#38 Spiritual pitfalls & paranormal threats

We are responsible for our behaviours and reactions and becoming complacent because you only think of love and light in the Universe can get you into trouble!

We are exploring spiritual practices and people who think that love and light will protect you from dark energy influences and boy are they in for a shock!

In this episode, I am sharing four experiences: two of mine from my early 30’s and two others from my clients where we all encountered detrimental experiences with otherworldly beings or dark entities through what we thought were ‘spiritual’ practices.


#38 Spiritual pitfalls & paranormal threats


The concept of spiritual individuals being affected by dark beings is a topic that evokes both intrigue and caution. While spirituality often emphasizes the pursuit of positivity, inner peace, and harmony, I believe and have witnessed dark entities impacting people’s spiritual journeys.

I called this experience:

Demonic intentions hidden from sight

In my early 30’s, I went to an energy healing group, or that is what I thought it was. Every week I would attend because the other people were becoming friends, and it felt wonderful to be part of a like-minded group. The person who ran the group was an interesting character, very charismatic, and I felt incredibly drawn to her and wanted to learn more and more from this person. 

When I would look at her, I felt uneasy looking into her eyes, even for a moment but shrugged it off as the energy in the room affecting my judgement. When I look into someone’s eyes and see/ feel nothing, I know a big shield is in place. Yes, this can be the person’s protection from outside energy, but it can also be a sign of dark energy cloaking itself within a person’s body. 

The group was filled with wonderful people, but there was an uneasy underlying feeling that I couldn’t shake. I started losing weight after joining the class, which at the time, I thought was great, but I felt totally energetically drained after each class. So lacking energy, I would come home at 9 p.m., make a big plate of nachos, and eat it all before bed. I thought I just needed grounding, and I found certain foods to be very grounding for me. 

Only now can I look back and see the other side of this twelve-month experience. I have shared my opinion only, and others who attended the classes may well feel different. The young woman running the classes had a dark energetic attachment that I felt controlled her behaviours, actions and intentions with the people in the group. I should have picked up on it earlier, but still, early on in my understanding of paranormal realms and beings, I was unaware. It was definitely a great lesson for future experiences.

After some issues came to light that I couldn’t elaborate on, the class soon finished, and the group disbanded. Interestingly, my energy levels returned, my diet regulated, and there were no more scoffing late-night plates of nachos. My weight stabilised, and I felt normal again. I was actually relieved to have left the class and its detrimental teacher.

This experience is a lesson for anyone who attends any group gathering. If you have been a few times, but don’t feel energetically, mentally or emotionally right during or after the class, think about whether it is beneficial to keep going. Always trust your intuition!


Now we have a tale of astral travelling which brought into Derek’s life an experience he will never forget.

I have called this experience:

Twisted fate

Derek was always fascinated by spirituality and especially connecting with mythical writings, lost scrolls and sometimes very dark texts. Derek spent many hours meditating longing to connect and focus on Universal truths as he called them. Until one night during an otherworldly meditative session, Derek connected with ‘something’ not of the higher vibrational kind, this intruding energy corded into Derek’s light body during his astral travelling. He was unaware, or rather he was distracted by the wafting energy, brilliant lights and mythical scrolls that stood before him.

These magical manuscripts hid darker intent which vulnerable unaware people would be drawn to with fascination and wide eyes. Little did they know that powerful beings sometimes lay hidden behind the writings and silently slid into the unaware person’s energy field cloaked and ready to slowly drain their energy. Sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it?… Well, I would agree with you but I have seen the outcome of spiritual forms of possession by the darker trickster energies who know of our curiosity about the unknown workings of the Universe.

 Now, over the next two weeks after his out-of-body experience, Derek developed various physical symptoms. His wife was surprised and shocked at the changes she was witnessing in her husband. His face was morphing into something like she had never seen before – his eyes bulged, his vision blurred, he twitched constantly and sleep was near impossible. Beth, his wife, took him to the doctor and the medical professional was totally baffled as blood and all other medical tests yielded no diagnoses of what was troubling Derek. Beth, came to me as a last resort as energy work wasn’t within her reality of possibilities to help Derek and she was totally sceptical!

 Derek’s bodily contortions continued as now his mouth twisted so much that his false teeth wouldn’t fit properly, his breathing became difficult and eating was a challenge. As I spoke one night with Derek through an online platform, I felt the subtle shift of dark movement within Derek’s energy and saw the vibrant blue energy cord firmly attached to his brow chakra. Derek had been vulnerable through this chakra because of its overuse during spiritual practices and he wasn’t grounded in his body, continually being ungrounded was a contributing factor in attracting this detrimental energy being and its feeding behaviours.

Derek’s wife didn’t feel threatened by the entity within him but it had to go as soon as possible. She wanted her husband back, healthy and happy as he was before this detrimental takeover by an otherworldly entity. Derek agreed to let me tune into his auric field for an energetic clearing and he went to bed that night watched over by his wife all night. Being in Australia, I would be working on Derek while he lay in his bed from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. UK time.

After 6 hours of detective work – clearing all emotional imprints, cutting energy cording from Derek’s energy field and brow chakra and negotiating with the three energy beings, yes three and they were not dark as in demonic like I first thought but more so the darker end of the cosmic or ET scale. They became entangled within Derek’s energy punishing him in a sense for his oversized ego searching for Universal writing which was beyond his need or understanding. They were annoyed at first and then softened a little when I explained about our human curiosity and how it can take us beyond safety sometimes getting us into trouble outside of our physical bodies. Satisfied with my respectful and humble apology, they left Derek instantly.

 I messaged Beth later that day, Australian time and she said Derek struggled to sleep at first and then slipped into a deep slumber, not moving all night. When he woke around 9am, his vision had improved, his eyes were sore but looked normal. Derek was starving and managed to wolf down scrambled eggs and grilled tomatoes, his false teeth didn’t quite fit back in his mouth yet but I said to give his body time to reset and settle. I strongly suggested he see his doctor for continual care and monitoring.

 Derek pretty much went back to his normal self over the next 3 weeks and promised that he would stick to the guided meditation with his spiritual friends and not venture off into unknown universal places searching for information beyond his understanding.

Both Derek’s and Rita’s stories which you are about to hear cross into possession by paranormal entities but I included them in this episode because of the spiritual practices which led them to their detrimental happenings. If you are interested in hearing my perspective on demonic possession and other client experiences, episode 32 is right up your alley.


The following encounter is Rita’s experience from 2021 and paranormal stories come in all shapes and forms and the following account of spiritual possession is one I will never forget. This is a local Tasmanian story of a middle-aged woman who was deeply involved in many different spiritual practices on a daily basis. She was desperately seeking connection to her soul mate, her twin flame and she definitely got more than she bargained for!


I have called this encounter:

Twin flame trauma

Rita had been interested in spirituality exploring the astral planes for many many years and up until this experience she had had no detrimental issues from her spiritual searching and discovery. But one day she met someone, a man in living form with a barrage of demonic beings present within him and they saw within her a new host with enough negative emotional imprints to keep them satisfied for years.

Rita was more than willing to spend time with this person during many group healing sessions and the more time they spent together, Rita felt a deeper connection to him. She was unaware of the energetic hitchhikers within John and she was so infatuated with him that she didn’t care for doubting the true intent of his advances. Rita felt she had met her twin flame and excitedly spent days and weeks with John exploring meditation and soul-melding as she called it.

Rita was referred to me by a psychologist who felt her needs were mental health but also energetic. The psychologist named Max, knew of my work and discussed Rita’s case openly. The following day I spoke with Rita over the phone. As soon as I heard her voice, my paranormal radar went into overload. I felt deeply distressed in my mind as I listened to Rita… well one moment she was Rita, the next she was Sam, then George, then Con. I have NEVER seen someone with so many voices and delusional aspects going on all at the same time.

I listened patiently and waited for Rita to return and asked her about her spiritual practices. She lovingly told me of John, her twin flame and how they met in a whirlwind of spiritual practices and then how he suddenly disappeared from her life. I had a strong feeling of why he left but didn’t tell Rita, there and then. John’s demonic entourage had found themselves a better, more suitable host and needed John no longer. They had manipulated John to connect with Rita on a deep level, weaken her already vulnerable mental state and readied her for their transfer.

John, told Rita, that he has her twin flame and please excuse my tone as I don’t believe in twin flames so I may sound a little sarcastic. I have seen many people get into mental, emotional and energetic trouble looking for ‘the one’. Anyway, back to the story, Rita permitted John to meld his soul with hers… BAD MOVE, bad, bad move on all levels. Never give permission for such a personal invasion of your private space! You just don’t know what someone’s personal intentions are or the type and number of paranormal beings present within them.

After this deep cording into Rita’s soul, chakras, meridian lines, physical body and energy field, John vanished no more phone calls, lunches or intimate dinners on the beach. He was simply unreachable… whether John knew what had taken place, I don’t know but Rita was now on a downward spiral mentally, and emotionally. Firstly she was abandoned by John and secondly, the demonic beings were getting settled into their new host assessing her vulnerabilities and weaknesses so they could play on and enhance them so she would create constant energetic food for them.

Rita was lonely, she had a deep longing for human connection which went way back to her neglect during childhood and this massive buildup of the emotional energy of loneliness, sadness and neglect sent out a powerful vibration attracting John and his hitchhikers.

I worked with Rita over the next 3 weeks clearing the emotional energetic buildup and paranormal intruders and finally, she was free of them. Her mental health was not stable and she needed constant medical and mental health care in a suitable facility. It would take time for Rita’s mind and body to return to a more normal state of being where she could care for herself outside of the mental health facility.


After Rita’s rather heavy story, here is a lighthearted one of mine from 2015. This story is from my book called: The Darkness Around Us and I have called this comical experience

The nosey intruder

This is a funny little story that happened to me during a weekly meditation meeting of spiritual people. We were sitting quietly in a circle as you do, preparing ourselves to slip into a peacefully meditative state and as the music started,  I let myself relax into the blissful, mellow sort of ambience in the room. And this is where it all took an interesting turn! It was magical for all of five minutes when something flew up my right nostril.

I instantly opened my eyes, looked down and twitched my nose, moving it up and down and sideways. There was a foreign object one inch inside my right nostril, moving about quite frantically. I found my tissue and quietly blew my nose; nothing came out. No one heard me as they had all drifted off into trance-like states, with the enchanting music playing in the background. I sat there and continued to poke, prod and tweak my nose, trying to work out what was causing the problem, when whatever it was pushed the cartilage to the left suddenly, and my head jerked. 

Now, I was starting to freak out, well,  just a bit. How do I tell someone that a tiny energy being of sorts was residing in my nose and was pushing me around? As open-minded as these people were, to them, I was already a little odd, and this would surely earn me the cuckoo award! So I suffered in silence, thinking, What do I do now? Was I stuck with this nosey nudger until it decided to leave, or I could get rid of it?

When I got home, I searched online for hours to find answers to what had taken up residence in my nose and found nothing, so I turned to my pendulum for an answer. My pendulum answered ‘No’ to spirits, dark and demonic energy as the nosey trespasser, but said ‘Yes’ to an elemental being. Now, this was new!

The nestled nudger stayed with me for around two weeks. I asked it questions to gather information and hopefully find a solution to rid myself of the annoying guest, but it would not comply. Preferring to listen to my thoughts and offer ‘yes’ answers to my daily questions with a solid nose push to the left. When I was in public, people looked at me in a funny way, staring, as I mind wrestled with the naughty nose dweller who I am sure was having a great time pushing my head from side to side.

The next night in my dreams, I saw a small, fast and mischievous little elemental being flitting about with a cheeky grin on its tiny face. I woke with a start and shouted out,” You’re a pixie.” When I woke fully the following morning, my nosey intruder was gone. Once its identity had been discovered, it left quick smart, and I was relieved to have the full function of my face back again.


I hope you have found these real-life experiences interesting and think twice about chasing spiritual truths off in the Universe. If it is out of reach it is usually for a good reason!

Spiritual seekers are not immune from dark energetic attacks and attachment. Their higher vibration will protect them to a certain degree but not entirely. Spiritual people often rebuke attacks and attachments as a joke saying, “Who me?” or “No way! I am too spiritual to attract dark energy”’ (I hear it ALL the time). Dark energy doesn’t care if you are spiritual or not! If you do energy work where these lower vibrational beings are lodging, you may feel their wrath in more ways than one.

For some spiritual practitioners, the existence of dark beings is seen as a test of their spiritual strength and resilience. These individuals view challenges posed by such entities as opportunities for growth and transformation, as I have found over the last 30+ years. They may engage in practices like consistent energy cleansing, using protective rituals, or prayer to shield themselves from negative influences. Really, encounters with dark beings become a catalyst for deepening one’s spiritual awareness, fortifying their connection to the higher realms and learning a lot about oneself, one’s positive side and also one’s shadow traits.

Some spiritual people might interpret encounters with dark beings as symbolic reflections of their inner struggles and unresolved emotions. These experiences could serve as mirrors, encouraging individuals to confront their own shadows and work towards personal healing. Such encounters might inspire a renewed commitment to self-care, meditation, and mindfulness, as they strive to purify their own energies and release any negativity that might attract or resonate with dark entities.

It’s worth noting that belief in the existence of dark beings can also lead to fear and anxiety within the spiritual community. This fear can potentially hinder spiritual growth and cloud one’s ability to experience the fullness of a positive, enlightening journey. In such cases, seeking guidance from experienced mentors or spiritual leaders can provide reassurance and strategies to manage these concerns in a constructive and balanced way.

Ultimately, the impact of dark beings on spiritual individuals varies greatly depending on one’s beliefs, experiences, and coping mechanisms. Some may interpret these encounters as challenges to be overcome, while others might see them as opportunities for inner exploration and healing. Regardless of perspective, it’s crucial for spiritual individuals to prioritize their well-being, maintain a sense of discernment, and engage in practices that empower them to navigate their spiritual path with wisdom and resilience.


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And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.


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