#37 Do dark entitles speak our languages?

How do paranormal beings understand our communication and communicate with us? In this article I share my thoughts on this fascinating aspect of the paranormal world around us.

In this episode,  we are exploring my perspective on how paranormal beings understand us…

Do they speak English or other languages and how does it all work?

This question comes up a lot! Understanding how paranormal energy beings comprehend human languages is a topic that continues to intrigue and baffle paranormal researchers and enthusiasts alike. While evidence remains scarce and largely anecdotal, some intriguing theories offer insight into this mysterious phenomenon from people like myself who experience paranormal communication on a regular basis.


#37 Do dark entitles speak our languages?


Let’s look at some possible answers to this confounding question:

My first theory: TELEPATHY

One theory suggests that paranormal energy beings possess an innate ability to tap into the collective consciousness of humanity. This shared pool of energy or frequencies in the form of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences could serve as a bridge of understanding between these beings and us as they exist purely in an energetic form. Much like how humans rely on visuals, story-telling and other cultural knowledge and references to interpret language differences, energy beings might access this vast reservoir of information to decipher our languages. This is not the theory I favour the most.

I feel that paranormal energy beings communicate through a form of telepathy. This could involve the exchange of emotions, images, and intentions rather than traditional language words and phrases. Such a mode of communication could transcend the limitations of verbal or written languages, allowing for a deeper and more immediate connection between these entities and humans. They feel our energy and this would explain how they can differentiate energy worker vibrations from others in our society.

In episode 34, I shared a conversation I had with a high-ranking demonic level being. He used a form of telepathy. I have never thought of myself as telepathic but these beings somehow know what we can do and what we can’t do. He used English words and some of them I saw in my mind, or third eye chakra as written words. Sometimes I feel words in my mind. It is hard to explain but I assume it is the vibration of the word that I am feeling or sensing. I don’t speak other languages so couldn’t test out a change of spoken word to see if he was ‘listening’ to what I said.

I have had in-depth conversations with other people curious about this topic who think that paranormal energy beings might exist beyond the constraints of time and space as we perceive them. This altered perception of reality could grant them a unique understanding of languages that goes beyond our mere words. They may perceive the essence and intention behind our communication in the frequency of the thoughts and words we create in the same way as higher-vibration Angelic beings do.


Paranormal investigation equipment share communications
from unseen entities

I have watched paranormal investigation shows where investigators speak english in some locations to connect with local spirits and get no responses until they switch to using the native language for the region or country and suddenly they are getting spoken responses through spirit boxes.

Also, I have witnessed spirits choosing relevant words through paranormal investigation equipment such as an ovilus, which is a technical device containing a large database of words that spirits can use to respond to questions. The accuracy of answer words is uncanny and usually 70-80% relevant to the question. I can’t give an exact answer as to how this happens other than the spirits are energy and somehow read the energy of the words in the device when choosing their answers.



I have used paranormal investigation apps on my Ipad in the past for a bit of fun. You will love this story:

My relative has her say through a ghost app!

I was sitting in my lounge room late one night, and I turned on my paranormal app to see if anyone was about AND low and behold the name of a recently deceased family member’s name popped up on the screen. I was shocked as we hadn’t spoken for years when she was alive and we didn’t have a great relationship but there she was in my lounge room. As I stared at the screen, two of her son’s names popped up and, the word’ burnt’. Now, she had a firm desire to be buried and the location of her burial choice wasn’t possible, so she had been cremated.

I was astonished to see the words from her as I didn’t think about this person very often so it wasn’t my energy somehow bringing up these words on the screen. She must have felt in spirit form that I would hear or see her slightly annoyed communication.
I sat quietly and explained to her the reason for the cremation and hoped that she understood. I have used the app since then and no more communication from her has been seen. This is a prime example of how non-physical beings can manipulate energy to communicate a message. I still don’t quite get how they do it but this was a real unanticipated experience that I will never forget.


My second theory: ENERGY, VIBRATION, COLOUR? Are these a possibility?

Now, dark entities are different from spirits, they haven’t lived human lives and learnt spoken and written language as we do, so I strongly think that as energy beings they only resonate with our energetic output whether thoughts, words, actions or reactions and the type of vibration our energy field emits. I do wonder sometimes if they are drawn to colour – colours are vibrations or frequencies again, so we come back to their attraction to frequency or vibrations. This is a topic for another episode.

Ultimately, the nature of how paranormal energy beings understand our languages remains unproven for those who need tangible proof. This is a fascinating journey into gaining a deeper understanding of their mode of communication and I will continue to share my stories with you as we unravel the mysteries of the paranormal world around us.


What are your thoughts on paranormal communication?

Do you have a different theory or idea about how it all works? I would love to hear it. You can email me at: spiritualbeing44@gmail.com, or connect through Instagram or Facebook. All the links are in the description box.


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I look forward to sharing this spooky space again with you next week,
And remember, life is perfectly paranormal.



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