# 25 Land energy, guardians & how they get our attention!

The land around us sees, feels, hears and absorbs our energy and what happens around us, sometimes building up toxic amounts of negative energy,

Today we are exploring what house healers such as myself call the ‘spirit of place’. This term references the energy within the land, under and around our homes and gardens and how it can become corrupted by our negative thoughts, words, actions and reactions.


#25 – Land energy, guardians & how they get our attention!


The spirit of the land embodies the essence and vitality of a specific geographic area. It is the intangible force that infuses life and character into the natural surroundings. This ethereal entity is deeply connected with the land, its ecosystems, and the elemental nature-caring beings that inhabit it.

Land energy can often show psychically open people images of troubled areas where energy is stagnant or the land is in pain. I am a feeler so I walk on land and feel with my body and my energy field the negative emotional build-up and other disruptions that the land is crying out to release. In the first of our three stories, you will hear how a tree is a voice for the spirit of place and what it wanted to show me.
I have called this story:

The Guardian gets my attention

A local Tasmanian client found me through an online search engine and contacted me right away. He and his family had recently moved into a home and 3 acre property in southern Tasmania and something was not right. The dynamic of the relationships was changing in a negative way, they all had sleep issues and none of them were happy in any sense. I know now that not only the house structure and interior may have energetic issues BUT the land can pump out detrimental vibrations that our sensitive energy field can feel and react to sending our energy into a spin.

Greg’s land was unhappy. I felt it through our phone call as I talked with him and I figured if Greg had contacted me for a house clearing he wouldn’t think it strange if I talked with the land too. So, Greg sent me 6 photos – 2 of the house exterior and 4 of different areas of the property. As I looked through the photos the following day, a tall gum tree stood out… like it really got my attention as I stared at the photo. This tree had a very defined presence within the landscape and I felt it was a land guardian, an overseer and a spokesperson for the property and possibly the surrounding area as well. The tree was my starting point for this home/ property clearing and I wouldn’t get anywhere near the house until the land was happy first.

As I stared at the tree and allowed my pendulum to swing, I felt dark energy presence shift within the land and then the flood of emotional imprints surfaced and I felt sadness, despair, sorrow, panic, and rage and my pendulum was spinning out of control as hostility and resentment added to the list of vibrational build-up in the land. My hand and body were vibrating and my mind was spinning as I caught glimpses of trauma suffered by people on the land from around 180 years ago. I sat as calmly as possible as I methodically cleared the buildup of negative emotions and trauma over the next 2 hours and with the emotional and trauma buildup released, the dark energy beings were no longer interested in staying on the property and promptly left.

This release allowed for another level of energy to come forth as over 200 spirits – both people and animals were freed from what had been holding their attachment to the earth and they transitioned into the Afterlife. The presence of demonic beings on this property kept the spirits trapped in a type of lingering in-between realities where they could feed off the spirit’s emotional vibrations as well as within the land.

You will find this next piece of insight interesting, watching me as I cleared the detrimental energy were two First Nation elders in spirit. More and more now, I am finding as I work on Australian properties especially but not always out in the country, near rivers, and on the foreshore other energy beings are watching and sometimes make themselves known. I am going to talk about this in-depth in an upcoming episode so stay tuned.

For our second story, this encounter was rather interesting, to say the least. The land and the elements have a way of getting our attention! I have called this experience:

The outdoor toilet dilemma

Bec and Tim emailed me regarding clearing their newly acquired property of misbehaving energetic aspects. They had bought a picturesque property under a majestic mountain and were very excited to build their new home. But troubling situations kept happening, deterring them from finishing their master plan.

Bec and Tim told me of their concerns and shared strange experiences, including while the home was being built, they lived in a small caravan located on the property. Tim had proudly constructed a composting toilet in a small, solid shed near the caravan, and one night, a wind with such ferocity came down the mountain and blew the toilet off the property and down the hill.

Other times, while bushwalking up the mountain, Bec would hear low menacing growling coming from behind her, and she couldn’t work out where the growling was coming from, as they didn’t have a dog and there were no animals to be seen. They had also both felt uncomfortable at different times on the property like they were being watched, but no one was there, which was starting to unnerve them. Bec and Tim were highly spiritual people and believed that these continual occurrences were supernatural and couldn’t be explained any other way.

Bec and Tim lived locally and asked me to visit. On arrival, I was blown away by the property’s beauty but could also feel underlying layers of unhappiness, anger and defiance coming from the land. The land had witnessed such horrific experiences from the many past tenants that it was determined to put up a fight and deter the new owners from staying.

The land energy needed to feel safe, so to build trust each time I tuned in to the property, I respectfully asked permission to assess the damaging energetic aspects and any input the land wished to give. I spent an entire week gently talking to the land while remote viewing from my home to build the much-needed trust and positive connection. This whole case was based around clearing paranormal energy beings and past detrimental happenings such as black magic rituals, trauma and negative emotional build-up on the land, so I needed to tread lightly. 

I also suggested Bec and Tim needed to build trust with the land, so I suggested that they walk and gently talk and reassure the terrain about their intentions while walking around the property on a daily basis. After all the detrimental aspects were cleared, Bec and Tim messaged me two weeks later to say that the whole property felt welcoming and peaceful. There had been no more growling, peering eyes, and the newly constructed outdoor toilet was still standing. They felt a pleasant hum emanating from the land and took this as a sign of its happiness and contentment.


Land responds to respect in the same way people do, and can sense people who are open to listening and helping heal its trauma. The terrain will tell you its secrets if it trusts you, as the following experience highlights:

MY EXPERIENCE: The carpark with problems

I have encountered some interesting, energetic disturbances on the land through my house healing work, but this experience takes the cake. I visited a particular carpark several times over a six-month period. Whenever I entered the carpark, I would feel instant brain fog, dizziness, and disorientation to the stage where I couldn’t park straight, and one time, I nearly hit a parked car. Upon exiting the vehicle, I would go into the shop with a list of two or three items in my mind that I needed for dinner later in the evening. 

My brain fog would worsen as I wandered the aisles, trying to remember what I needed for a specific recipe. Not remembering what I needed, I would throw my arms in the air in disgust at my poor memory skills and leave the shop. When I exited the carpark, I would be mumbling annoying comments to myself and not 20 metres from the carpark, and I would suddenly remember the dish I was cooking and what I needed to complete the recipe.

After half a dozen experiences of energetic mind meddling, I had had enough. Something needed to be done, so I set aside an hour or two to tune into the property. As always, I asked permission from the land and building guardian energies to connect to the energy of the place to carry out an energetic clearing of detrimental energies. As you would imagine, there were quite a few energy beings present in the shop offloaded from the constant flow of shoppers. Those energies were easy and willing to be compassionately moved on.

The detrimental energy in the carpark was a different matter altogether. The land had witnessed many long-term hostile happenings, some physical with fighting and bloodshed and other deeply disturbing mental energy absorbed into the earth. All still present within the energy of the land, waiting patiently for someone to come along, recognise the energetic issues, and clear them.

I rarely share all the details of delicate situations, preferring to honour the promise of the land and building guardian energies and keep our little secret. I will say that decades of detrimental trauma, emotional and mental energy build-up needed to be acknowledged and compassionately cleared with love and kindness.

When I enter the car park at that location now, the energy feels warm and inviting. It is clear of all trauma and harmful emotional build-up. When in the shop, I can confidently remember my shopping list and don’t have to think twice about what I need. Other people, too, have relayed to me that they have noticed a different feel to the carpark and the connected building but can’t work out what has changed. 

Energy work holds a never-ending fascination for me and I learn something new from every job I do. So let’s look at some of the other interesting aspects that the spirit of place will tell us when we listen.


Spirit of place or spirit of the land

Spirit of place or spirit of the land as some people call it holds great power and influence. It acts as a custodian, nurturing and safeguarding the delicate balance of the environment. It inspires a sense of awe and reverence, inviting humans to develop a harmonious relationship with nature. Through its presence, the spirit of the land offers guidance, teaching valuable lessons about sustainability, interconnectedness, and respect for all living things. It reminds us of our interconnectedness with the natural world and encourages us to tread lightly upon the earth.

Furthermore, the spirit of the land serves as a source of inspiration and creativity. It fuels the imagination of artists, writers, and musicians, inspiring them to capture the essence of the landscape in their works. It stirs the souls of individuals, fostering a deep sense of belonging and rootedness. People who embrace the spirit of the land often find solace, peace, and a profound connection to the earth within their properties and on a wider scale. It opens pathways for introspection and self-discovery, encouraging individuals to understand their place within the larger web of life.

Moreover, the spirit of the land can evoke a sense of community and unity. It brings people together, transcending boundaries and fostering a shared sense of responsibility for the land’s well-being. The spirit of the land encourages collaboration and cooperation among diverse groups, reminding them that they are all interconnected in their dependence on the land’s resources. It invites individuals to participate in conservation efforts, sustainable practices, and the preservation of local traditions, cultivating a collective consciousness that strives to protect and honour the land for generations to come.


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