of beings present so none are left lurking in the home after the house cleansing is finished. They are sneaky buggers and can easily cloak themselves and hid in the dark corners of rooms.

 The idea that children may be more open to sensing the paranormal may scare some adults! On the other hand, some adults are open to the possibility that their children aged 2-6 years old have a heightened sensitivity to supernatural phenomena beyond our conventional understanding. The most logical explanation is that the child’s perception of the energy environment is fresh and untainted by societal conditioning that often accompanies us until the teenage years and adulthood.

Most children are naturally curious and very open-minded, they don’t use or really care for scepticism or rationality which often develops as they grow older. Their minds are not yet limited by what is considered possible or impossible, and this allows them to perceive and interpret experiences without preconceived judgements. This open-mindedness may make them more receptive to the subtle energies that adults may overlook or dismiss.


Here is a short story for you from a client’s 4 year old daughter’s long-term experience with a dark shape in their home.


I have called this experience: Mia’s dark follower

Mia had sleep issues, often waking up screaming and frightened and couldn’t tell her parents why or what she was seeing or feeling in her bedroom. UNTIL, one afternoon, when the family were watching a well-known magical movie with some rather dark scary sort of wafting creatures, and Mia pointed to her bedroom and said’ mort, mort’. She had finally found a way to tell her parents what she had seen in the house since they moved in 2 years ago. 

Now, this gets even more interesting when Ben, the father employed me to do a house clearing and I was about to start the job, I said out loud my usual announcement to any unwanted energetic house guest, ‘ I have been employed to clear this home of all detrimental energy and any paranormal beings present will need to move house by Friday. You will not be harmed in any way during the clearing process, you just need to find a new place to inhabit. 

As I was looking at a photo of the house on my laptop, making my statement, out of the corner of my eye, I suddenly saw a tall black wavering presence here in my home. It stood right next to my work table and observed me for about 5 seconds and then instantly disappeared. “Ah ha, I see you”, I said looking at the space and laughed. Now for all the sceptics out there, I don’t expect to see or hear anything when I make my house clearing announcement, it is done out of respect and courtesy for the energy beings present in the home. Respect goes a long way for a friendly productive house clearing.

I have to say, I was so excited to see the wavering image, that I emailed Ben in that moment and wrote, I have seen Mort and he or ‘them’ know that it is time to move out. Over the next few days, the house clearing went well and there were no hiccups, the home was clear of all paranormal beings, long-term energetic imprints that had been there as far back as 45 years and Ben said the home felt lighter and brighter and Mia was sleeping through the night. 

It is interesting that if Mia hadn’t watched that particular movie, she wouldn’t have found a way to explain to her parents what she was seeing in the home when no one else was seeing or sensing anything out of the ordinary. The paranormal beings, as yes, there was more than one, would have stayed with Mia until she was older and with a wider vocabulary. 


Now, not all nightmares or things that go bump in the night are paranormal as I explained back in episode 26 of this podcast where I shared some of my unusual experiences and how I debunked them.

Children do have vivid and active imaginations, we all know that, but I knew there was a paranormal component to this case by the symptoms Ben described witnessing in his daughter sleeping and other behaviours. Also, a friend, a fellow house healer mate of mine is a friend of Ben’s family and she had been in the house. She said there was something going on that she couldn’t quite put her finger on and thought I would be interested.

I have even heard explained by some spiritual friends of mine that children are more attuned to spiritual or paranormal experiences due to their closer proximity to the pre-birth state. Some spiritual experts and in their traditions believe that individuals have a connection to the spiritual realm before birth, and children may retain some sensitivity to this connection in their early years. This connection could explain how kids are more perceptive than adults. Adults as we know, lead busy lives and don’t often stop to think about the energy world around us and have become desensitized to it over time.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.

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