#52 The Afterlife, mediumship, and past lives.. is it all real? Liz Entin interview

Liz Entin is a science-minded self proclaimed sceptic who explores grief, healing, parapsychology and evidence of the Afterlife through researching with others who delve into the survival of consciousness after death.

Liz tells;

A little background about me, I’m very sceptical, I’m very science-minded. I’m an atheist and I never thought there was anything like an afterlife or anything to hauntings, ghosts, or any of that paranormal. I just thought it was complete nonsense. And sadly, in 2015, my dad passed away. And I took a shot in the dark and decided to see if there was any scientific evidence of an afterlife or survival of consciousness in some way.


#52 The Afterlife, mediumship, and past lives.. is it all real? Liz Entin interview


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STORY – Dad’s spirit sign: Green feathers

I have had some amazing signs, and I’ll tell you my favourite one. It’s in my book, but I’m gonna tell it again. Here you go. And so, I disguise it a little bit in my book. I disguise what his favourite colour is, because I still get medium ratings. And if there’s too much out there, I can’t evidentially evaluate ratings.

So, I call them green feathers. It’s not so far off. So green was his favourite colour and I was walking along and I saw a green feather very early in my research and I’ve been reading them quite a bit about how feathers can be a sign, which is called an up port, which means they show up from another dimension or somehow they show up.

We can’t really explain why. So I see a green feather. I’m like, that’s not the most common thing and. I was like, that’s all weird. Okay, I’ll consider it. So I take it home. I’m like, I’ll put it to the side. I’m not, you know, I’m not going to really think much of it, but I’m not going to completely dismiss it.

Fast forward about two years later, I’m further along in my research. At this point, I’m volunteering for an organization called Forever Family Foundation. I still volunteer with them. They’re wonderful for anyone in grief and anyone curious about all of this. They have, they have a scientific advisory board.

Dr. Jim Tucker is actually one of the people who is on that board. They have fascinating scientists, parapsychologists and researchers, and they use science-based testing to certify mediums. I can get into some fascinating experiences with mediums, but I’ll finish the science story. So one of the mediums who’s wonderful, her name’s Gina Simone.

I had a reading with her fairly early on and I said to her in the end, she’s like, do you have any questions? And, you know, for me, I use this to get evidence. So I said, so did my dad send me any signs? She said, well, I don’t want to, like, I don’t like to answer that question because then you get attached to this 1 sign and you don’t look at all the others that might be signed.

She’s like, let’s say you wanted me to say green feather. I was like, Gina, it’s a green feather. She’s like, what? And that is part one. This story is not even done then. So fast forward, like the next year. And I’m, it’s one of the forever family foundation events. They do grief retreats and afterlife and mediumship conventions and conferences.

And I’m at one of the great retreats. And Gina is one of our mediums and I’m making this before TikTok blew up, so it’s little mini videos for Instagram. So I’m getting little videos of all the mediums. And I haven’t had a chance to get to Gina and Gina ends up, it’s the end of the weekend. Gina left a little early and I just felt so bad.

So I said to my mentor, her name’s Fran and she was like a second mom to me and said to her, you know, Fran, I feel so bad. I got all the mediums, but I didn’t get Gina. She said, just email Gina. Can you do this online and get the same, like, little video? Fine. It’s solved. I wouldn’t normally think about it.

For some reason, it starts obsessing in my head the way a song gets stuck in your head. So I’m taking the train home. An on loop in my head is, I feel so bad I missed Gina. That was so amazing when she got the green feather. This is obsessively playing in my head the whole time. Even though I emailed Gina, she wrote back, no problem.

Let’s pick a date. You would think I’d forget about it. It’s just playing the whole train ride home. When I get back to the city, I go home to my parent’s place. Cause my mom was babysitting my animals and I was tired. I decide to sleep there. And then the next morning I take my animals to go back to my own apartment.

And the subway ride back to my own apartment, I’m obsessing even more, but like, when you just cannot get something stuck out of your mind, but it had shortened to where it was like, instead of like, I feel so bad about Gina, that was so great. It was Gina who got the green feathers. Gina got the green feathers as I was getting closer to my apartment.

And I’m just hearing in my head, green feathers, green feathers. I’m walking up my stairs, green feathers, go sit on my bed. I put my laptop. I’m like, I have to actually do work for my, like my other job. And then it won’t stop. It’s like green feathers. I can’t even focus. I look over. There’s a pile of green feathers sitting in the middle of my floor, but I was just like, what?

And so I photographed them, emailed them to Fran. I said, you know, this just happened. Do you see these? And she did. And then. I was one short of my lucky number and I sent a message to my dad just because like, I have to keep getting more evidence. I’m like, well, wow, it’d be amazing if it was my lucky number the next week.

I found 1 more and then that’s it. And I have a little pile. I’m going to send them in. I just found out about a university that studies support and I’m going to send some of them. And I was just like, that was. Unbelievable, especially like the combination of hearing green feather, green feather in my head.

And then seeing them,  I still get chills when I talk about it.


STORY: Spirit pet visit me at home


So I had my dog and cat who have sadly since passed now, Peanut and Simba, and they were the same colour and we, the same size and ever, and they were just obsessed with each other.

So everyone called them the twins. And if I saw. Like, one of them out of the corner of my eye, or they were just running past, or they were cuddled under something. I couldn’t tell right away which one was which, because they were so similar looking, even if they were two different species. And Simba passed about a year before Peanut.

I think it was just so hard for the two to be apart, you know? And, I’m sitting on my bed, working. No big deal. I just see Peanut out of the corner of my eye, run around the corner. I look, just look up, but Peanut hadn’t run around the corner. She was sitting on my bed. If you remember, I said I could never tell the two of them apart.

So I was like, Oh my God and I’d already started studying all this. This was after losing my dad and then to add to it, Peanut sat up and kind of barked the way she would excitedly whenever she did see Simba and darted around the corner, her tail going a mile a minute in this exact same area I’d been looking. Totally fascinating and I will never forget this experience.

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